BP Wire plugin updated

Update: [25th september 2010]: Bp-Wire is updated to version 1.1.3 with group mass mail notification and allowing custom positioning of wire, changing wire to wall and a few more.

Today, I got the time to update bp-wire plugin. It is a major update, so I thought it deserves a separate post.

For general information on bp-wire, please see this post.

Here are the major changes

  • Wire for User
  • Wire for group(can be enabled, is disabled by default)
  • Fully translatable
  • Notifications on new wire post
  • Mass mail notify on group wire post[v 1.1.3]
  • Feeds for Profile wire[ v1.1.3]
  • Feeds for Group Wire [v 1.1.3]
  • Custom Change position of Profile wire link/Group wire Link[ v1.1.3]
  • Change wire to wall or anything at all position easily[ v 1.1.3]
  • Fixed pagination issue
  • Fixed profile wire notification bug[v 1.1.2]
  • Automatic loading of css from theme/wire/style.css[can be disabled]


Update: Plase make sure to check the permanent page of this plugin for updates  https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-wire/

Curren version:- https://buddydev.com/http//buddydev.com/public-download/bp-wire-1.1.3.zip [updated on 25th September, 2010]

Older Version:- https://buddydev.com/http//buddydev.com/public-download/bp-wire1.1.2.zip


  • unzip bp-wire1.1.2.zip
  • move bp-wire to wp-content/plugins
  • move bp-wire/wire to your current theme
  • Login to Dashboard, go to Plugins->Installed, and activate the "bp-wire"

Enabling support for group wire

Please put the following code in your bp-custom.php

[sourcecode language="php"]
function enable_group_wire(){
return true;

And you must log in to wp-dashboard atleast once to get the table created.


Editing css

You can edit the css in your theme/wire/style.css and It will be automatically loaded.

You can stop the auto loading of the css:-

To stop the plugin from autoloading css, you can add the following lines of code to your bp-custom.php

[sourcecode language="php"]


function stop_autoloading_wire_css(){

return false;



Change The "Wire" name

[sourcecode language="php"]

define("BP_WIRE_LABEL","Wall");//or what ever you want to change the label


Change Wire link Position in the Profile

[sourcecode language="php"]

define("BP_WIRE_POSITION",20);//change it to some integer value


Change Wire link position In group Wire

[sourcecode language="php"]



Making wire as default landing page

[sourcecode language="php"]




A user can enable/disable email notification of new wire post from User->profile->settings->notification


I have put a po file in the bp-wire/languages directory.  To translate the bp-wire plugin to your language, please use poedit to generate the mo file. Rename the mo file as "bp-wire_YOUR_LOCAL.mo", and put it in the languages directory.

Using wire with custom theme:-

To use wire with custom theme, you will need to modify a few files. The file of interest for you will be  "latest.php" for user wire and "group-wire.php"  for group wire.

Looking forward to your suggestions and feedback.

PS: My next update will be the site wide activity widget which should be available tomorrow.

99 Responses to BP Wire plugin updated

  • Brajesh, thanks for the BP Wire update for member and groups. Some questions:
    1. Minimum WP and BP versions required?
    2. BP Gallery upload support per this forum thread?


    • Hi Mercime,
      Thanks for the comment.

      The minimum bp version required is bp I have used bp_include action) and I have tested it with wp3.0. but I hope that it should work with wpmu/wps+bp too.

      • You can use html to insert images in the wire, It will allow to insert images. With our next gallery version, we will have the support for gallery image embedding in the wire.

    • Thank you Brajesh. Updated installs to latest WP/BP versions already. So far, so good 🙂

  • I've installed your plugin and added the code to bp-custom.php and for some reason whenever I click on Wire on a profile it can't find the page and kicks me back to the home page of the site. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Kenneth,
      Please move the "wire" folder from bp-wire to your current theme. It will work then.

      let me know if you still have issues.


  • gwu #

    finally.thanks a ton.

    Any update on having RSS feed?


  • Hello Brajesh ! thanks for such a nice plugin ! …..

