Introducing BP Testimonials

BP Testimonials is a plugin which allows your users to leave recommendations/testiomonial for other  users on your BuddyPress based social network.


  • Allow users recommending other users
  • Can be used as in Linked In recommendation feature or orkut testimonial feature(Or may be as review)

This plugin uses custom post types in optimized way and will be easy on databases.


User Testimonials

Writing Testimonial

After writing Testimonial

Pending Testimonial

Local Notification:

and the mail notification settings for testimonials

I hope the screenshots are enough to convey the working and the features.

Please note this is a premium plugin so you will need to have BuddyDev premium membership to download it.

Download Link:


Looking forward to hear your thoughts on it.

78 Responses to Introducing BP Testimonials

  • Just tried this working great and love it!!!

    Can we get an achievement hook-in and I was thinking that maybe a button on the user profile page you are viewing "Write Testimonial" where the private message, mention, buttons are? What do you think?

    Thanks @sbrajesh this rocks!!

  • Ok one little glitch I noticed, I wrote a testimonial for a member, then he approved it and wrote one for me.

    I got 2 notifications, one that he "approved my testimonial" and another for a testimonial being written about me.

    When I clicked the "approved your testimonial" notification, it took me to it but also cleared the notification about the one written about me.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Sorry, one more thing! Noticed it didn't send any emails out. Can you add that? It's a good way to alert the members right away and also a reminder incase they clear their notifications 😉

    • Hi Jeremy,
      sorry for getting back late.
      Indeed the code I tested for the settings(whether user allowed or not is not what it should be). Currently It needs the user to save the settings(mail notifications) at least once. I will put an update(It's one line fix) today.


  • great plugin…one thing though I am having problems with the page layout.

    the sidebar covers the testimonial write box.
    any ideas how i can fix this?

    what page should i change?
    could not find a page that included the sidebar in testimonial folder

    • Hi LaurieM,
      The testimonials plugin includes a template folder("testimonials"). Move it to your theme and customize the post form as you want.

      PS: The image you linked is not available on your site.

  • Brajesh,

    This is great. There is a bug though. I have several members, some of which provide me an opportunity to write a testimonial and others don't. I can't figure out what the difference is. You have my credentials.

    Look at Karen, Max, and Bailey, Christy… it's not possible for theirs, but it is for Hannah, and ckott.

    • Hi Quint,
      Thank you for the comment.
      currently only friends are allowed to write testimonials. If you want to allow all the logged in users to leave testimonialas, please do let me know on the forum. It will be as simple as hooking to a filter.

  • dear brajesh, I've found a bug in the code in line 291 of template-tags.php in core folder the check of friends_check_friendship() doesn't work if the users can't make friend this happen when friends connection module is not enable on buddy press.

    For now I don't need to develop by myself the check for the activation of the module i've just removed the check friendship function.

    But will be better to change that part for future release 🙂

    • Thanks Piermaria,
      Appreciate that. A glitch on my part. Will fix it in next updated 🙂

  • hello,

    i cannot integrate testimonials into the bp-mag theme… i can see the testimonial links in the profile and adminbar but when i click on "write a testimonial" the site isnt found…

    copying the testimonials folder into bp-mag didnt help me

    thanks for your feedback

    • Hi Nelly,
      BP Mag has a very different approach to templating and that might be causing this issue. Please wait till this weekend, we will release an upgrade to Bp Mag and include support for testimonial.

  • Hello Brajesh,

    I had posted BP Testimonial topic, maybe about one month ago, about an error that took down my site caused by two plugins, one of which was yours–BP Testimonials. This occurred when I moved to Buddypress 1.5.3 and WP 3.3.1 No response was ever provided. Has the error been addressed? My hosting provider had to remove it from my plugins folder to bring my site back up. I really like your plugin and would like to use it but I won't try to install it until you give me the nod. Thanks!

    • Hi Quint,
      I am sorry I might have missed that. Can you please bump the topic in the forum or point me.

