Here is the bp-wire for putting the Buddypress wire back to Buddypress 1.2

This plugin has been deprecated. We do not support it anymore.

Well most of you, who visit this site and read the blog will remember that I had ported BuddyPress Wire component for Cosmic Buddy Theme. Yes, that was too much theme specific and did not worked well for bp-default/other themes.

So, after a few requests I decided to do some coding/editing again for the plugin and the theme files and here is the bp-wire back for your BuddyPress site. This is not the full featured wire plugin(IMHO, as I want to put the privacy to the wire), but it does what the older wire was supposed to do.

What it Does:-

  • Allow your users to have a wire/wall where other users can leave comments without messing with the activity stream.

Here is a screenshot from my dev system with bp-default theme

What should you expect in next version:-

  • Fully working notification
  • Notify by email
  • Privacy options for who can see the wire(friends/loggedin/all)

How to Use It:-


  • Download bp-wire-v1.1.zip
  • Unzip it and upload bp-wire to wp-content/plugins
  • Login to wp-admin and activate bp-wire by going to Dashboard->Plugin->Installed
  • Move the folder "wire" from bp-wire to your theme/child theme
  • Copy the content of style.css from wire/style.css and put it in your theme/child theme's css file

Now go and check your/others profile

Miscellaneous Usage

Using bp-wire on profile landing page(hmm, It's going to be your Activity page most of the time)

Put the following line just below line 41(If you are using bp-default) or at any appropriate place you want) in yourtheme/members/single/activity.php

Credit: All the code used in the plugin has been taken from buddypress 1.1 branch and are original work of Andy Peatling, I have just modified it to work with buddypress 1.2 and packed it as a plugin.

Have questions/comments/suggestion, please feel free to leave below, after all the plugin is for you, so your comments/suggestions will help to shape its futureΒ  πŸ™‚

78 Responses to Here is the bp-wire for putting the Buddypress wire back to Buddypress 1.2

  • Whoa Brajesh! Always coming up with pleasant surprises! I've had some requests for a "wall" feature ala Facebook even when I already said that BP is not Facebook πŸ™
    Thank you.

    • hi Mercime
      Thanks for the comment. I am glad it helped you in some way πŸ™‚

  • Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    That`s what I'm looking for!


  • Brajesh, brilliant idea but when I click on the Wire link on profile page I get thrown back to the homepage… πŸ™

    • hi bobs12
      Please move the "wire" folder from the plugin to your current theme and It will work.

      Hope that helps.

  • I'm a bit confused as to the difference with the activity stream…I never used the wire in previous BP versions.

    Wouldn't the wire show all of YOUR activity (just like FB's Wall)? Then, your friends can make comments?

    The activity stream does this, no?

    Or is the wire used more for messaging? But wouldn't that get confusing with the "send message" function?

    • hi Greg
      Wire is less for activity but more oriented towards messaging. Current @mention can be considered as a replacement of wire.

      Yes, It is somewhat like wall but keeping the message separate from activity.

      It should not get confused with send message, as those are something like PM while wire is different than PM.

  • Nice plugin Brajesh, please consider the ability to rename this 'wire' (at admin end) so it may be seen on user profiles like 'Scrap Book' etc.
    I hope to see the updated plugin soon.
    I wish to join your premium club but I didn't received a email reply from you which I posted through your Contact us page.
    If you reply, I would love to join your club membership.

    • Also consider the wire to be replied back like we see in Scrap book at Orkut, I hope you consider the request and realease a new update soon.
      Good luck πŸ™‚


      • That's something I too want for one of my upcoming theme. will make sure to have it in the next version πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for pointing. It can be done. But currently you will need to do it using the language file(Just in bp-language file add a translation for wire).
      I will do something about this soon in next release.
      Your mail had been kept on my mail server and I did not see it until I saw your comment here. It was some mistake on my part(as I had just got rid of the mailing trouble with the Hosting Provider last month and did not thought It will happen again).

      But anyway, I see you have alredy got a subscription by now. Please feel free to use the forum and provide your inputs/ideas for new plugins/themes etc.

      I will mail back you in the evening(IST, as I mostly work in PST)

  • It worked πŸ™‚ You are a star!

    Only thing is that on the default profile activity page there is a 'post to wire' field and underneath it says 'no one has posted to your wire' even though there are some posts. But at least it's back and I have more chance of doing something with it now πŸ™‚

    Also not all the old wire posts (from before I upgraded to the dreaded 1.2) are there. Plus it would be good if wire posts showed in activity (imho).