    I was having some problem with the notification ….
    "Brajesh" is wiring "anindyaray"
    "anindyaray" is receiving the notification , but when clicked on the notification , its redirecting to "Brajesh's" profile
    [ http://localhost/jiyobangla/members/Brajesh/?new ]

    , whereas if I'm not wrong it should direct to "anindyaray's" wire page
    [ http://localhost/jiyobangla/members/anindyaray/wire ]

    its on bp_wire.php file's line 366


    return apply_filters( 'bp_wire_multiple_new_post_notification', '' . sprintf( __( '%s wrote you a new wire post', 'bp-wire' ), $user_fullname ) . '', $user_fullname );

    I changed:

    return apply_filters( 'bp_wire_multiple_new_post_notification', 'loggedin_user->domain . $bp->wire->slug . '">' . sprintf( __( '%s wrote you a new wire post', 'bp-wire' ), $user_fullname ) . '', $user_fullname );

    with all apologies , if I have offended any body , I'm very novice with all this , and also in my case it may be not working correctly with original code because of my using it on "localhost" .

    • Hi Anindya,
      Notification has an issue. I will be updating this plugin again in 1-2 days.

  • Sorry to disturb you Brajesh , writing again – in relation to group wire ….

    though you have already mentioned in bp-wire.php the following :
    Most of the code are directly taken from bp 1.1.x series(and are original work of @apeatling ) and modified to work
    Wire posts are no more part of the activity stream as bp 1.2 has a unified activity stream
    I have removed support for group wire, if you people want, let me know, I will add that back

    and yet you described how to enable group wire in this post ….
    I'm testing it in local host ,
    even if enabling group wire the way you mentioned , it didn't worked ….
    It said "Wire message could not be posted…."

    then I found that the relevant db tables and fields are not there … it seems that the db credentials are not getting added automatically ….

    I checked the group-wire.php and had to manually add tables and field to the database to get it working ….
    table name => wp-bp-groups-wire
    fields =>5


    item_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,

    user_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,

    content longtext NOT NULL,

    date_posted datetime NOT NULL,

    and then I preferred not using the code in bp-custom.php

    instead I changed "false" to "true" in line no 39 of bp-wire.php

    This is the second time I'm writing ….
    and this time again I'm confused that is it not working correctly in the firsthand for me as I'm using it in localhost ? as none of the other members have said anything about it …..

    I have a request , please enable the group wire functionality by default as it seems a great addition and enhancement in group communication .

    Thanking you from the core of my heart for such great works by you .

    Anindya Ray

    • Hi Anindya,
      I am sorry I forgot to update the file description.
      The current version supports group wire. Please make sure to login to wp-admin once you have put the code to enable wire for group. the tables will be automatically created once you login to wp-admin after enabling group wire.

  • Thanks Brajesh for replying ! its working nice ! though yet testing on localhost !

    by the way one more thing :
    if any feature request is not allowed , then please ignore this post ;
    but if feature request is allowed for this plugin , I would like to request a couple of features for this plugin :

    In case of :
    1. Member wire – a reply option on the member's wire, so that to reply the wire the currently logged-in member doesn't need to visit other's profile , same a orkut's scrap .

    2. Group Wire – enable/disble option for Notify members via email (will slow down posting), directly from wp-admin (as some webhost may see this action as mass-email)

    only this much ,
    Thank You Brajesh !

    • Hi Anindy,
      Thanks for reply. I am glad it is working for you now.

      I will take bot of your request and I can promise to put the last request in next version. For the first one If I am not able to put it in the coming update, It will be in another update as I look forward to allow threading like orkut does.

  • Ok dumb person here… where is bp custom php?? LOL!!

    • It's a php file that you create in the wp-content/plugins directory. If a file with name bp-custom.php is present in your plugins directory, buddypress loads it before anything, allowing you to flexibility to use your custom codes here without worrying about the loading etc.

  • Hai all,

    where is the bp_custom.php location?

    guide pls.

    • Hi,
      You will need to create bp-custom.php in the wp-content/plugins directory.
      So you have it like wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php and you will be putting all the custom codes in that file.

      I Hope that helps.

  • Hai all. where is the bp_custom.php location?

    • Hi,
      Please see my above post.
      It is in wp-content/plugins directory. If a file with this name is not present, you may want to create one.


  • Hi Brajesh !
    this is to inform you , that I am testing BP-wire on my live site ….
    it seem to work fine , but yet more rigorous testing is needed ….
    I am asking my friends to use it continuously … to test for any error …

    I will try to give you frequest updates if any thing occurs …..