      • Hello Brajesh,

        Here's the error:

        2012/01/11 02:00:35 [error] 2348#0: *70180 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_is_current_component() in /home/thedancersportfolio/websites/thedancersportfolio.com/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/bp-user-testimonial/bp-testimonials.php on line 52" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: thedancersportfolio.com, request: "GET /wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fthedancersportfolio.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1 HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/home/thedancersportfolio/.fpm:", host: "thedancersportfolio.com"

        • Hi Quint,
          It seems that BP was not loaded for some reason(I don't understand why, the calls are made fairly late after loading of BuddyPress). In which page did you get that error ? (on some admin page ?)

        • I don't know. I had upgraded to WP 3.3.1 and all worked fine. Then I tried to upgrade to Buddypress 1.5.3 and the activation did not complete. I deleted the plugin, then re-uploaded on the host and then tried to access from Admin. I couldn't get to it.

          My hosting provider was able to load and activate 1.5.3 after getting rid of yours and another plugin. That's all I know.

        • Thank you Quint.
          That was because BuddyPress got deactivated in the process of upgrade. You can safely enable this plugin and it will work.

        • Thanks, Brajesh! It worked!

          Now, if you guys could deliver that "Tab Consolidation" feature I most kindly requested in an earlier post, we'd all be able to add more and more of your plugins!! 😉

  • I just got a second testimonial written about me from a member and on my "My Testimonials" tab is only shows one (the latest), it's not showing the previous one that was there before…

    Any ideas?

    • I removed the testimonials templates from my themes folder and they both showed up… fixed now.

      • Hi Jeremy,
        Please do not move testimonials template. It is not required. You have done it right by removing it from the theme.


        • @reboot

          Moving the testimonial template files to my theme's directory caused only one testimonial to display for me too. I had 4 testimonials written so expected 4 testimonials to show up.

          @Brajesh – this could be a possible bug.

          Note: Deleting the testimonial template files from my theme's directory and using the testimonial template files located in the plugin folder resolved the issue. i now have all 4 testimonials displaying.

          Just to add – the testimonial files I had in my theme's directory were unmodified.

  • Brajesh,

    It just occurred to me that testimonials come in at least two forms: text, and video. Could you modify your plugin to include video as well?

    • @Brajesh,

      Any thoughts on this suggestion? Plus, have you received my email?


      • Hi Quint,
        Thank you for the comment. At the moment I am unable to put the video testimonials. Hope you will understand.


  • This should be a free plugin, what with all the bugs. If it is a free plugin, then more will be able to help and develop the issue faster.

  • gwu #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Is if possible to add few more text fields to the testimonials?


  • gwu #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Is it possible to add few more text fields to the testimonials?


  • gwu #


    any update on the above question?

    • Hi Gwu,
      sorry for the delayed reply.

      The testimonials are WordPress custom posts. So, It is feasible to add new fields and use wp custom post fields to store them.

  • @Brajesh

    Fantastic to see a plugin for testimonials. The first credible BP plugin to offer this functionality.


  • Hi @Brajesh

    Very nice plugin. Just installed and it seems to be working good for me. I have a quick question though – do you have to be friends with someone in order to write a testimonial? i'd like to let non-friends write testimonials to each other.

    • Hi Henry,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Yes, It needs you to befriends with the user to write testimonial. If you want everyone to write testimonials(not required to be friends), here is a way to do that.

      • Thanks for the filter @Brajesh, although there is still a slight problem for me.

        I am using Andy Peatling's BuddyPress Followers plugin instead of the Friends component.

        I get a 500 server error when I disable the Friends component. Does the plugin require the Friends component to be active?

        • I modified the conditional on line 291 in template.tags.php to


          This stops the server from throwing an error. Is this OK or do you recommend an alternative approach?

        • Hi Henry,
          That is correct. That is the only place where we check friendship relationship.

  • Thanks Brajesh!

    On a slightly different note – since i installed the plugin, the total number of testimonials left to date is appearing next to 'Comments' in WordPress admin. When I go to my comments they are empty. Wouldn't it be better to have testimonials saved as a Custom Post Type instead of having anything to do with comments?

