Introducing BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin: Create Multiple separate Social networks on a single BuddyPress Install

Have you ever wanted to create multiple social networks on a single install of BuddyPress. If yes, this plugin is for you.  You can turn your WordPress Multisite/BuddyPress Install to multiple separate social networks using this plugin just like Ning. BuddyPress Multi Network plugin enables you to create separate social networks on a single BuddyPress Installation.


  • It allows you to create Separate social networks on a single BuddyPress Install
  • It separates the User base of one network from another(Each network can have different user base)
  • A user can be part of  more than one network
  • All networks can have their own user base, activities, groups, Profile data(xprofile fields) which can be different from other


  • WordPress Multisite 3.3+(should work with 3.1+ but I haven't tested with that)
  • BuddyPress 1.5+
  • BuddyPress Multiblog Enabled( BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG defined true)
  • BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin Network activated.

I am calling it BuddyPress Multi Network(Though I thought about calling it bp multisite but that seemed a lot confusing, suggestions for new names are more than welcome :)).

BuddyPress Multi Network will enable you to create Multiple BuddyPress based social networks on a single Install of BuddyPress. It filters on various BuddyPress actions/filters and guides buddypress to treat each of the blog as separate network(Kudos to the BuddyPress core team for allowing filterabale meta keys/table prefixes 🙂 ).

Basically, when you create a new network, All the BuddyPress tables are created for that network.  It helps to separate the data of one network from the other network.

This plugin in addition creates a table which tracks the users associated with various networks. Since we track the user for each networks, It allows us to filter the member directory/activity directory etc to show only the members associated with current site.

In the current version of the plugin, It does not filter users on your main site. Though, if you want you can enable that by commenting a few line in the plugin.  A user is considered to be associated with a network if he/she is added to the blog by any means or registers on that particular blog. I am going to put another plugin(widget) tomorrow to allow you to help your users join the sub  networks.

If you have an existing BuddyPress/WordPress multisite install and want to use this feature, please read the instructions here.

Download & Installation:-

Link: https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddypress-multi-network/

Github: https://github.com/sbrajesh/buddypress-multi-network

This is a free plugin. Please feel free to use it for your personal/commercial projects. If you like our plugins, please consider one of our membership to support us. Your support will help us keep building themes/plugins.This is a free plugin. Please feel free to use it on your personal/commercial projects. If you like our plugin, please consider one of our membership to support us. Your support will help us to keep building themes/plugins.

If you have an existing BuddyPress Based Social network and want to Run multiple Social network on this site. Please read here before updating.


Though this plugin allows separation of users from one network to other network, there remains a few questions unanswered?

  • What if a User deletes account on one of the network ? should he be removed from all the networks? what happens to his data on other networks ?
  • What if a user is marked spam on a network, what should we do with his/her data?

Ok, In both these cases, we can delete all the data but I have not done that yet. I am looking forward to your suggestions before going into that direction.

197 Responses to Introducing BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin: Create Multiple separate Social networks on a single BuddyPress Install

  • Absolutely spectacular!
    Once bp 1.6 goes stable with the new bbPress 2.1, I am definitely going to jump back onto the bp bandwagon. This is functionality we've been waiting to have for a very long time and I am so happy to see that it's built by you as your code is always amazing.

  • Very cool Brajesh! Will be testing it this weekend 🙂
    Thank you.

  • Very cool Brajesh! You finally did it!!! I recall posting a request for a plugin like this a year or so ago in your forums. Will be testing it this weekend 🙂
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mercime,
      Thank you.
      yes I remember you had even mailed me at that time. Thank you for all your suggestions. I am looking forward to your tests and further suggestion 🙂

  • Thank you for your work Brajesh! I am trying to help a local nonprofit develop a couple of networks using buddypress. There are lots of reasons why their members might want to be part of both networks. One deal with energy use and the other with rural health. We are installing a buddypress multi install and have been confused about how to make it easier for members to part of both. Each group has different profile information.

    Even though you said this plugin will do it, I am a little unsure… Can a registered member join our multisite network with one account login, then join each network and complete separate and customized user profiles? In other words, a site-wide member only needs to login once, then switch between the networks they are a part of? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi BJ,
      Thank you for the comment and the details. This plugin is best suited for your situation. Yes, a member with single login can have different profiles on the sub network(with different data in the profile)

      For the other part: Can a member join more than one network. Yes, and here is a plugin I just released to help for the purpose


      Hope that helps.

