Introducing BP Gallery Rc4 for BuddyPress: Time to get stable in next week now :)

hi All, I am really very glad to introduce Bp Gallery Rc4 today. We have been working on the gallery for the last 4 months and have gone through several release from alpha, beta1, beta2, rc1, rc2,  rc3 and n ow here comes Rc4.

I am heartily thankful to all the members of Buddydev community for keeping faith in me and helping me in putting this work online. Gallery would have never been the same where it is now.

When I started developing, I had a basic idea, develop a media component for Buddypress which allows easier uploads of photos, yes, that was it.

But with time and the suggestions of all the nice and helpful people around, The  idea became more versatile, develop a media component for buddypress which handles all sort of media. And we dropped all the code back in November to start with a fresh codebase and develop the gallery which should be capable of supporting all the medias. It is not perfect yet, but we have a got a thousand things to show you what we have done.

And before I go into details, I would like to thank a few people here,  specially  Mercime, Bowe, Roy, Chris, Patrick, Mike, Nick, and all the buddydev community. Their feedback/codes and support were invaluable and they helped in almost all the aspects, so If I say, I developed this plug in, It is just inappropriate, The gallery Rc4 which you see today, is a combined effort of all of our members here. Thank you all for all your supporting me, all these time  🙂

Now, let us come to Rc4:

Features at a glance

  • User Galleries
    • Unlimited Gallery
    • Each gallery can have any number of media(Photos/audio/videos)
  • Group Galleries
    • Unlimited Gallery
    • Any Member of group can upload
    • Only group Admins can create Gallery
  • Multiple types of media Supported
    • Photo Gallery
    • Audio gallery
    • Video gallery
    • Can be extended with few code to support any time of media you want
  • Privacy
    • Fine grained Privacy control for gallery/media
    • User gallery/media can have the status private/public/friends only
    • Group gallery can have status public/private
  • Multiple Uploads
    • Upload multiple files without any extra effort, just select and click upload
    • There is no limit on upload size, It depends on the size you set in gallery settings and/or The maximum upload size allowed by your web host
  • Uploading and Sharing from Activity stream
  • Publishing to Activity stream or not is in your hands, you can publish multiple images/videos etc to the activity stream and it will appear as single entry
  • Shortcode
    • For embedding Gallery to your blog posts
    • Embedding Photo/Audio/video to your blog
  • Widgets
    • Sitewide gallery widgets
    • Sitewide media Widget
  • Directory where all the public galleries are listed, you can search them, filter them by Audio/video/photo
  • Security:- I can vouch for gallery being 99% secure, the rest one percent is always uncertain 🙂
  • Object caching:  If you enable persistence object caching, you can reduce upto 90% database queries
  • 100% Buddypress aware, disable Buddypress, the Gallery will not cause any issue/error.
  • Modular and decoupled
    • decoupled from Group(If group is disabled, gallery will still work)
    • decoupled from Activity(If you disable activity, gallery will work, but support for commenting and publishing to activity stream will be no more available)
    • decoupled from Friends(The privacy features will work even if you disable friends component)
  • Extra addons
    • WordPress Plugin for TinyMce to insert gallery/media to your post/page(Thanks to Phillip)
    • Widget to show sitewide listing of gallery/images(Thanks to Phillip)
    • Highslide Slideshow for showing Images (Thanks to Phillip, will be coming soon)
    • jQZoom Plugin to show case site wide Public Photos
  • Site Admin settings:
    • Control which media types are allowed, enable/disable galley types,i.e you can enable/disable Photo Gallery/Video Gallery/Audio Gallery
    • Set maximum upload space per user
    • set maximum upload file size
    • Enable Disable gallery Link
    • Enable/disable upload from activity stream
    • Show the remaining/used space to users
    • got an issue, enable debug mode of gallery to see what's going inside
    • Set Image sizes for Thumbnail/medium/Full size
  • What Is Coming In future:
    • FFMPEG Support for Video Galleries
    • Face Detection/Tagging(OpenCV extension will be required)
    • Gallery from Youtube/picass/flickr/vimeo etc
    • Various CDN Support
    • Decoupling of  Video Player to allow you use various players to choose from
  • Upcoming Addons:- atleast 4-5 slideshow widgets to showcase the gallery media(Including supersized,mooflow and more)


Bp Gallery is the ultimate gallery plugin for your Buddypress powered site. It Gives you complete control over the media. Since the files are stored on your server, so you have full control over the media and you don't have to worry about giving your private data to anyone else.

here are some screen shots of the most recent release to show you, what It is like

Gallery Creation:

When a user is at his/her home, they will see the gallery link. Clicking on it brings a screen which looks like this

Click On Create gallery button, or Create gallery link, a new page will be loaded using ajax which looks like this

here you can select the type of gallery (i.e You want to create Photo gallery/Audio gallery/Video gallery), enter some title for you gallery , description is optional, and click save, the request will be submitted asynchronously and if gallery is successfully created, you will be redirect to a new page where you can upload media(depends on the type of gallery, if it is a photo gallery, you can upload multiple photos, if video gallery, then you can upload multiple videos). here is a screenshot of upload screen

Select as many files as you want to upload and  click open.

The files will be listed as shown below

Click  Upload and save Button and file will start uploading.

Screen shot of Upload progress screen

When all the upload is complete, you will be presented with the screen to edit media details(there is no page reload, It is accomplished via ajax).

here is what you will see

Bulk Media edit

You can change the title/descriptions and set the privacy level here. Once you are done, click save and you are done. You can visit the gallery by clicking the navigation above which says back to "gallery name".

Drag and drop reordering of media inside gallery

In case you want to change the display order of the photos/videos, click organize tab, and you will be presented with a screen like this
Drag and Drop Photos to sort. Once you are done, click save and yes, you media is reordered.

Click, edit details tab, to edit gallery description, In case your gallery does not has a cover image and you don't want to use ythe images from gallery as cover, you can upload a separate cover image  here

Publishing to activity stream:

If you have uploaded multiple media and Want to publish them to activity, click the link above edit screen, which says publish to activity or click hide notification tab to hide the notification.

If you clicked publish to activity stream, the media will be published to activity stream.

here is how it looks like.

Activity Stream

for Photo gallery

And If published media were Videos, you will see an entry in activity stream like this

i.e,  A Video Player with the playlist items.

Now, The post is getting too long, so I will just post a few more screen shots.

Video Gallery

here is how Video gallery page looks like

Media comments

Activity Comments are synchronized with media, so If someone leaves comment on media and It appears in activit and then someone leaves comment in activity stream, the comment will appear on single media page.