    @everyone – the 'wire' was indeed the equivalent to 'wall' in many other SN sites, but it didn't show activity – it was like a shoutbox for the owner and anyone else to come along and leave a comment. On my 1.1.x site it was a way to quickly and publicly say 'hello' to new members and with mine it very quickly became the main platform for exchange – answering.

    I think 1.2 has become far too complex – there are far too many places where messages are displayed, plus some messages you can reply to, some you can't – that should never be the case in SN. If you can reply once, you should be able to reply a million times and have a dialogue about anything and everything.

    With the exception of a status update – I think on most SN sites that's accepted as a quickly editable part of your profile that's like an extension of your avatar, and not something to directly reply to. But in 1.2 it seems people can reply to your updates, but you can't reply to their replies and… oooh, it's just far too complicated…

  • Brajesh, I wanted to post a plugin suggestion on the forum but I couldn't find a link to start a topic.

    I had an idea for a plugin but I have no idea how to do it myself – something that would allow you to delete spammers quickly from the members page.

    Elgg had an administrator context menu just about anywhere that a user avatar appeared and it was quick and easy to delete or edit members.

    If there was a custom field that you could display on the members list (displaying a field where the spambots enter random strings like 0gHBJ43hu4gl) and a link to 'mark as spammer' (preferably with AJAX to avoid page reload) that would be FANTASTIC!

    • hi Robert
      Thanks for the idea. Though it is going to be part of GSOC this year, we can put a small and handy one for now. expect it on Monday πŸ™‚

  • Ron #

    I updated the plugin so it doesn't require editing the theme. You can download it from http://premiumbpthemes.com/bp-wire-1.1b.zip.

    Also, the CSS has a white background on the wire form. If you removed the background color, the form would look better on themes with a colored background.

    • hi Ron
      Thanks so much for updating. Will be editing the css file as you have advised πŸ™‚

  • I love the idea of having the wire. Unfortunately, there seems to be some conflict with, I assume, the css for the wire. I'm new to WordPress, so I'm not sure how to describe it, but the spacing is off. Widgets that are in the sidebar on other pages are located in the middle of the page. I'm using Buddymatic theme. Is this the problem?

    • hi Paul
      Thanks for the comment.
      This may be because of the buddymatic theme.
      Please ask this to either Ron or Andrea(they are quiet helpful people around and will certainly help you with the issue).
      you may contact them at http://musupport.net/

      or by opening a thread at http://buddypress.org

  • I've tried several times to upload the wire, the last time using Ron's bp-wire-1.1b.zip. I've moved the wire folder to the theme folder and I've altered the css. Each time when I try to click on the Wire, I get a broken link for http://mydomain/members/user/wire. What am I doing wrong?

    • Please either try Ron's version or use my version and move the folder "wire" from bp-wire to your default theme. It should work.

      • move "wire" to my current theme?

        my WP-MU theme


        BP Default Theme

        which one?

        *sorry..but need help. ^_^

        • problems SOLVED!! thanks!!

          i not move the 'wire' but copy into BPDefault Theme. Then its work!!

          the profile owner can reply on visitor message?

  • Sorry, Brajesh, I should have mentioned that I switched to Cosmic Buddy theme, hoping that I would no longer have this problem. Still using WPMU 2.9.2 and BP 1.2.3.

    • Cosmic Budy was not required, But I am glad if you are using CB πŸ™‚
      Is the problem solved or still there ?

  • Hi! I love your plugin. I was wondering if there was any wire comment moderation in the wp-admin and for the admin to have the ability to remove any comment posted by any user? Thanks!

    • hi Manny
      Thanks for the comment.
      No there is no way to moderate the comment in the admin.
      Yes, admin can delete the wire post.

  • Brajesh I am loving this plug in! I was wondering if there as anyway to integrate "BP Include Non-member Comments" (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-include-non-member-comments/) or similar. Basically I want anyone (non members) to have the ability to write a post and make up their own name instead of registering to the site. I want this option because I will only have a small list of personally chosen members and will not have new user registration activated.

  • Is there a way we can get notifications for this thing? πŸ™‚ It's awesome though and works great. The only problem is I have no idea when people are writing on my wire!

    • I will be adding that to the new release coming earlier July.

  • Hi. Great plugin, though I am experiencing a few issues, mainly with CSS. First, the Wire list page does not show the sidebar, even though sidebar.php is in my theme folder. Second, the Wire List page creates a 'duplicate' of my theme over the top of itself. I fixed this by removing the tag from the latest.php file, but this page does not seem to conform with the other pages. I will keep trying to fix these issues and thanks for sharing the plugin. Many thanks, Shane.