    Anindya Ray

    p.s – this is really a very nice plug-in an really plugin . thanks a lot .. an yet please keep in mind of my requests …. of threaded comments … Thank you again …

  • Hi again

    I found a problem with the plugin ….. by the way its working perfectly … a bit customisation I did as I mentioned in my previous comments …
    the problem is ….
    when I go to the wire page of any member or group …. the profile page holds still … other tabs like activity , profile , forum , etc… in case of member profile or group profile … those other tab doesn't work any more …. as in , when I hover the mouse pointer on those tabs the are not highlighted and clicking on those doesn't do any action …
    so to go to other required pages , I have to click the required tab on the main(default) menu or the admin bar …..

    other than this its working fine , I can post wire and recieve notification correctly ……

    I'm using wp-3.0.1 , bp- , and blogs-mu theme ….

  • Hi Brajesh ! disturbing you again …

    In reference to the above comment made on September 5, 2010 at 2:01 am …

    The issue i mentioned about the wire page getting stuck …..
    This is a browser issue ……

    astonishingly chrome, mozilla, opera …. all are stuch with this problem …. but amazingly or rather out of the blue IE is running smooth , when user is in wire page they can move freely and click to any other links on the profile page , this is in case of IE only ….. all the other browser I mention are having same problem ………

    So I think this issue is not from the part of the plugin ….

  • Hi!

    I translated this into Finnish, but for some reason can't get the translations working. I have


    and in the line in the wp-config.php file the line:

    define ('WPLANG', 'fi_FI');

    Want me to send you the bp-wire_fi-FI.po -file?

    • Hi Tuomas,
      Thanks for the comment and translations.
      You have one small issue, just rename the language file to "bp-wire_fi_FI.mo" and It will work.

      I will appreciate and will be glad to include it with the next update if you can send me the language file.


  • Hi Brajesh !
    Thanks for this huge update ! I'm am really fascinated with this plugin of yours , Thanks again ..

    A have a couple of questions :

    1. I have already bp-wire 1.1.2 installed , please tell the update procedure ?
    2. Mass Mass mail notify on group wire post – can this be disabled ? if yes how ?

    Please help !


    • Hi Anindya,
      Thanks for the comment. I am glad, the updates helped you.

      To upgrade, delete the bp-wire from wp-content/plugins and updated the new unzipped bp-wire folder. Then, move the "wire" folder from the most recent update to your active theme(deleting the old "wire" folder).

      yes, you can disable the mass mail on group wire.
      Here is the code to disable mass mail notification.

      hope it helps.


  • Good afternoon! Thanks you for your work. Make please that this plug-in worked with your theme cosmic buddy.

    • Hi Evgeniy,
      Good afternoon!
      You raised a valid point, thanks for reminding, I will update the template for Cb this week for wire pages.


  • Brajesh Singh thankful in advance.

  • Hello bro, and thanks for your work it is of great help, I was just wondering if there is any chance to allow threaded comments in this plug in, if so, how can I activate them
    thanks a lot!

    • Also, how can I make Ajax work with your plugin work as well. I would really appreciate your answer bro


  • Is their any way to add wire posts to the activity stream for logged in users?

    • Hi Johnny,
      Please take a look at the documentation of bp-wire here. I have posted the code there, for Including wire posts in activity stream.

      hope that helps.

      • Thanks Bavesh

        I added the block of code but I get:

        "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /www/sites/www.xxx.com/files/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php on line 28"

        my bp-custom with the included code:

        loggedin_user->id ), strtolower(BP_WIRE_LABEL), bp_core_get_userlink( $bp->displayed_user->id ) , bp_core_get_user_displayname($bp->displayed_user->id) . '' );
        $activity_content .= '

        ' . bp_create_excerpt( attribute_escape( $wire->content ) ) . '


        xprofile_record_activity( array(
        'action' => apply_filters( 'profile_activity_new_wire_post', $activity_action ),
        'content' => apply_filters( 'profile_activity_new_wire_post', $activity_content ),
        'primary_link' => apply_filters( 'profile_activity_new_wire_post_primary_link', bp_core_get_userlink( $bp->displayed_user->id ) ),
        'type' => 'new_wire_post',
        'item_id' => $bp->displayed_user->id,
        'secondary_item_id' => $wire->id
        ) );

  • I put the code in bp-custom.php and wire doesn't get pulled out to the activity stream…

  • OK I figured this out ..replaced all the single quotes ' with single quotes " and it works great!

  • OK, I just installed this plugin and it is working.

    Let me see if I have this right about the plugin.