And here is what appears on single media page

And do not forget, we have Group Galleries too

Group Galleries

How about uploading from activity stream:

Uploading from Activity Stream

And How about a gallery page, where we can lists public galleries/ search galleries by title/description and filter by type(say Photo/audio/video)

Gallery Directory

And, don't forget we have shortcodes for embedding galleries to Blog posts and widgets to list galleries/photos in sidebar.And here is my What I just did a few minutes ago, well, you can showcase the most recent public photos in sidebar and showcase it using jqZoom plugin


1. How many galleries are permitted: There is no limit. It all depends on you and your server. Every User/group can have any number of galleries with any number of medias inside(In their permitted space)

For the screen shots of Gallery Home page/media listing, please check this post. https://buddydev.com/buddypress/bp-gallery-beta-available-now-download-test-and-enjoy/


Please Visit this link for the current status and download: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-gallery


Please check this page:-



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    • It would be nice to offer the ability to Set maximum upload space per user group. It would allow folks to charge for extra space or use cubelinks points for more space.

      • Thanks for pointing this. Currently, You can set maximum space per user programatically.

        I Think, setting up maximum space per individual group is also possible, let me see if I can do it in the next update of gallery.


    • Hi, I just downloaded the Bp-gallery Rc4 plug-in and I activated it but it's not showing in my buddy-press user profile. what is going on?

  • Bravo Brajesh! You're the man!
    Time flies so fast when you're having fun 🙂

  • I was wondering… Where do I change the amount of images displaying on a gallery page? As it is now, only 5 images show per page. I would want to change that to 20 or so. Where do I do that? Maybe it would be a good idea to put that into the admin section in the future?

    • in the template file, gallery/single/media/media-loop.php pass arguement"per_page=20" to'bp_gallery_has_medias()`
      and it will show 20 per page.
      It should never be in admin section, as It is highly dependent on the template, and I believe, chice should be in the hands of theme developers.yes, may be, I will put a higher default value. You can always manipulate it from the template files, without tinkering with the plugin.


      • I don't know how to do that. What line to change? I changed line 1 to include per_page=20 but that generated an error.

      • Here's the line

        Like this?

      • Like this? >> ""

      • @FotografosNet

        You will need to change it in yourtheme/gallery/single/media/media-loop.php file.

        • Hi Brajesh,


          I'm having some issues with some of your plugins.

          1- Sitewide PrettyGallery and BP-Flickr have conflict when installed at the same time, Pretty Photo won't work unless you deactivate either one of the plugins.

          2 – I got my .mo file for BP-Gallery translated into spanish, it works but some places it's in english.

          Finally, when will the vote for image addon be released?. Is it possible to view a foto galllery as a slideshow without having to refresh the whole page?

          Thanks for your time!



  • It was a total NO GO for me. I wanted to try the new RC4 but all I got was:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/readysnapg/domains/readysnapgo.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/gallery-screen-functions.php on line 367.

    I'm using WordPress 2.9.2 and BuddyPress 1.2.3.

    I tried everything but could not get further.

    • Rc4 or Rc4 update 1. That may be because the file was not uploaded correctly tio your server. There were no such error in Rc4, as far as I and other members reported in forums. yes, Buddypress 1.2.3 is a requirement.

      If you can provide more detail from error log, please report it in forum, It seems specific to you.

      • I used the RC4 update 1 and the error disappeared. It may well have been specific to my website, yes.

  • Update 1 to RC4 solved the problem.

    I think, though, that the media upload button for the activity stream should be bigger and have the text UPLOAD to it.

    I also think that it should be better integrated to the activity stream. I use both FACESTREAM and TWITTERSTREAM and the little button is placed on top of them and when you click it the download ajax ends up to the right and aligned badly.

    Other than that it seems to work just fine.

    But what you really should put in this is WEB BASED upload and MOBILE upload. That would make this plugin a star!

    Great work!

    • hi
      May be a hover saying upload will be a good thing, but In buddypress activity stream, already the space is so less, and you are hooking it with the existing actions and not modifying the theme template, so there are very few options for styling you have got. The icon you see, is of same size as in wordpress editor upload icons. So, If you want bigger, please change the icons with the one you want, but it will not be changed in the plugin, as bigger icon may suit to one site but may not suit to others, so why not give the choice to theme developers ?

      About face stream/tweetstream, I am not sure how many of plugins will be coming and adding icons to activity stream update box, so I can not guarantee supporting those all. Better, If you want full control, disable auto inserting of icons from bp-gallery-screen.php
      comment this line


      It is on line number 394.And call this function where you want icons to be.


      Please note, If I make everything hard coded, the plugin will no more be flexible, that's why I have left most of the choices in the hands of developers/theme designers. UI should be completely controllable by the theme developers not the plugins(see my future plans to decouple player and allow developers to use any other player than using only flowplayer).

      What is the benefit of having a social network, if it does not look different from others. The social network has a much bigger aspect, and Instead of falling for all the features in plugin, I will leave most of the flexibility of design in the hands of theme designers, so they can change it to what they want, and not what I want. Each social network is unique, and the uniqueness should reflect in design.

      The term WEB BASED Uploads is misleading as you are pointing it again and again, please let me correct it.

      This plugin requires flash for upload, that't it. It is required for supporting multi uploads and I am using same library swfupload as does wordpress. If your Browser has flash support, you can use all the bells and whistles.
      How it is not web based upload, can you specify ? The only difference is wordpress provides an alternative upload for non flash environment, I do believe in standards and My plans are obviously to add support for degradation.

      And if you do not agree with my view about uploads, can you tell me the difference between web based upload/mobile upload and what they actually mean and how they are different than what we have in the gallery.
      Why I am getting this much into details as I show it your third post repeating the same thing and which seems to be quiet misleading the terms("Web Based Uploads").

      • Yes, I agree. My fault. What I mean is that there should be an alternative NON Flash upload possibilty (like in WordPress). Sorry for confusing the terms here.

        Thx for the long reply. You are quite right about leaving control to the theme developers.

        • Hey never Mind, It was My 26 hour day thing. I was a little bit off because of waking up for 26 hours yesterday.

          I completely agree with you about alternative upload and it is one of the first priority for now 🙂


        • No problems. Keep up the good work. This plugin is a must have for BuddyPress.

  • Browser issues: Safari (latest, PC & Mac) and Google Chrome (Mac) goes dead when trying to choose files when wanting to upload.

    • Thanks for reporting. Going to test it. There is a slight change in one line of javascript in rc4, so It may be the issue. Will be posting after tests.

  • Wow Brajesh…this is awesome!

    "Upcoming Addons:- atleast 4-5 slideshow widgets to showcase the gallery media(Including supersized,mooflow and more)"

    I can't wait for this…

    Quick question: What specifically does the JQZoom plugin do? And it is needed?


    • hi Greg
      Thanks for the comment.
      jqZoom is a plugin for BP gallery which uses zoomImage jquery plugin to present the photos in stylish way.
      here is the actual example of zoomImage
      try clicking on the image, and you will see the effect.

      I just developed it as a fun thing to showcase sitewide photos using this effect. It is available as a widget when you install jqZoom plugin and use this effect if you want. All other plugins are in the way and they are coming very soon 🙂

  • Brajesh,

    One more problem…

    There seems to be an issue with OEmbed.

    When I add a youtube URL into an update and hit "post update", it initially works, with the video displaying below.

    But if I refresh or come back to the page later, the entire update (not just the video) is gone.