  • Hello again. I fixed the issues with the Wire List page by correcting a typo in the Latest.php file. The div tag id was named 'contents', while it is named 'content' in BuddyPress. Thanks again, Shane.

    • Thanks Shane.
      I too have corrected it for the upcoming release.

  • gwu #

    is it possible to have a wire for group?

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  • Hi Brajesh, I'm curious about the wire plugin.. Do you think wire can have:
    1. notifications
    2. replying to posts
    3. ability to post images

    Thats a lot I know, Im just asking so i can get an idea of future possibilites πŸ™‚


    • hi Shane,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Notification for wire is coming today.
      replying to post(hopefully in next release, not in todays) annd yes, will be working to allow posting images from gallery/or oembed thing in next release.

  • Hi,

    is there a way to show the latest wire entries somewhere (home.php)? There was a filter (new_wire_post) in bp_has_activities…

    I also want to show the latest 10 wire entries on the users profile page.

    • I will be releasing updated wire today(with optional group wire support and notifications, will make sure to let you know about the latest entry listing function then).

      • is this still being released? just checking to make sure i didnt miss it πŸ™‚

    • Hey Paradise, are you talking about putting the last 10 wire entries in the sidebar on profile? I think that would be cool too. I been trying to figure out how to encourage people to use the wall, I tried the wpmudev login-redirect plugin (to redirect users to wire), but it didnt work for me, still always just went to home page.

  • Ok im gonna ask a crazy question. lol. Im thinking of facebook really… (i know, i shouldnt)… Do you think there is some kind of code that could allow the wire to show wire posts, but also show the users' activity (mixed in according to date)? that would make it exactly like a facebook wall.

    just something I was thinking about. πŸ™‚

    • I just tried to change my avatar and saw that you actually have it set up pretty cool on your site! How did you get the profile tab to show a peice of everything (base, latest activity, wire)?

      also, it shows both members (yourself and the one your viewing)… is this code you shared also?

  • Hello again,

    Really looking forward to the update. This is a really cool plugin and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Many thanks,


  • Hello again. Any news on the new version?

    Many thanks for all your efforts,


    PS – there seems to be a few people making posts with the same name as me, interesting. From now on I will use my alias, moosh101.

    • Hi. I am trying to get the wire plugin to display the name of the group in the 'Post a message on user's wire' title, just above the textbox.

      When displayed on a users page, it shows their 'User Name', and when displayed on your own page it shows 'Your' in the title. I would like it to display the name of the group on the group wire page.

      I have added the following code to line 10 of the post-form.php file, but it doesn't seem to work:

      ,bp_is_group_wire()?__("the % group wire") : bp_get_group_name ($bp->current_component->group)."'s"));?>

      I would sincerely appreciate any advice.

      Many thanks,


  • gwu #

    Hi Brajesh.

    Did u get a chance to look at the pagination issue?
    Also the notifcation and RSS feed.

    Sorry to bug you. But I modify this wire for groups plugin to use in different ways.


    • Hi gwu,

      Sorry, but I am now using Drupal to power my social network instead of BuddyPress. I find it an incredibly powerful framework with options galore. Personally, I feel that while BuddyPress is good at what it does, it has very limited administration and user options and only a handful of BuddyPress dedicated plugins. Drupal, on the other hand, has a vast amount of modules and you can literally configure it to do anything you need. It also has the perhaps the best performance and scalability with auto throttling options and great CSS, Java and Block caching settings- admin settings all absent in BuddyPress? Don't get me wrong, I am not criticizing BuddyPress, it's just that I find that Drupal suits me better and is capable of powering a social network regardless of how large it becomes. Drupal also has strict GNU General Public licensing rules, meaning every single module is open source – no hidden costs of any kind, and the soon to be released Drupal 7 is breathtaking!

  • Wow, yeah moosh, there are alot of Shanes on here. lol. Im changing my name too (or adding more to it)…

    anyway, whats up Brajesh, The new Wire is GREAT!!!!!

  • being new to BP I am wondering exactly what this wire does that has been removed from BP. is there a good explanation somewhere?

  • Hey

    is there any way to include wire posts in the activity stream for a logged in user?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Is there any way to integrate Tweetstream and Facestream to BP Wire? I am hoping that every time I make a wire, I can publish it to Facebook and Twitter… I don't use Buddystream. I am comfortable with the two. Please have a look at my little social network at http://hinugyaway.info if you have the time. I made the wire an Open Diary. username: guest, password:password. But no pressure there. Only if you have the time πŸ™‚


  • What a coincidence Brajesh!
    Found your Chat a few days ago and wrote a comment, and did a search on a "wall" plugin – and you came up again!
    Pretty awesome!