    On Facebook, you have "Home" and "Profile"

    Profile is your Wall(wire in buddypress) and Home is all activity of your friends

    With this plugin wire = profile and activity = Home

    Correct? Or No?

    So if I write on a friends wire, will it show up in buddypress activity?

  • mw #

    I added the


    to my bp-wire.php but it does not change the label…is there something else I have to add?


  • How can I make the wire page the home page after login?

    • Hi Lee,
      Please put following code in your bp-custom.php

      [sourcecode language="php"]
      define("BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT","wire");//if your BP_WIRE_SLUG is wire, other wise the string you have set as wire slug


  • Hi,

    First i have to say congratulations for the plugin!

    Second 🙁 that i'm having a problem, let's explain.

    I activate the wire plugin on wp-admin, then i see on my user subnav the wire menu, i enter inside and my friends can let me a comment, but when i want to reply them… there is not any button to do it but in groups mode there is a way to reply a group "wire" comments…

    Also i have to say that when i enter on a groups automatically post an empty comment, but as i can see is only the first time..

    Anyway… any advise for the first problem? Could be an incompatibility with other plugins or something similar?

    Let me know about it and also if there is any roadmap for any new release… too much questions, sorry!

    • Hi Antton,
      The current wire does not allow threaded comment, that's why you don't see the reply box. A new version with threaded comment is in work but I am sorry to say that won't be available before end of January as it is too much work to make it just as FB wall and a little bit busy schedule of mine.

  • Hello,

    Awesome plug-in!
    How do I add the BP-Wire Activity to the Activity stream?

    • I saw the documentation for adding the code, but is the bp-core.php file the same as the bp-custom.php file? If so, I already added the code, but no wire stream on the activity stream

      • Hi Roland,
        Bp-custom.php should be in wp-content/plugins directory. If there is no file with that name, please create one and put the code there.

        Also, only the new wire posts will be posted to activity after you put the above code.

        • Hello again,

          I created the Bp-custom.php file, inserted the code and nothing yet?

          This is the code I inserted:

          function bp_wire_post_to_activity($wire){
          global $bp;
          //post to activity
          $activity_action = sprintf( __( '%s wrote on the %s of %s:', 'bp-wire'), bp_core_get_userlink( $bp->loggedin_user->id ), strtolower(BP_WIRE_LABEL), bp_core_get_userlink( $bp->displayed_user->id ) , bp_core_get_user_displayname($bp->displayed_user->id) . '' );
          $activity_content .= '

          ' . bp_create_excerpt( attribute_escape( $wire->content ) ) . '


          xprofile_record_activity( array(
          'action' => apply_filters( 'profile_activity_new_wire_post', $activity_action ),
          'content' => apply_filters( 'profile_activity_new_wire_post', $activity_content ),
          'primary_link' => apply_filters( 'profile_activity_new_wire_post_primary_link', bp_core_get_userlink( $bp->displayed_user->id ) ),
          'type' => 'new_wire_post',
          'item_id' => $bp->displayed_user->id,
          'secondary_item_id' => $wire->id
          ) );

          ?> may not show thougth.

        • Figured it out! Thanks alot for the help though. didn't put the right code on the bp-custom file.

  • Sir, Whenever I try to activate the plugin, the next window comes out blank, what should I do?

    • As far as I guess, you have buddypress backward compatibility plugin enabled. Please disable that before activating this.

  • Hi there,

    First of all, thanks for the awesome plugins you are creating, top job!!

    I have a slight problem with the wire plugin.

    I installed it and made some changes so it would show as "wall" as opposed to "wire".

    I made a wall post to a test account and that worked, but now when i click the link to wire or wall it just takes the user back to the home page.

    I didnt make any changes to any files before this occured as i left the site working.

    I have changed the slug back to wire to try and fix but nothing.

    please help, i'm trying to get the site up and running by the end of the week.


    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the comment.

      It seems you have upgraded the BuddyPress after installing wire, Is that the case. If yes, then you will need to move the "wire" template files back to your bp-default theme as the upgrade might have overwritten your bp-default theme.
      Hope that helps.

  • Hi Brajesh… I just recently customized BP default theme to make it look more like your BP Cosmic… I did everything as you have instructed but now , whenever I post something to my wire or wall, or someone else's wire or wall, it does not show up on my Activity stream… what am I doing wrong?

