This is the release details of the Community Builder legacy(1.x) version. For Community Builder 2.x, Please see


Date: October 29, 2018


  • Updated WooCommerce Templates
  • Added compatibility with The Events Calendar/BP Events Calendar. For existing sites, please add “.tribe-community-event-info select” to the list of Exclude selectbox styling in Advance Settings->Misc section in customizer.
  • Added support for Elementor Page Builder’s Canvas/Fullwidth page templates.
  • Updated activation page to use the key automatically.


Date: February 4, 2017


  • Remove Featured Image from Layout builder pages
  • Add Misc section in customizer Blog panel to allow making the featured image fit to a container or let the browser decide using srcset
  • Fix layout Builder template padding issue with facy blue theme style
  • Use post meta settings for archive on home page displayed posts too.

Files Modified:-

  • style.css
  • template-parts/entry-layout-builder.php
  • assets/js/theme.js
  • assets/css/default.css
  • assets/css/styles/facy-blue/theme-facy-blue.css
  • lib/cb-functions.php
  • lib/cb-loader.php
  • lib/framework/cb-layout-functions.php
  • lib/framework/customizer/panels/blog.php


Date: Jan 10, 2017


  • Fixes the word wrap issues
  • Fix issue with links in post content( enable underline)
  • Allows hiding of the sidebar/panel login forms using filters
  • Add support for featured members widget


Date: December 18, 2016


  • Fixed issue with the left panel when a right panel is disabled
  • Removed unused jQuery plugins(touche, textfit)

Files Modified:-

  • style.css
  • footer.php
  • assets/vendors/vendors.js
  • lib/cb-functions.php


Date: December 15, 2016


  • WPAdverts support for proper image size
  • Use the featured-mid, featured-large image size instead of mid/large
  • Allow display/hide the search box in the header
  • WordPress 4.7 fixes for customizer
  • Move Additional CSS to Customize->Styling section
  • Update styles for Facy Blue theme style
  • Geo Directory plugin compatibility
  • Better selectbox and compatibility with plugins using select2 or chosen.

Files Modified:-

  • style.css
  • assets/css/styles/minimal/theme-minimal.css
  • assets/css/styles/facy-blue/theme-facy-blue.css
  • assets/css/styles/facy-blue/buddypress-facy-blue.css
  • assets/js/buddypress.js
  • lib/framework/css-helper/cb-css-generator-functions.php
  • lib/framework/customizer/customizer-helper.php
  • lib/framework/customizer/assets/js/customize-controls.js
  • lib/framework/customizer/panels/layout.php
  • lib/framework/customizer/panels/settings-advance.php
  • lib/cb-loader.php
  • lib/cb-functions.php
  • lib/framework/cb-layout-functions.php
  • lib/framework/layout-builder/cb-page-elements.php
  • lib/framework/layout-builder/cb-site-header-generator.php
  • lib/framework/cb-template-tags.php
  • lib/compat/cb-geo-dir-compatibility.php


Date:  December 2, 2016


  • WPAdverts – Classified plugin support
  • Blog Panel:- Each public post type have their proper customization section
  • Add compatibility with the ajax registration plugin
  • On the Login button click, Open the off-canvas login form if the off-canvas form is available.
  • Fix Content overflow issue on item list/posts.
  • Styling->Main Menu section, allow changing the alignment of the menu(left, right, center)
  • Login Page background mask color
  • Page header background mask color
  • Added icons for group join/request membership buttons
  • Better blog post featured images in the activity page.