    • hi Greg
      Please disable bp-gallery and try OEmbed, Is it working normally in that case. There may be conflict, just trying to get to know.Because of the player I am activating in activity stream, It may conflict. Will be checking OEmbed with gallery within half an hour.

  • Error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method BP_Gallery_Gallery::dele_gallery_for_user() in /home/housings/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/bp-gallery.php on line 338

    This happened when I went to delete a user (a spammer).

    • ahh yes, I mentioned it in forum, that deleting group/user may cause errors and Now here it is. Well, keeping it for update 2. It was something I added, so once a user/group is deleted we don't have orphan galleries, but seems like missed somewhere. Update will be tomorrow/day after tomorrow.
      If you find any other issues, please do report in forum or on the bug tracker. Highly appreciated.


  • hi Brajesh,

    still loving bp-gallery 🙂 but rc4 on wp 2.9.2 and buddypress 1.2.1 run not in the way i expect.

    Let me count the things:
    1. the gallery listing show this warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in …/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 475
    i've fixed it with @ (return @mysql_real_escape_string( $string, $this->dbh );) the warning is only when user enter the gallery listing

    2. "publish to activity stream" doesnt't work. The image icon is shown but is linking to #

    3. when you enter the gallery directory the gallery listing shows the cover-image and give the information "not active" to all galleries (including my galleries, when i am logged in)

    4. inside the gallery there is a limitation of 5 image, allthough there are a lot of more pictures in the gallery. If you choose one of these 5 pictures you can navigate to the rest … Is this what you want?

    5. I' ve activated jqzoom but no reaktion, no zoom-function works

    I installed it step by step, logging out but nothing changed.

    please give me an idea, what went wrong on my installation


    • hi Helge
      Thanks for the comment.
      Please use Rc4 update 1. There was a print_r left in Rc4 causing issues with showing updates, so I had to go for Rc4 update 1.

      have you updated the templates, between rc2 and Rc3 there was a line change to count media comment, The db error will come if you have not updated the template. Instead of get_activity_comment_count($media), it should be get_activity_comment_count($media->id).
      For your issues 1,2,3, please update the templates from Rc4 update 1.

      4. It is completely controlled via template. change bp_gallery_has_medias() to bp_gallery_has_medias("per_page=10") in gallery/single/media/media-loop.php and it will show 10 images.
      Here is a forum discussion on that(please make sure to be logged in to access that topic).

      5. For using jqzoom, please activate it and add the sitewide Photo widget to the sidebar or any other place. Then check the site.jqZoom is a widget for gallery which shows sitewide photos using zoomImage plugin.

  • hello,

    where can i change or modify the language?
    in which php file?


  • Any plans to have an option to grab the exif data from the image and list it ?

    Or alternatively could i add the functionality via another plugin into the display of the single image?

    This really is turning into a fnatastic plugin.

    • hi Stuart
      Thanks for the comment.
      Yes, I am adding the meta table for media and will be using to store the exif meta and the other data too. WordPress provides a very easy way to read exif meta(In current version too, I am reading it for title if any available, but not storing other details), so it is not an issue, let me come out with Rc4 Update 2 and you will have this feature and you can show them if you want.

      I will post the details, we are working on a new version of this site which integrates docs/bug tracker/forums etc in a better manner, so I hope within 1-2 week, when this site is updated, we will have full documentation for gallery and that will allow you to manipulate it using any plugin. For now, if you need any manipulation of gallery using plugin, please feel free to open a thread in the forum and I will post the snippets on how to do the things.


  • Is it possible to use fancybox zoom with the gallery for the "Gallery" page so it doesn't transfer the visitor to the members' profile to view pics.

    • It is possible to add this functionality, but I have not added something like this. If you want, you can do it on your own too, please open a thread in the forum and I will show the code examples to help you get it done(Until we have the full documentation of the API).

      In the next major update coming in 2-3 days, I will be adding something similar to show an example how it could be done.
      I hope, That should help 🙂


      • cool…that was one of my minor complaints. it would be nice to open with lightbox without going back to profile.

        you're awesome brajesh.

        • Thanks for the comment Greg.
          It's not me, It's you all, whose suggestions/comments and feedback has made the gallery where it is and I am always looking forward to ideas from you all and making it as better as I can 🙂

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  • Ahh I was going NUTS but finally figured it out.

    This seems to be an oversight on your part, or possibly just something you didn't think to mention.

    You use the class "gallery" in your plugin, but it didn't occur to you that wordpress already makes use of the class "gallery" when you add an image gallery into a post.

    I was going NUTS trying to find out why my posts were showing incorrectly and then I realized that it was using the .gallery class inside of your plugin and not the one that the theme uses!

    You might want to change gallery to bp-gallery or something similar so it doesnt get way confusing

    • hi Lindsay
      Thanks for pointing, It was something I did not think about. sorry for causing troubles to you.

      I think, just changing the selector(using parent child hierarchy) in bp-gallery's css, I can manage this for future.


      • can you explain that a little further.. i'm not getting what you are saying

        • Your problem is that gallery css is affecting the layout of gallery generated by wordpress.

          In css, if we use the selectors in more refined way,we can get rid of this. In bp-gallery css if we refine the gallery selectors to take effect only when we are on gallery home page, then It will solve all the issue.
          we can do this by changing all the instances of ".gallery" in bp-gallery/inc/css/structure.css by "body.gallery .gallery" and it will be effective only on the bp-gallery pages, not on your wordpress page.

  • ok i had a look.. and i can't find it. Where can I change the class from .gallery to bp-gallery so i dont have to mess with the core gallery feature

    • You can change them in the template files.
      please take a look at your-theme/gallery/members/home.php and your-theme/gallery/groups/home.php

      After changing the class name here, make sure to do the same in the attached css file(plugins/bp-gallery/inc/css/structure.css), that will solve the issue for now.

  • Ok it feels like you are telling me to do two different things.

    Do you want me to just change every instance of ".gallery" to "body.gallery .gallery" in the css? Or do you want me to change the class="gallery" in the home.php to something else and change all of the css to the something else.

    Sorry if i sound dense, i'm usually good at this stuff, but your explaination has me confused

    • It will be better to change it in structure.css only not in the template file.
      I just mentioned those as we can accomplish it both ways, but easier will be just changing in structure.css


        You want me to open structure.css and replace every instance of “.gallery” to “body.gallery .gallery”

        and thats it??

        • yes, you are right. Please do let me know if you find any issue.
          And sorry for confusing you, I will try to be more precise and will have short explanation from next time 🙂

  • Yea, its NOT working at all.. the wp gallery feature is still picking up the gallery class you created.

  • I am actually finding quite a few flaws in the css of this. Makes it really hard to tweak when the plugin itself is a little dirty looking (not that it doesnt work PERFECTLY) but using the wordpress wide classes makes things hard to tweak unless you can find where the class is called withint your plugina nd change the name

    For instace the "action" class is given to the "view" button. .action is in your template, and i dont want to align text left for ALL action buttons, but i do for your plugin.. Now I have to find out where it is.

    • hi Lindsay
      It will be great If you can point the conflicts in css. i might have overlooked them. Naming class as gallery was more intuitive than anything but now I realize It was a mistake to not write the specific css.
      In the next version, we will have the same class names but different css.

