BuddyPress Group Suggest Widget: Help your members to find new groups

BuddyPress Group suggest widget is a small plugin which helps your users by suggesting them the groups of their friends. It works on the simple logic of finding the groups of friends of a user and then suggesting it. In the current release, I have limited the suggestion to the public groups of the friends only. My special thanks goes to @Gwu for nudging me constantly for the plugin 🙂

Like BuddyPress Friends suggest widget, this plugin allows users to hide the suggestions they don't want to see in future.


  • Suggest new groups to User based on their friend's groups
  • Users can hide the suggested groups


Widget in the Available Widget section:-

Widget Settings:-

Download &Installation:-


Git Repo:


Please do let me know your thoughts and suggestions for the improvement. Looking forward to hear your comments.

15 Responses to BuddyPress Group Suggest Widget: Help your members to find new groups

  • gwu #

    thanks Brajesh.

  • Great stuff! Will definitely be useful for our current project. Thanks!

  • This is cool Brajesh rocked!!!!

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  • @brajesh I think there is something wrong when a user is part of most groups. the output shows only blank group avatars, no title, and action buttons. I'm viewing as admin of course since admin is part of many of the groups. the friends suggestions plugin doesn't act this way, it gives me a message "we don't having enough details to sugggest…" when viewing as a member I see correct groups and every few refreshes I see a blank group avatar.

  • gwu #

    Hey @Brajesh,

    Same pbm. cannot see avatar. using Bp 1.2.9 and latest WP


  • gwu #

    Hey @Brajesh,

    Cannot see avatar. using Bp 1.2.9 and latest WP


    • That would be strange but testing today again. Will update back.

    • Hi GWU,
      Just tested the latest updated from git on my WordPress 3.2.1 Multisite and BuddyPress 1.2.9 and It is working fine. It is showing me the group logo. Do you remember any details like when it stopped working ?

  • Hi, just wondering if this great plugin has been tested in BuddyPress 1.5.x yet?

    What does the widget display when a member is already joined to all / enough groups?

    Is there a threshold that can be set such that if a member has joined say 25% of the groups that we stop suggesting? Or perhaps the ability to suggest particular groups…

    Please keep me posted. Cheers.