  • Brajesh, knock-out job on this. I got it all working and don't have any questions because you've answered everything twice in this post! 🙂 Thanks for all your help. I'd also like to cast my vote to have replies built-in to the wire. I saw your comment that you're working on it so I'll be sure to renew my premium subscription to help you out on that 🙂 Cheers!

  • hi Brajesh,
    as always, great plugin!

    few questions:
    – is there any way to remove RSS without digging into core files?
    – is it possible to limit characters of wire post form, or display some excerpt when post goes from wire to personal and site wide activities?

    thanks a lot!

  • hi Brajesh,

    have another question, now re localization (first want to say that translations of all other plugins work fine for me).

    at the moment the only way I was able to make bp-wire localization to work is to add define ('WPLANG', 'xx_XX'); to bp-custom (never did it before for other plugins) and to name localization as "bp-wire-xx_XX" (as all other plugins).

    issue is that not all translations of words are actually displayed.

    codestyle localization shows that bp-wire has "load_textdomain" instead "load_plugin_textdomain" and has multiple textdomains.

    is it the case?


    • Hi James,
      It is strange that It needs the WPLANG in bp-custom.php. There may be some untranslated string, I will update it in next minor release. As of load_textdomain/load_plugin_textdomain, both are good and can be used for localization. I will check and update the text string today. Please check back in evening PST for the update.


      • Hi,

        after your reply decided to check again…translation actually works without WPLANG. Issue is that some words are not translated, however are in .po (e.g. All Posts).
        but how to translate this word define("BP_WIRE_LABEL","Wall");//or what ever you want
        even if to leave it as WIRE, am I correct that it is not in .po?


        • Hi Brajesh,

          couldn't you please confirm whether non translated words exist, or it is my personal issue?


        • Hi James,
          The BP_WIRE_LABEL is a constant and you can define with any label you want in your bp-custom.php. That will change all the occurrence of "wire" to your preferred string.

          The constant is not translatable as It is defined before the plugin loads the text-domain. I defined the constant for the people who just wanted to quickly change wire to something else but did not wanted to localize for that purpose. Please define BP_WIRE_LABEL as a string in your language and It will be used everywhere in place of Wire. let me know if that does not.

        • thanks for reply Brajesh,

          yes, it works, checked this some time ago, but issue is that I plan to have www with three languages.
          another issue is that some text like "All posts" is tranlated in .po, but isn't in the frontend.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    I installed the bp wire but it's not showing up on my site. I'm running buddypress 1.2.7 on wordpress 3.04. Do I need to wait for a new version?


    • Hi Liz,
      Have you moved the "wire" folder from plugin to your current theme ?

  • I tried creating bp-custom.php in directory wp-content/plugins and adding the code for renaming the wire, adding group wire, tying wire to activity, and changing landing page. I am receiving the errors listed below on my website…

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:48) in /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-login.php on line 337

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:48) in /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-login.php on line 349

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:48) in /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 690

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:48) in /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 691

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:48) in /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 692

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:48) in /home/content/83/7394583/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

    I am new to php so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • hi David, don't know how new in php you are, but my first mistake with bp-custom was left spaces before and after main php signs.
      maybe it will help.

    • Ditto what @James said. Please check for space before the opening php tag and after the closing php tag. Please remove any spaces before/after.

  • gwu #

    i still have pbms with the group feed. i did everything to fix it,but could not figure out where the pbm is.

    is everyone else getting the same errors?

    XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
    Location: http://local.domain/r1/schools/one-mroe-sschool/news/feed
    Line Number 2, Column 1:<rss version="2.0"

    • gwu #

      note: i hv changed wire to news

  • I keep trying to download this plugin, but every time I try to unarchive the ZIP I get a corrupt file error. Any solution?

    I would really like to use this. I have the old version (1.1) on another site and it's awesome.

    • Hi Michael,
      Had got some trouble while updating site yesterday. Just fixed it. Please download now.

  • Works like a charm. Thanks Brajesh!

  • What would I need to do to incorporate all of this into the theme, so that it doesn't need to be dependent on a plugin?

  • Thanks! That's a much more elegant solution. Perfect.

  • What a coincidence Brajesh!
    Found your Chat a few days ago and wrote a comment, and did a search on a “wall” plugin – and you came up again!
    Pretty awesome!
    A bit surprised when I realized that Activity didn’t allow comments from other users, but do allow comments on activities that the user has done.
    So great to find this plugin – I couldn’t find it in the WordPress Plugin Directory?
    I’m rather new to WP and prefer installing through WP, is that possible?
    Looking forward to play around with this!
    Keep up the good work!
    Cheers from Copenhagen

    PS: Any planning on including some "image" or video embed feature so users can share ?