      Further, the structure.css is not organized wt the moment and so you may have a lot of troubles with that.

      I am not sure where wordpress uses action class?

      for your current issue, comment out the selector at line 358 and the rules following them
      (It is .post .gallery) and the gallery css will not affect your wp gallery.

      • Ok yes, commenting out the gallery shortcode in YOUR style sheet did the trick and will likely not effect the gallery when it is embedded into a post via shortcode so all should be ok now.

        As for the .action.. its not a BP/wordpress class, but its in your theme. So you are using a theme standard class for .action which is used site wide so if i want to customize the look of the photoalbums page, i have to change the class site-wide OR add a new class and find where it is in the code.

        I just feel like it would be a lot easier to play around with had ALL gallery related items had their own class or be in an easy place to add the class.

        Also, the navigation settings could use some work. It gets REALLY cluttered up there.. see this

        • We will have a list of all the classes and selectors online soon.Thanks to Mercime for compiling the list. you will have each and every selector used in gallery documented at a single page soon(I am working on a new design of bpdev, that's why these things are postponed).

          For the navigation,
          I have only bundled the theme for "bp-default" in the plugin, In all other templates, you will have to change the layout to match your template.

          Since you are using gallery with cosmicbuddy, I will recommend you do not use the template shipped with bp-gallery, instead there is a template inside cosmicbuddy already with gallery name, use that in your theme/child theme.

          And make sure to do a small modification in the "gallery/single/media/media-loop.php" as mentioned in this post


          Hope it helps.

        • Hi Brajesh, will be glad to help document new BP Gallery CSS selectors when you update in next version. Cheers.

      • hi Mercime
        I will show you the new bpdev site which I have been working recently. It is integrated with dokuwiki seamlessly. I had delayed it(even after promising in forums, because of the new site upcoming).

        Thanks for all your help and work on the gallery tags/css, those are much helpful(I had seen them on your site). Just finishing the new site for bpdev where bug tracker+docs are integrated in better way. Will show you today 🙂

        We can then put all the docs at one place 🙂

  • Hi there. I have been holding my breath for a plugin like this! I have one major problem though, a user can not view public galleries of another user. When they click on gallery, it just takes them back to their own galley. Do you know what could be causing this? Your help is appreciated.

    • hi crystals
      It is something I have not heard from anyone, so seems unique in your case. Can you point me to the site. If you don't want to put the link here, please Pm me the link.

      I am not sure what could be the issue, but if I take a look I can tell you what could be wrong and provide solutions.

      Also, Is this problem happening on gallery directory page or when user is viewing another user's profile.

  • Hi brajesh 🙂
    I almost finished translating bp-gallery
    And i see

    " * Localization support
    * Put your files into
    * bp-gallery/languages/bp-gallery-your_local.mo"

    words in codes…

    İs there any ".pot" file?


    İt would make easy to translating 🙂

    • hi Serafettin
      it's .po file, just uploaded in the forum 🙂

  • I just had a thought for a feature for the gallery. If you can add a few "share" buttons of pictures, it would REALLY help. So for instance the ability for people to tweet a quick link to the pic (if set to public) and maybe a quick html copy and paste so people can embed a LINK to the page with their pictures?

    Just a thought..

  • Hey Great plugin.

    I'm having one problem that I need to resolve as soon as possible. When I try to delete a user from my site I get this error.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method BP_Gallery_Gallery::dele_gallery_for_user() in ~/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/bp-gallery.php on line 338

    If you have a solution or fix for this I would appreciate it.

    • hi Shawn
      That was the issue, I had renamed the name of function at last minute before uploding.
      here is the solution in forum, please take a look



      • Just wanted to let you know that the weird gallery problem seemed to fix itself.

        I have another question though.. On the other reply to me, you said that I am using the OLD css? How is that happening? Why is there even an "old" version of anything inside the plugin?

        • You are using Cosmic Buddy which was packaged with old gallery template. That's what I was referring to. I am sorry If I was not clear in my reply.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    The gallery is great. Although I am not getting the media edit page after the upload queue has completed. What am I missing?


    • hi W
      Thanks for the comment.
      Is the problem still persistent. Had you logged out after installing gallery and logged in again ?

      Please enable the debug mode from Buddypress->Gallery settings (in the backend) and check the output of the debug mode.

      Do you get any error notice when upload is complete ? Please provide a little more details.


      • Hi Brajesh,

        Yes the problem is persistent. I'm not receiving any errors and my uploads are successfull. Here is the debug code:

        use_query_string: false
        requeue_on_error: false
        assume_success_timeout: 0
        file_post_name: file
        post_params: [object Object]
        file_types: *.*
        file_types_description: All Files
        file_size_limit: 2048000
        file_upload_limit: 0
        file_queue_limit: 0
        debug: 1
        prevent_swf_caching: true
        button_placeholder_id: file
        button_placeholder: Not Set
        button_image_url: http://iplaysportz.com/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/inc/js/swfupload/wdp_buttons_upload_114x29.png
        button_width: 114
        button_height: 29
        button_text_style: color: #000000; font-size: 16pt;
        button_text_top_padding: 0
        button_text_left_padding: 0
        button_action: -110
        button_disabled: false
        custom_settings: [object Object]
        Event Handlers:
        swfupload_loaded_handler assigned: true
        file_dialog_start_handler assigned: true
        file_queued_handler assigned: true
        file_queue_error_handler assigned: true
        upload_start_handler assigned: true
        upload_progress_handler assigned: true
        upload_error_handler assigned: true
        upload_success_handler assigned: true
        upload_complete_handler assigned: true
        debug_handler assigned: true

        Removing Flash functions hooks (this should only run in IE and should prevent memory leaks)


        • hi W
          Sorry for the delayed reply.
          The debug code is not complete. It shows the basic configuration. Please capture the debug output while uploading. Only that can give a clue of the issue.

          Please open a thread in the forum with the debug code for quick solution.


        • Hi Brajesh,

          This is part of the problem. This is all the debug code that is returned. Hence, I've been unable to track the issue down.

        • Are you sure you are on Rc4 Update 1. Please check again, RC4 update 1 must show the full debug log while uploading(like 123456 bits uploaded, xyz bits remaining etc).

  • I was wondering… I would like the gallery order to be latest updated when going to the /Gallery page from the menu (the page that contains all galleries). I am not sure what kind of ordering you use but it's not by latest updated images. I looked through the bp-gallery-gallery-template-tags.php to try to figure that out but I am lost.

    What do I need to change to get the galleries to sort by LATEST UPDATED on the /GALLERY page?

    • hi
      This option is not available as of yet.
      currently you can only order gallery by title, date_created, random,or the custom order.

      I will put it in upcoming release.

  • Another thing… In which file do I find the "Publish To Activity" link? I would like to make it easier to spot by adding a new class to it. I could not find it in the php-files though.

