Introducing BuddyPress Featured Members Plugin

BuddyPress featured Members plugin helps the site admins create/display list of featured members in various ways.


  • Allows Site admin to mark a user as featured/remove from the list of featured members
  • Featured Members can be displayed using Widget
  • Featured members can be displayed using the shortcode
  • Featured Members will be listed in the members directory (using new tab )
  • Featured members can be displayed as list or slider or as the theme default
  • Well defined API to mark user featured/remove from the list of featured members

We built this plugin for the sites using Community Builder, The next generation BuddyPress social theme.  It works beautifully with Community Builder and almost any other theme.


For more details of the plugin, API and usage, please see the plugin page.

Plugin Link:-


This plugin is freely available, enjoy!

6 Responses to Introducing BuddyPress Featured Members Plugin

  • Hey!
    Thanks for providing so many awesome plugins 🙂
    Is it possible, that you include the "Featured" option as a profile field? This would allow us to 1. highlight in a users profile, that he is a featured member, with some nice decorations by checking his bp_meta 2. use the upcoming BP Profile Search Feature, which gives the opportunity to order the member search results by a profile field, so we can show featured members first in the search results.

    Let me know, what you think about it!

    • Hi Rufrage,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The featured option is used as a meta key instead of profile field. I will explain why after your questions.

      1. meta key be always available if you load a user via any user query(profile fields are not, and are way more database straining), so you can easily highlight the profile without doing any extra query. Please see the plugin page API section for checking the state.

      2. You can filter the bp_after_has_members_parse_args or the bp profile search query and specify the meta_key parameter for search. meta_key search is natively supported by WordPress/BuddyPress( WP_User_Query, bp_has_members, BP_User_Query).

      The reason we used meta_key instead of profile fields is due to performance as well as better integration with WordPress( And it can be made independent of BuddyPress in future if needed).
      Hope that helps.


  • I quite liked this plugin. It's a great addition and really easy to customize with the detailed API. Hoping for a .pot file for general translations in future 🙂

    • Hi Jonas,
      Thank you. I am glad you liked the plugin.

      the languages files are included with the plugin. You may translate it using WordPress.org translation service or locally. if you do, please do share with us.

      Thank you

  • no longer works

    • Hi David,
      the plugin is tested to work with BuddyPress 2.8.2 and WordPress 4.8
      It is most probably a conflict with your theme or something else. Please post in our support forums with more details and we will help you.

      Thank you