  • Hi Dan,
    apologies for replying late.
    You can install via wordpress by uploading the zip. There are a few things like moving the "wire" directory to your theme which is not possible via wordpress install directly, and that is one of the reason I have not put the components which need an extra step, on wp.org repo. Otherwise the plugins which does not need an extra step, you will find them on wp repo(from me too).

    Features:- as bp 1.3 is on the verge of releasing, I am looking forward to add some interesting features.

  • My users continue to ask for the ability to "reply" to wire/wall posts as well. I hope that's top of the list 😀

  • hello, is it possible to allow users to post into the wire of groups where they aren't member?

    • Hi Rainer,
      try changing line 75 in the bp-wire/inc/group-wire.php. That should help.

  • Thank you very much, brajesh. it works!

  • Sid #

    Hey brajesh, thanks for the awesome work dude… but quick ask: is there a possibility of "nested" replies… what i meant is… say we have 4 posts… and i want to reply to post #2, i want it to be nested under post #2… instead, right now… i can only post a new reply… and it will become post #5 appearing all the way at the top.. can you help me out here.

  • Works great except that I added the code for Post to Activity that you listed in documentation. It didn't work and crashed the site. I simply copied and pasted the code to bp-custom.php (I've added other items to bp-custom in the past with success). Is there another change I need to make to the code first? Any known plug-ins this component doesn't work with? Thanks for an excellent plug-in!

    • Hi,
      Please make sure the code has no backspace and you are not nesting php tags. That should fix it.
      Sorry for delayed reply.

  • Hi – I am getting the error message "Wire message could not be posted. Please try again." whenever I try to post a comment on the user's profile page. You can test it out here: http://walamy.com/members/katy

    Any ideas?

    Here are the steps that I took:
    – Uploaded plugin
    – Activated
    – Moved /wire folder to theme folder
    – Input the code for the form
    – Added an include to wire/post-list.php to try to display the latest posts on the user's page.

    If you could help me that would be fantastic!

    • Hi Katy,
      Sorry, I could not reply earlier. Do you still have the issue. Please let me know and I will be do my best to help.

  • gwu #

    Hi @Brajesh,

    Do the users have control over Group wire email notifications? I do not see any options to enable/disable group wire emails.


  • gwu #

    Also bp_wire_feed_item_title() in the feed shows the whole username. is there a way to just show the link not the html .


  • gwu #


    I am using wire just for the groups. I want that one user should be able to post just once on the wire. I am using ti like review posting, one user should be able to post just one review.

    Can you tell me how this can be done?


  • Hi Brajesh,

    Just to let you know I've done a few changes to this and got it working for BP 1.5.


  • gwu #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Do we have a bp wire for BP 1.5.1?


  • gwu #

    I am not completely familiar with custom posts yet. How will using custom posts make a difference versus using what is presently used.

  • Having the same problem as Kathy above!
    "Wire message could not be posted. Please try again."

    All appears to be right, still the posting is buggy …
    Can you please tell me how to fix it?


  • yes my friend, I think I found at least one reason why is it CANNOT work!
    For whatever reason you forgot one "little" detail, namely that this wire plugin also NEEDS to create the appropriate table, which is obviously not happening.
    s you know the latest BuddyPress versions did not have the wire function anymore, so the whole wire functionality was eliminated from the code.

    So no database table, no place for your plugin to post the messages to!

    It's still quite amazing how some people managed to get it work without that little "piece"

    After a lot of trial & error, I created the table manually and than oups! the message was there!

    Here, for those experiencing the same pain:

    Go to phpmyadmin and if you do not see this table in your database, create it!

    CREATE TABLE wp_bp_xprofile_wire (
    item_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    user_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    parent_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    content longtext NOT NULL,
    date_posted datetime NOT NULL,
    KEY item_id (item_id),
    KEY user_id (user_id),
    KEY parent_id (parent_id)

  • Hi, nice plugin, great job. Are there a plugin like that, but, a wire at the user's activity, with a possibility to comment in each post?

  • Hi, does this work with BP1.7 ?

    • Hi Tina,
      No, I have abandoned this plugin at the moment and it does not work with BuddyPress 1.7
      I am sorry for the inconvenience.