    • It is located in yourtheme/gallery/single/edit.php on the top you will see it.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    Great Work (RC4 U1)
    Via sidewide gallary widget i’ d like to publish 1 sticky gallery and some latest galleries.
    Is there a possibility to change the code / (may be shortcode) to get this work.

    It’ s because i’ d like to draw the interest on a certain thing, without override by newest
    user galleries.


    • hi Helge
      It is possible to do. but currently, gallery does not allow sticky functionality. you may want to list the sticky gallery first and then put the list of other galleries as normal. the best solution is using gallery template tags.
      Please take a look at the widget/or gallery/members/home.php for template tag.

      Also, if you can put the specific situation, please post in forum, I will do my best to put a solution for your situation.


  • How can I make the gallery gallery widget only display galleries from 1 user (Admin) instead of the current options of all users or groups. Thanks.

    • There is no option in widgets. But you can use template tags and pass an arguement owner_type="user"&owner_id="id of admin" to show it from admin.

  • Will this work with WPMU2.2.2 and BP1.2.3?

    • no, It will not work with anything less than wpmu 2.9 or wordpress 2.9.
      It needs wordpress/wpmu 2.9+ and buddypress 1.2+(will work with bp 1.2.3)

  • Fatal error: Call to undefined method BP_Gallery_Gallery::dele_gallery_for_user() in /home/housings/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/bp-gallery.php on line 338

    This happened when I went to delete a user (from Dashboard as Admin and from site as User), the same of "gregfielding" User says on April 6, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    I Have Bp-gallery RC4 Update 1.
    How can i do?
    Best Regards

    • hi Alex
      Thanks for the comment.
      yes, this was a issue in Bp-Gallery. I am working a fix and a bug-Fix release will be available today/tomorrow . There are a few more issues related to usability etc reported, so working on all of them to put in the fix together.
      For the time being, please comment around line
      309 of bp-gallery/bp-gallery.php
      make sure it looks like this

      //add_action( 'wpmu_delete_user', 'gallery_remove_data_for_user', 1 );
      //add_action( 'delete_user', 'gallery_remove_data_for_user', 1 );
      //add_action( 'make_spam_user', 'gallery_remove_data_for_user', 1 );

      It will not affect anything, but the error will not appear again.


  • Is there a way to make the gallery widget only show galleries from a single group? I have a multi group site and only want galleries associated with a specific group to be displayed within the group.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • No, The gallery widget will not do that.
      Please use the template tags(a copy paste from galery/groups/home.php) and change the line




      That should do it.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    the producer of "Cubepoints-BP-Integration" asked what else should this give points for?

    I would like to have points for uploading GALLERIES.

    But he need a link to your plugin. Can you give him the information for integration your galleries in the points-system?



    • It is done! 🙂
      Thank you Brajesh!

      Now you get points for uploading Galleries! 🙂

      • hehe, thanks to Tosh(@xberserker) for the prompt update and help.

  • Hello,
    http://mojekaraiby.eu/members/optart/gallery/my-galleries/video-gal – video not found,
    http://mojekaraiby.eu/members/optart/gallery/ – images not found, but there can be visible for a second while page(js?) is not loaded.

    What is wrong? Urgent.

    • Hi there
      The problem is flowplayer will not play the avi file, that's why this issue is there. Please upload use flv files for now. I am doing the customization to allow other video player, so other file formats can be played.
      Btw, you will need to adjust the template to make it look better. It will need some modification incss/structure to make it work with you template better.

      • Oh, I saw info about *avi on their webpage. So how can I block possibility to add not served formats?

    • btw, I can see the images on the member gallery. I hope that was a temporary problem.

      • It appears to be a problem with only *jpg and only in Chrome browser. Strange error, but caused by something else.

  • ggg #

    Bp-gallery , Please add a view counter and display the site users that viewed it feature!

    • hi
      Thanks for the advice. I do have the stats but not sure whether to show or not. The reason is it will be something like explicitly and embarrassingly advertising my project which I don't believe too much.
      Maybe, I will give it another thought.


  • ggg #

    I mean on the photos/media when a user views or clicks a media. it shows the owner how many users saw the photo or media just like flickr viewers counts on photo.

    And also Gallery from Youtube/picass/flickr/vimeo etc can you add twitpic & ustream.tv feeds?

    • haha, sorry I misinterpreted and thought you wanted to see the stat because of some other discussion thread. silly me :S

      I strongly believe in making the core as clean as I can(and this is the one reason gallery is not yet stable, as I am still making its core much cleaner and easier/lighter).

      What you are suggesting about the counter can be easily implemented via an addon plugin. There are many things going on and next week expect some major announcement about gallery again.

      I am still pondering on including youtube/fickr as a part of gallery/ putting them as separate plugin Will update next week.


  • Brajesh can you add a feature like Youtube video integrate?
    Like if one posts a Youtube URL in the Gallery's media section, the Video should get there, this will save web space.
    Also tell me if there is any way I can custom provide allocated disk space for different users.


    • hi Rahul
      youtube/flickr support is a future under consideration/work. Expect some major announcement regarding this feature next week.
      yes, you can custom provide spaces for different users. It can be done via usermeta, so currently you have two options, either do it programmatically(say you want to use it in conjunction with subscription plugin, so on successful subscription you can just update usermeta for the user) or you will need to do it using database.

      Please check more details for how to do it in this thread(please make sure to be logged in as that thread is members only).

      Hope that helps.

  • Thank you Brajesh for the reply.
    Since I am not a programmer and rely on safe plugins, it would be difficult for me to do it with programming.
    If you can suggest a step by step help with Phpmyadmin, I will safely follow the solution.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Sure I can do that. I will prepare a video and put it online in the evening.


  • Make Gallery from twitpic & ustream.tv , Youtube/picass/flickr/vimeo feeds as a addon plugin?

  • Keep up the work and make the gallery core much cleaner and easier/lighter and other fearures as addon plugins .
    Therefore other developers can create plugins for it?

  • hi Brajesh,

    do u have any idea when will be available next Bp-gallery RC4 Update2?

    For me is perfect now, but i have the same problem when i delete a user (from Dashboard as Admin and from site as User) and the plugin does not upgrade user's space %.

    Thank you for patient


  • Hi Brajesh,

    This is a great plug in and I appreciate the effort and how great it works. The previous version of RC4 worked pretty well for my site; however the issues fixed in update 2 were much appreciated. I was banging my head against the wall trying to fix the user delete issue.

    However, in installing RC4 update 2, the gallery didn't work. I followed the instructions for install, but it just didn't work. (The Gallery tab showed up in the Buddy Press menu bar) Otherwise individual galleries didn't load and the Gallery link in the profile lead to a white screen.

    I'm using MU 2.9.2 and Buddy Press Version 1.2.3. Buddy Press, tho, is on Blog ID 2.

    • hi Lisa
      Thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear the issues update 2 caused.

      Make sure you has deleted the older bp-gallery folder from wp-content/plugin before uploading this one.

      I am on my way to some other place, so will have access to my dev system only after 6 hours. I Will check gallery with Bp installed on blog 2 and post some solution(need to trace it).
      In the meantime, please do make sure you have a folder "gallery" in your active theme.