    A bit surprised when I realized that Activity didn't allow comments from other users, but do allow comments on activities that the user has done.
    So great to find this plugin – I couldn't find it in the WordPress Plugin Directory?
    I'm rather new to WP and prefer installing through WP, is that possible?

    Looking forward to play around with this!
    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers from Copenhagen

  • Brajesh.

    I'm not clear on what I should be doing here:
    "Copy the content of style.css from wire/style.css and put it in your theme/child theme’s css file"

    Should I copy the code with a text editor from file style.css, then paste it in what css file?

    Thank you for your patience!

  • Is it possible to display the wires list on another page? I'm trying to create a custom profile page. I managed to add the wire post form, but I can't make the wire posts list work.

    • Hi Nico, you can include the code from post-list.php (instead of latest.php) and change the get_wire_item_id() to $bp->displayed_user->id and it should fetch the post list.

      • Thanks for your reply (and for the plugin)! Your suggestion didn't work, BUT I made it work in the end using the code from latest.php (bp_wire_get_post_list). I must have made a mistake before.

  • Brajesh, any update on a newer version that includes replies?

  • Hi Brajesh, thanks for the great plugin!
    I am not sure if I understand the Wire thing correctly or not. After install Wire, I don't see the bp "What's New" box on activity page. Does it mean post in Activity Updates is disabled when using Wire?
    Is it posible that we can hook up Wire with some rating plugin?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for giving this plugin back to us!

    I am currently looking for a plugin which will allow the group's admin to set up a specific group's wire form. As Cform can replace the comment's form, I would like to replace the wire's form.

    Do you think something like this will be released one day?
    Are you doing specific development ?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Richard,
      I am not sure if we can really hook any other form to BuddyPress activity/wire etc. can you give me some example on what type of options you will be adding to the form ?

      • Hi Brajesh,

        Thanks for your answer.
        I have an old website running BP 1.0.8 with an old plugin (specific development) which does what I would like to have now with BP-Wire.

        I will send you in private message the link to the website.

        Thanks for your help.


  • I moved this chat folder into my theme as I saw suggested in a reply however, now the plugin isn't avctive because wordpress cannot find it. I'm new to this so bare with me.

    • Hi Kiss,
      is BuddyPress Installed on your site. If yes, are you using wordpress multisite or WordPress standard ?

  • *wire folder (sorry)

  • PJ #

    Hey Brajesh,

    BP Wire has been a great plugin and I really appreciate it! Today, I went to post on someones page using it and when i click post it redirects me to feed://mysite.com/groups//wire/post

    Figured i'd mention this new error. I did update some plugins fairly recently and would't be surprised if this is the issue.

    Thanks for all your work!


    • hi PJ,
      most probably you updated buddypress and lost the wire folder in the bp-default theme. Please move wire back to bp-default theme.

      Sorry for my delayed reply.

  • Hi Brajesh, I love the wire and have it as activity stream. I was wondering though, is there a way to make it so the wire is only viewable by a member's friends?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Kiss,
      sorry for the delayed reply.
      No, currently It is not available out of the box. Still, you can use something like this in the wire template page to hide all the wire from non friends

      [sourcecode language="language='php"]
      global $bp;
      //code that lists the posts
      //code to show the message that the wires are only for friends.

      Hope that helps.

  • Something like this:

    Would get replaced with:

    displayed_user->id,$bp->loggedin_user->id) ) {
    bp_wire_get_post_list( bp_get_group_id(), sprintf(__( 'Group %s', 'bp-wire' ),BP_WIRE_LABEL), sprintf( __( 'There are no %s posts for %s', 'bp-wire' ), strtolower(BP_WIRE_LABEL),bp_get_group_name(false) ), bp_group_is_member(), true );
    } else {
    echo 'Wire posts are reserved for friends.';

  • "Wire message could not be posted. Please try again."

    what do I do now ?!? The post form is obviously looking for something that isn't there, missing table or something !??!?! I followed the install intructions and all looks fine other that … well, it cannot fulfill the main purpose, posting …

    Help appreciated!

  • Hi, I wanted to download the plugin but ended up on a 404 page :/

    • Hi Thomad,
      My apologies. This plugin has been deprecated and is no longer supported.