Thank you for purchasing Community Builder theme for BuddyPress.


You can download the Community Builder Child theme from your Account->Membership->Themes tab.

Theme Files:-

The child theme is like an empty canvas for you to paint your own imagination. By default, The child theme contains

  • assets
    —— custom.css
    — js
    —— custom.js
  • functions.php
  • style.css

You are encouraged to add your own custom files here.

Modifying CSS:-

Community Builder child loads assets/css/custom.css from the child theme directory. If you want to modify/add custom css, Please put all your custom css in assets/css/custom.css. If you want to add only very small section of css, you can instead do it from Customizer->Settings->Styles->Custom css.

Adding/Modifying Javascript:-

By default, the community builder child theme loads the custom.js file from assets/js/custom.js. Please put all your custom js in assets/js/custom.js

Adding PHP Code:-

We suggest to create your own php file or use functions.php file. If you decide to create your own custom file(say your-custom.php), you can load it using functions.php.

Please see the load() function in the functions.php(and the comments).

Have a great time building your social site.