  • Brajesh can you please add a feature to FLAG certain photo if any picture is found objectionable by other users, so some alert may be sent to site admin to remove any objectionable or picture abuse?

    I hope you consider my request.


    • hi Rahul
      I had earlier planned for this. But Now it seems to be part of GSOC project this year. So, once the project is available, It should be simply a matter of hooking it for gallery(which I can do easily :))

      Otherwise if nothing happens, I will do something similar in near future just trying to minimize the duplicate efforts.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just joined the club and I wanted to download the BP gallery. Where do you go to down load it? Ive been to the download page but there's no link for it. Is it not out because its still in Beta? Pleae let me know.

    • hi Mark
      Thanks for joining. I really appreciate it.

      The problem was your payment was pending(is still pending on paypal) so the automated system did not grant you the rights to download.
      I have updated your account manually and now you should be able to download
      here is the link to most recent version of BP Gallery

      Please make sure you are logged in as the thread is members only.

      Your account will still show upgrade membership link but you don't need to do anything. It will be automatically updated when the payments get cleared on paypal.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I've created a gallery permission scenario by which a friend of a gallery owner can enter the owners gallery and create their own gallery, upload and otherwise manipulate images within it.

    When viewing the gallery home, all galleries are listed including the one created by the friend. My problem is when one clicks the gallery to view the images a message comes up stating the gallery is empty. I can see by the media count the gallery is indeed not empty but no one trying to view the images can see them. Is this a permissions error at the user_can_view_current_media level? Can you give me some advice on how to get around this issue?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • hi Webdude, sorry for late response. Just replied to your post in the forum. Please check there.


  • I have installed RC4 it is good but doesnt allow for uploads to the albums – I managed to get a few photos in there after a few trys of uploading but doesnt seem to work – is this something im doing wrong or in the plugin

    • Is the problem still there ? It should not be. Have you followed the instruction to logout after installing the plugin and login again. we need that for the first time to store the auth cookie.

  • Ok so I can upload small pictures- I have the settings turned up to allow upto 50mb pictures – should I also adjust the size settings below this

    • There is no limit on the size of upload. Please check forum.
      Upload size will depend on your settings in the admin and on your server.
      Please check the forum, there are a few members having uploads of videos more than a hundred MB, and It's working. It all depend on the server configuration.

      If you have issues with upload, please open a thread in forum with details(If possible include hosts name too)

  • What's FFMPEG Support for Video Galleries do , is it to record from webcam?

    • FFMPEG is mainly used for video conversion/extracting thumbnails etc.
      btw, It is not supported in bp-gallery yet.

  • ram #

    hello brajesh, I saw your blog, various plugins and your theme. i like your work. i am ready to take your premiuium membership. i'm specifically interested in bp gallery plugin that gives multiple album feature for buddypress members as well as album capability to groups. please confirm if these features are working well in your plugin. my website uses WPMU 2.9.2 and Buddypress 1.2.3 with my own child theme that uses bp-default template. please also confirm if your bp gallery plugin is compatible with this setup. I will sign-up for premium if this works.

  • Would it be possible to add the ability to automatically add watermarks to each photo uploaded? That would be a great feature.

    • @Raverfoxx

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is not yet implemented. May be in another version.

  • Hi,
    After upgrading to Buddypress I can no longer open the galleries.
    I use WPMU 2.9.2.
    When clicking the Gallery on the Admin Bar I am redirected to the home page.
    I checked for duplicate Gallery pages. But this is not the issue.
    Please advise

    • @thatmatters
      Sorry for delayed response. I think you solved it as per forum post.

      If you upgrade, please make sure to move "gallery" folder to bp-default theme in order to not get this problem.


  • Hi, I would like to localise BP Gallery, is there any easy or future-proof way to do that? Could you port bp-gallery to use .mo files?

    • It is already translatable.
      Please see the forum topic for more details on how to do it.


      • Thanks!
        I have now another problem- after few 'usages' of plugin it stopped to work- it redirects to homepage See http://mojekaraiby.eu/members/optart/gallery/ for example (there is a landing page set up before official webpage start)

        • I installed in a meanwhile BP-Gallery Tiny MCE, but deactivating it doesnt resolne the problem

        • BP-gallery is not active on your site. It was deactivated by you/one of your plugins by mistake. Please enable bp-gallery again.

          You can still see the activity items are they are independent of gallery, but nothing will work until you reactivate bp-gallery.

          Hope that helps.

        • Now as you have activated gallery, please move the "gallery" template to your current theme too.(I guess you had recently upgraded Buddypress)

  • Brajesh,

    Any news on the next big release with all the new features? Thanks.

    • The Big release is a little late. I will update roadmap in 2-3 days and post back here but another short release(or stable for current) is coming in next few weeks after wp 3.0 gets stable(i.e. hope to coincide with wp 3.0.1).

  • ggg #

    Can you support XML-RPC Service for posting media to gallery via mobile wordpress apps on smartphones?

  • ram #

    hello brajesh,

    I posted earlier regarding my interest to take your premiuium membership. i’m interested in bp gallery plugin. I need your confirmation if this will work on my setup.

    my website uses WPMU 2.9.2 and Buddypress 1.2.3 with my own child theme that uses bp-default template.

    Please reply soon, I want to sign up ASAP if this works.

    • hi Ram
      Yes, It works. But you may have to edit the css a lot if your child theme is very different from bp-default.
      Also, there are some localization issues as reported by some of the users(some string are not localizable, I am still looking for the reports of non localizable strings). So, please keep that in mind.

      • ram #

        Theme is not very different, just a few widget areas and little bit of styling changes. i'm not sure of what is licalization problem, but assuming you will be able to fix that. hence i'm subscribing.

  • ram #

    hello brajesh,

    i have downloaded and installed the bp-gallery plugin. i'm still testing but everything else seems to be working fine except for videos.

    Large video files (more than 4-5 mb, are not uploading even after I have increased the max file size and max storage space per user).

    Also, when i click on a video in the gallery view, i can only hear sound, video is not displayed.

    • Hi Ram
      Bp Gallery has no restriction on Video size. One of our members is using it for videos more than 150 MB size(you may check the thread in forum to see it.

      The size limit has various factors, does your webhost allows upload more than 5 Mb. Is Max post size in php.ini set to be more than 5 MB ?
      Please check with your webhost for the maximum allowed upload size and maximum post data size allowed for php.

      • ram #

        hi Brajesh, that was the problem. i'm now able to load larger videos. Thanks. But other problem is still there.

        Video is not playing in flow player window when clicking on gallery videos. i can hear the sound of the video but don't see anything on screen.

        When i select edit option in gallery and click the video, it plays well. but most users would not want to go through this option for watching the video of others.

  • Brajesh,

    Do you have any testing versions I could play with on the WP 3.0 RC I have installed? Thanks.

  • ram #

    Video is not playing in flow player window when clicking on gallery videos. i can hear the sound of the video but don’t see anything on screen.

    When i select edit option in gallery and click the video, it plays well. but most users would not want to go through this option for watching the video of others.

