Login to your google cloud console account.

Here is the link to login: https://console.cloud.google.com

Creating a Project for use with the cloud storage

Note:-If you already have a project and want to use that instead, Please skip to create google cloud api service account section.

We are assuming that either you don’t have any project under your account or you want to use a new project with this setup.

Step 1:- Select the Projects List box from the top as shown below.

Google Cloud Projects List

Step 2:- From the popup box, select “New Project” as shown below

Step 3:- Fill the new Project details

Enter the details(name) and click on “Create”.


Step 4:- Wait for the project creation.

You will see the notice in the right side top as shown below.

Once the project is created, you will see the notification as this

Step 5:- Select the newly create project to be your current project.

Click on the Projects List (as shown in step 1) again. You will see a popup window with your currently created project as below

Click on the name of the project and it will be selected.

Now, what you see is the dashboard of your newly created project.

Here is a screenshot.


Next:- Create service account.