BuddyDev Status Updates: Introducing Code Snippets section & Some other news

Hi All,

I haven't written anything here in last two weeks. My apologies for that. First, I had a death in family and was away for couple of days. Then, I got some minor health issues, so I was only able to give limited time on forums and could not reply or post on our blog.

Now , I am fine and I wanted to share some news and updates with you all, so here we go.

New Code Snippets section:-

Recently, We have added a code section on BuddyDev, which you can access from Β the main menu or by clicking on this link. Thanks to @mercime for the Idea, The code snippet is not what we wanted but it is working for now and we will be adding more enhancements gradually. The code section is built on Capsule theme by Crowd FavoriteΒ and slightly modified to suit our need.

  • All our Premium members can post/share codes on the code section
  • Everyone can see the code section
  • In future, We will be posting all our hacks/mods on code section, so It will be always available for future( Currently, most of the code gets lost in forums/comments )

Here is a documentation on How to use the Code Snippet section. It uses Markdown syntax, so any familiarity with that is a plus.

Other News:-

As I mentioned above, last weeks were hectic and there was not much productivity. We could not meet our goals for July 2013 as listed here. Β We are working hard to meet these goals by 25th of August. That means, almost regular releases for the next 15 days. We will start that by releasing blog avatar tomorrow . Also, we will be concentrating on blogs from today, so either I or @anusharma will be replying to the comments. My apologies to all of you whom we could not reply earlier.

Bonus:- Codes for Fun

Since we introduced code section 3-4 days ago, I had some time to post a couple of code snippets which you might find useful. Here, I will list some of them which you might find useful.

  • Check for current blog using the blog slug on a sub directory install of multisite(we are using this code on BuddyDev as Forums/Code Section etc are different sub blogs): Link
  • Remove activity permalink from activity time since(e.g 5 mins ago will not link to permalink): Link
  • Use your Own Login/Register button image with facebook connect+ : Link
  • Hide A Users Friends From Other Users(Only Site Admin and the user can see his/her friends) Β : Link
  • Remove Friendship Button on User profile : Link

I will keep updating the code section regularly and I hope that you all will help us to make it much more better.

14 Responses to BuddyDev Status Updates: Introducing Code Snippets section & Some other news

  • Sounds cool @sbrajesh so are these code snippets for everyday use or just regarding your plugins here? I have some decent ones to add if it is a free for all. On a different note I am sorry for the loss in your family and for your health issues. I also would like to thank @mercime as well for a great idea. You have been a great resource for the buddypress community as well as @sbrajesh for years now so congrats to you both guys!

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you.
      About code snippets, These are general code snippets and you are most welcome to contribute. These will be freely available to everyone .

      Thank you for being a valuable member of the community πŸ™‚

  • Ben #


    fatal error on the comments section as logged in user. I cant place a comment, when i'm logged in.

    • Hi Ben,
      I am sorry for the inconvenience.
      Can you please post the error you see when logged in?

  • Some problem for me πŸ™

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_core_get_user_() in /home/bpdev/public_html/wp-content/themes/rebirth/functions.php on line 740

  • im sorry for your loss

  • Very cool section, thanks, keep going!