    • hi Ram
      This should not happen.
      Do you see any javascript errors? which version of Gallery you are using, I mean rc4 update 2 or 3?

      Please note, flowplayer can not play avi files.

      • ram #

        hi Brajesh,

        I don't see any explicit errors. Let me know if I have to check in some log.

        I'm using rc4 update 2 with wpmu 2.9.2 and buddypress 1.2.3. And i'm trying to play mp4 files.

  • Because I can't test this gallery before I upgrade to premium, I do have one question. 🙂

    Does this gallery come with a widget that displays, let's say, latest 25 (less or more) photos uploaded by users?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I forgot what widgets it comes with, but either way, he has made a better way to customize what you show.. "template tags" I think he called them. He gives you the function code, and then you edit it depending on if you want random images, or all images from 1 user, etc and then you call the function in a php widget. works great for me. the subscription is well worth it. 🙂 I have my homepage showing random 20 thumbnail images, plus another section showing random 4 galleries. Its the best plugin there is on buddypress in my opinion. Will add so much more to your site… This and BP CHAT (when its finished) best two additions out there. Thanks alot Brajesh!

  • gwu #

    when is the stable version goin to come out?

    • When bp1.3 is out the same day gallery will become stable.

  • I got a blank screen after install. What's going on? I downloaded RC4 3 version. Please help…..

    • Please provide details of the wordpress/wpmu versiion. There should never be a blankk screen with gallery plugin even if the buddypress is deactivated.

      can you please post complete details in the forum

      • Sure. I follow the exact direction. I can let you have a look. As soon as I click activate, I get a blank page on admin and main site. I followed the directions as prescribed below:

        1.Move the parent folder bp-gallery with all sub folders to wp-content/plugins
        2.Login to wp-admin, activate bp-gallery sitewide.
        3. Move the folder "gallery" to bp-default theme
        4. Logout and login again(This is important, as wordpress does not stores cookie with sitepath, and we need it to upload using flash)
        5. Go check your profile playe with gallery
        6.Login to wp-admin check BuddyPress->Gallery settings for further customizations.

        Hope you will enjoy it 🙂

        I'm using WPMU 3.0 + Buddypress I do have the Album+ Plugin installed, so I'm not sure if that could be the problem. I've tried times after times. I also have the same issue with the Global forum Plugin. Please help.

        Thank you!!!!

        • @all
          just to confirm that the issue was a conflict with Kaltura media component.
          So, if anyone else find the same issue, please make sure to check you are not using kaltura media component with bp-gallery.

  • I'm running wpmu 3.0 with your latest gallery version (bp-gallery-rc4update3).

  • Any news on embedding Youtube (or others) Videos in the video gallery?

    I just upgraded and installed latest version of bp gallery. I am using WP3 with BP1.2.5 and noticed that this functionality was not available yet.

    This is a really important function for me.

    is there another plugin I could use in conjunction with bp gallery that would provide this?

  • Hi,

    Tested this great plugin and found some problem.

    The uploaded medias appear in the activity stream as expected but it seems only the media which appear first in the activity stream works. And if I clicked to play any of the other media that appear after the top media in the activity stream, only the top media will play.

    Hope you have some fix for this.

    When will this plugin go to stable?

    Also waiting for the Global Forum post to appear in the activity stream. Is that in the works?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi
      Thanks for the comment.
      Yes, the multiple instance of video/audio player in activity page is causing trouble.

      I will put a fix tomorrow. Bp-gallery will not be stable for buddypress 1.2.x series and will continue in RC as buddypress api is still not stable enough and I expect a few major changes in buddypress 1.3.

      I will be releasing bp-gallery as stable either the same day buddypress 1.3 comes out or within 1-2 days of that.

      For globla forum, I will be putting the stable version of it by Monday and that will allow to choose whetehr to post to activity or not.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just joined the premium club. I Uploaded the plugin and so far I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for a great plugin.

    My only problem is I can't upload pictures or any other media from the activity stream. When I click on the icons they all disappear. I'm running wordpress 3.0 and buddypress 1.2.4 on a buddypress daily theme



    • hi Ralph,
      Please provide a little more information about which version of gallery you are using. For wp 3.0, I will recommend to upgrade to bp and use bp-gallery-rc4-update 4.

      Please open a thread in the forum for more help.


  • Fresh install of WP3.0
    Fresh install of 'Active Directory Integration'
    Fresh auto install of buddypress
    Fresh install of bpforums
    Fresh upload and install of bp Gallery rc4 update

    Moved gallery dir to bp-themes/bp-default/

    mv gallery ../buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/

    Login to bp
    Click on profile
    Click on gallery
    Click on 'Create Gallery' button

    Outcome – Panel below the Gallery menu goes blank and a javascript error is thrown.

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; AskTB5.6)
    Timestamp: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 01:46:21 UTC

    Message: 'slice' is null or not an object
    Line: 1252
    Char: 1354
    Code: 0
    URI: http://xxxxx/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/global.js?ver=3.0

    FF goes into a never ending js error loop

    Error: o is undefined
    Source File: http://xxxxx/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/global.js?ver=3.0
    Line: 1252

    This is the same in FF3.0 and IE8

    The install directory is a subdirectory of a domain. Does this matter?


    • By default, permissions are wrong for upload.

      Chmod -R 777 on the gallery dir fixed this (not advised for a prod environment, just playing).

      The files and dirs are owned by the webserver too. After this chmod, upload was available.

      Still seeing the same error however tryingto create a gallery from profile

  • I haven't yet been able to successfully view videos after upload. I've tried .mov and .wmv. I've tried debug mode and in both cases the upload displays as successful, but when I try to view, I get 'stream not found error'.

    Using latest of all wordpress, bp, and bp-gallery.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

    • Hi
      Since we are using Flowplayer at the moment, It will not play any other file format other than "flv","mp4" and "h.264".

      That's why mov/wpv is not playing. In our major release forBuddypress 1.3, I am going to support FFMpeg based conversion, so if you can afford ffmpeg on your server, gallery will convert the file automatically for you. But it is in the future 🙂

      • Thanks Brajesh. I have a 'convert to .flv' tool and the outputs seem to be working great with Gallery. Not sure what formats to expect from my users but I thought .wmv and .mov would be pretty common. Glad to hear you are working on extending support in the future. Really like this plugin.

  • hello Brajesh

    sitewide gallery widget is not showing latest galleries. when i installed and added the widget it showed the latest gallery. but when I add new galleries, it does not update to show the latest one. can you tell what logic it uses to show the galleries and how i can configure it to show the latest galleries. Do I need to clear any cache file?

  • Hi,

    I uploaded this great plugin but when i click on the gallery http://dereiskrant.nl/members/admin/gallery/ the link redirects to the homepage. Can somebody help me?

    • Sorry, didn't read the installation guide…its solved.

      Nice plugin!

  • Hi Brajesh

    Did you check on sitewide gallery widget. I have now tried with rc4update4-r83, still my widget is not showing latest gallery. I have configured it to show only 1 gallery. It continues to show the same gallery even if I add new galleries in profile or groups.