    • Hi Henry,
      In fact the testimonials are saved as custom comment type.
      I am not using custom post type for individual testimonials to save the post table from growing too large.

      Btw, Neither the comments nor the testimonials should be empty. I have left the testimonials visible to allow you moderate them. Can you please tell me your bp/wp version and provide a screenshot(may be in the forum?).


  • great plugin, worked like a charm, plug and play. Worth the premium plugin price.

    I tried to use another premium reviews/testimonials BP-Reviews which had a LOT of bugs, errors, so BP User testimonials was a relief as this feature is important to my community.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Brajesh. I'm having some issues with this plugin. I get WordPress database errors that appear at the top of my page when first visiting a user's testimonial page, but vanishes after a refresh. Here's an example:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE field_id = 1 AND user_id = 4' at line 1]
    SELECT value FROM WHERE field_id = 1 AND user_id = 4
    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE id = 1' at line 1]
    SELECT * FROM WHERE id = 1
    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE id = 1' at line 1]
    SELECT id FROM WHERE id = 1

    I left a comment on another plugin of yours and never got a response. I don't know if you accidently missed it or not. To restate, I was wondering if you have a planned date on when you're going to update your plugins for BuddyPress 1.6 support as well as PHP 5.4.x. It's a little frustrating trying to use some of your work, only to find out compatibility is not there. I'm not sure if you're aware of some of these issues or if you're relying on us to report any findings to you to fix them, but I just want to be more informed of any coming releases so I don't expect anything that's not planned and can let you know if something is not working. If I recall correctly, when BuddyPress 1.5 was released, you posted a big update for all of your plugins. Will you be doing something similar soon? Thanks.

    • Hi Gabriel,
      I am sorry I could not reply in time and appreciate your comment/patience. Thank you for your mail yesterday.

      I just looked into comments, and approved it.

      1. The sql error is not caused by BP User testimonials plugin, the query is related to fetching data from xprofile which we don't have anything to do with the xprofile.
      2. Please download version 1,0,2 and it is compatible with BuddyPress 1.6+(testd with BuddyPress 1.6.1)

      Please let me know if that helps or not.

      We are almost there to complete the updates of all plugins(have already updated more than 60% of the plugins).

      • Hey, Brajesh.

        It seems to be fine functionally now, but I'm still receiving these errors when I view a user's testimonial page for the first time. To clarify, is this just an issue with BuddyPress and I should report it to the core team or is it something related to my setup? By any chance, did you happen to see this happening when you tested it and it's just out of your reach to address, or is it just me? I don't have any themes or third party plugins installed. I'm not really sure how to go about this. It's pretty weird in that it goes away completely after the first view. Thank you for the prompt fix for BuddyPress 1.6.1 support and any insight.

  • Hi @quint. Thanks a lot for chiming in. I've tried the plugin in 2 environments (locally and a shared hosting account) and the problem persists. Hopefully other users will let me know how it's working on their end, so I can confirm this is an issue with my setups.

    • Thank you @quint.

      Hi Gabriel,
      I tried it on another install and It is working fine for me. As far as I can say, this is not a problem with the bp-testimonials or BuddyPress itself.

      It seems to be specific to your installation.
      Are you using any plugin which fetches and shows the profile fields or something like that ?

  • Could this Plugin be used as a kind of user-guestbook? Sorry for asking this but i don't understand the word "Testmonial" and the Online-Translators didn't helped me.

    • HI DarkLevi,
      That will be the perfect use case for this plugin. You can use the the translator(poedit or something like that) to translate the text and It will be good enough for guest book.
      Hope that helps.


      • Hi anusharma, have much thanks for youre answer.
        So i will give it a try.
        Thank you =)

  • is the plugin updated for bp 1.8

    • Hi Malik,
      Yes, this plugin is tested with WordPress 1.8 and It works well.

  • Hi Braesh I have a comment awaiting moderation regarding a question about this plugin…. I sit possible to "call" all testimonials in another page for a bp displayed user?