  • hello Brajesh,

    further update on my issue –

    i modified inc/class-bp-gallery-gallery.php and replaced g.sort_order by g.id in the line just after following lines:

    case "sort_order":

    It worked for me. Now sitewide-galleries and pretty gallery widgets are showing latest gallery. I am not sure what I did was correct way to do this or not. Please check and let me know if you would do it differently.


  • Hello there! Just bought a premium subscription and installed the bp gallery. But I have a problem, the text that says "Viewing gallery 1 to 2" is overlapping the picture above. It is wrapped in a with a clear class, but this does not seem to work…any ideas?

    • Hi Thanks for the membership.
      I am sorry for delayed response.

      Please make sure to have a class "clear" in your css and something like this.


      We need to clear the float.

      • Hello Brajesh,

        That's actually my point, I have the css class, but the float still isn't clearing…I think the best would be for you to insert a div with a clear both style in the original file, and not a br.


        • Hi Paul, Will do that in next update. I too believe using br with clear is not a good idea.

  • Hey Brajesh, I get this:

    Fatal error: Class 'BP_Friends_Friendship' not found in /home/collabbo/science3point0.com/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/inc/business-functions-gallery.php on line 627

  • hello Brajesh

    My mp4 video is still not working. I have upgraded to rc4update4-r83. It plays flv videos well without any problem. but in case of mp4 files, only sound works fine, video does not show-up. It shows blank white screen in the flowplayer.

    I have tested on two setups – wordpress 2.9.2 with buddypress 2.3 and wordpress 3.0.1 with buddypress 2.5.2.

    Do I need any specific libraries or configuration settings on my server for it to work?


    • Hi Ram,
      This problem can come if the mp4 video was not encoded as h.264 . Can you please confirm the encoding of video as h.264 ?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I know you are busy with the chat plugin, which I'm looking forward to, but when do you think the CDN feature of this plugin might be implemented? Thanks.

    • Hi,
      Hopefully CDN feature is coming and most probably this month itself.

      • Brajesh,


        Just checking in to get a REALISTIC update on where you are with updating the BP Gallery plugin as well as the Activity Widget… I know you are working on multiple plugin fronts right now… I'm just trying to judge my time in being able to implement them fully from a test site to our live site… Thank you!

        • Hi Joseph,
          The gallery updates is a month delayed now. If you are planning for a live site, please have an assumption that you can implement it in on yoursite in the last week of october.

          The Sitewide activity widget was updated and needs some slight change, I will be publishing an update by Wednesday for Sitewide activity widget.

          PS:- from 6th October, you can check the progress status directly on the bp-gallery page and can check the code updates each by an interval of each 2 days after 12th of October.

  • Polite Bump… SEE Above please. Thanks!

  • Hi, I just downloaded the Bp-gallery Rc4 and activated it, but its not showing in buddy-press user profile. What do I need to do?

    • Hi there,
      Please move the "gallery" directory to your current theme and the gallery will show up in the profile.

  • Great plugin!

    I followed all the direction that you gave me, by move the “gallery” directory to your current theme, I can see the gallery in members profile but when i try to up load an image, video or audio it's not working. I see the save gallery but it's not clicking, I can't even find a spot to upload anything.

  • Great plugin!

    I followed all the direction that you gave me, by move the “gallery” directory to your current theme, I can see the gallery in members profile but when i try to up load an image, video or audio it's not working. I see the save gallery but it's not clicking, I can't even find a spot to upload anything. the following is a link on who it looks like http://awesomescreenshot.com/09e225x1d

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the comment.
      just checked the screenshot.
      It seems your theme has javascriptr css conflict.

      I tried to create an account at your site to resolve the issue.
      The button seems disabled as your css has defined border for input type.

      try, putting gallery title/description and click save(It should allow you to click, you will need to change css to make it look like button though, as I see same thing on your register page in Firefox)

      Once the gallery is created, you will be redirected to gallery page to upload for first time. later you can upload from gallery listing page/edit gallery page or single gallery page.

      PS:- Please check and do activate my account(cosmiccoders.com email) if the above method does not work, I will check and see if there is some javascript conflict possible.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I tried what you told me but it's not working.
    Could you e-mail me: slimxslim@yahoo.com if you find out what's wrong with it.

  • were you able to upload images, videos or audio when you created an account on my site?

    • HI,
      If you can activate my account with the email test at cosmiccoders.com, I will be able to test. I could not test there because did not get a registration confirmation email.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    You shouldn't be able to active your account by e-mail, once you created the account, you should try to log in with your username and password. If your information does not work please try to create a new account.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just updated to the latest version of bp-gallery-rc4update4-r83 from bp-gallery-rc4update2 and when I click on an image it redirects to my homepage. I've moved the gallery folder to the /wp-content/themes/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default folder (replacing the gallery folder and still I get redirected.

    Can you help please.


    • Fixed this problem. I didn't put the gallery folder in my current theme.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    You shouldn’t be able to active your account by e-mail, once you created the account, you should try to log in with your username and password. If your information does not work please try to create a new account.

    Thank you!

  • I need assistance with a layout issue. I updated to the latest version of bp-gallery and after I got it working correctly it presented another issue. I'm currently using a 3 column layout for my site and when I select gallery the layout switched to a 2 column layout just for the Gallery. Is there a way of changing the css to fit my 3 column layout?

    Thank you


  • Hi,

    how can I completely hide the "Group-Gallery" tab for non-group memebers!?
    I just want to have it non visible for them…


  • Hi,

    I would like to know why I am not able to create a gallery for videos, audio and images. I don't understand why I am not getting a respond to my comment.
    The Last comment that I posted was deleted.

    Could someone help, because I have been very patient.

    I like the plugin that's why I bought it, but at the moment it not working for me and I am not getting any help.

    Thank you.

    • I'm not sure if this is why, but did you go into SuperAdmin->options-> and make sure the checkboxes are checked for 'photos, video, music'?

      and then go into Buddypress->Gallery-> and make sure they are checked there too?

  • they are all select checked, its still not working

  • I need to change the main navigation link title from GALLERY to MEDIA. Where exactly do I do that?

    Of course I'd love to have the slug and all other stuff also point to media and not gallery but I can see this being a bit an extensive wish 🙂

  • I noticed that the gallery does not suport .mov video files. being as this is the standard for the iphone, is this going to be supported soon?

  • I'm not sure if my last comment was posted on this form. I'm looking to see if you are going to support .mov files in the video section?

  • Is it possible to embed photo from gallery into blog post?
    Or even better, to have some interface to choose what pic to embed in my blog post from my gallery?


    • Hi Nagh,
      yes, You can use the shortcodes to embed galleries, photos/videos etc to the post. I am uopdating one of the TinyMce addon to allow it from the wp visual editor.

  • Hi , I installed my BP gallery but it doesn t play any of m4a I upload…..somebody can told me why and what I can do to fix that. pls

    • Hi Alessandra,
      As far as I checked, the mp4a does not seem to be h.264 encoded. We need the video to be h.264 encoded to play it.

  • A view counter would be awesome please 🙂