  • gwu #

    @brajesh – can we add activity when the user accepts the testimonial? Something similar to what is done in bp_friends_friendship_accepted_activity() method in bp_friends_acitivity.php when friendship is accepted?

    Also, a notification (not email) to the person who writes it.

    • Hi Gwu,
      That is a nice suggestion and I will be happy to add it as a feature. Can you please wait for 5-6 days. I am about to relaunch BuddyDev site on Sunday and need a few days before implementing it.

  • Hi @brajesh, I want to change the Testimonials aproving way. I want Admin to aprove all the user testimonials. Is that possible?

    • Hi,
      yes, It can be easily done. there is a filte 'testimonial_can_approve' that controls who can approve comment. So, by writing 2 lines of code in bp-custom.php we can make only admin can approve it.

      • Hi thx for the answer. Maybe do you have already an example. that will be awesome!

  • Hi @brajesh, please can you help me with an example of the code I need for the ‘testimonial_can_approve’ filter. I have no clue which 2 lines of code I have to write. I hope this is no big deal for you.

  • i know the plugin's name is "BP User Testimonials",
    but what about groups ?

    does it support BP groups as well ?

    if not are there any plans to include groups ?

    kind regards,


    • Hi RC,
      My apologies for not replying earlier. No, It does not support groups at the moment. There is an already existing plugin BP Group Reviews by Boone that works great for the groups. That's why I haven't included that functionality.

      Hope that helps.

      • By usering the BP Group Reviews, will the activity from those that write be showed in profil`s activity ? or it only keeped in the group story?

  • Hi
    I havring a problem to understanding this part because of my bad rending skill in eng.. What is it for or good for?

    Extending BuddyPress User Testimonials.
    or link:

    • Hi,
      The purpose of that code is to show that the permissions can be customized for the approval/deletion of the testimonial. In that perticualr case, we are only allowing Admins to approve the testimonial.

      hope that helps.

    • By usering the BP Group Reviews, will the activity from those that write be showed in profil`s activity ? or it only keeped in the group story?

  • aaaa…

    so their is two extra codes that we can put in…


    get_current_user_id and bp_displayed_user_id()

    Have I understand it right ? 🙂

  • It doesn´t work, tested in two different enviroments and it just doesn´t worked and tried to make it work for a few time. Support is chaotic and slow. I thought I can use this plugin to cutomize a new one according to my needs, but is much better to it again from the begining

    • Hi Diegonofx,
      i am sorry I have disappointed you. In case you still need help, please get in touch by the contact form and I will try to make the changes on your server to see what we can do.


      • Hi Brajesh,

        I sent you last weekend the information about my server and access to it through the contact form, just like you asked me. So far I have no answer from you. I will close the account I made for you due there´s no answer.

  • BJ #


    Is it possible for visitors to post an testimonial?
    If so, is there an capta in the form?

    I am looking for this functionality which this plugin has:

    But then with your layout etc..


    • Hi BJ,
      Thank you for asking. No, The plugin will not allow non logged in users to post reviews. Only logged in users can post, so I did not ad captcha, if you want t add that for logged in user, It is feasible.

  • Sid #

    hi sir .
    i am having issue in creating testimonials . First thing is that i am not able to see post button. Seconds this in css
    #new-testimonial-options {
    overflow: auto;
    height: 0px;
    height is 0 when i change height it shows post button now after posting testimonial i cant see and pending testimonial on that user profile..
    i am using Cinematix theme and bp-user-testimonial plugin…

    • Hi Sid,
      I am sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please post in our forums and provide more details like WordPress/BuddyPress version.

      One of us will help you quickly there.

      Thank you

  • hi sir i am using bp-user-testimonial plugin but i am not able to write comment on my friends wall here is screen shot of my friend wall http://screencast.com/t/GnknAUaRuLn
    if you see at that screenshot will will see no post button user testimonials textarea …thanks in advance..

    • Hi Saad,
      My apologies for the inconvenience.
      Looking at the screenshot it seems like a css conflict with the theme.
      Can you please open a topic in our forum and link to the site. Please do provide a test account via contact form and we will hep you in getting it fixed quickly.

      Thank you