      • Oh my! There are internet angels and you are one. 🙂 Thank you Brajesh.

  • How would this behave with a template cloning plugin?

    • Hi Dustin,
      I am sorry but I don't understand the question. This plugin should not cause any problem with any other plugin.

  • Wow Brajesh! Amazing!

    On how to handle deletion of members – if a sub-blog administrator or the user delete in that blog, it should be deleted from that blog only if the user is a member of the main or other sub-blogs. If the user is not a member in any other sub-blogs or main blog, then the user should be removed altogether.

    Not sure if it is possible to run some sort check in the db before the user is finally removed altogether.

  • This is an awesome plugin. I had to make a mindmap to understand the multiple concepts of WordPress Multi Site, WordPress Multi Network and Buddy Press Multi Network. I have my head around it now.

    Question: My take is a little bit different from Ron’s and my goals are a little bit different too.
    Can you explain a little more about your goals being different? I have both yours and Ron's (with Word Press Multi Network) up and running but I cannot see much of a difference between the two.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Eric,
      thank you for the comment.

      The explanation was regarding the way this plugin works. It filters the members on a sub network as well as the code under the hood is implemented in different way. My plugin should be able to allow you filter users on sub network.

  • Ben #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Thank you for this plugin… Exactly what I'm looking for to separate Members across different sites in the Network.

    Not sure if you can help — but I'm getting all Members showing up in the sub-network , even though they're not members of that sub-network. You mentioned something about filtering Members(?) so if I'm on sub.domain.com I just see those Members; but if I'm on domain.com I see all Members — is that possible?

    I'm using WP 3.31, BP 1.5.5, WP Multi Network 1.1 & your BP Multi Network 1.0 — set up as a Multi-Network with separate installations of BP as per your instructions…

    Many thanks for your help,

    • Hi Ben,
      Sorry for my delayed reply. I haven't tested it with WP Multi network plugin. So, I am not sure of the reason. Please make sure you have activated it network wide. It should work.

  • Hey Brajesh,
    Hello man!!! That's a cool plug in there bud!!! I've tested and found few problems with the plug in though!!! Hope u'll get rid of them next time!!! 🙂
    Could you code it in a way that exports existing members to the newly created tables??? Next thing is that it conflicts with the plug-in=Group Hierarchy and doesnt display groups for it!!! Hope it should be him that makes changes with the plug in!!! It changed the CSS of my themes and minimized the whole site and its font size to an extent!!! Besides these i always wanted to know if this this is possible!!??!
    I use the Cubepoints BP integration!!! Can we pull content of only those members that are registered in our site(Networkwide points) or does it create tables separately too??? I wish it doesnt create separate tables for Cubepoints integration!!!
    Hope my feedback helps this plugin reach a great success in the future!!!
    Thank You Brajesh and wish to hear from you again!!

  • BTW it should've been named BP Multisite instead!!! Cos this doesnt need WordPress' Multinetwork or networks+ features installed!!! It treats every sub site as a separate entity(Creates new BP database for every subsite)!! Whole new thing that the entire Multisite users with BP are craving for!!!

    • Hi Vinay,
      Thank you for the valuable suggestions and my apologies for delayed reply.

      1. regarding the multiple tables:- I am hoping to put an update with BP 1.6 which will allow us to use some of the tables as globals and some of the tables specific to each network.

      2. Thank you for suggestion the name, It seemed a little bit confusing in the beginning to me, but now, It will be difficult to change. I still appreciate it.

      About exporting users, very good suggestion and I am implementing it in next update(to allow admins to do that) 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply!
        So,have you considered the BP groups hierarchy issue?? I'd still love to have the hierarchy on my site as there would be thousands of groups created which shouldn't confuse users and maintaining hierarchies makes some sense for users. Hope u'll also look into that!!!

        • Hi Vinay,
          Thank you for the comment. I don't think it is a Multi Network problem. It seems to be a problem with the hierarchy plugin. Please ask the developer about it and they should be able to help you better.

  • I have an WP-MU/bp already existing setup.. I want to use the BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware plugin, but it will take the groups component.. but I want to keep my "groups component" for other uses.. what I need here is multiple groups components..is their any other solution for this case other than creating a multi buddypress setup?

    thanks for the help

    • Hi kumosal,
      the other way will be to copy the bp-groups component and selectively rename Groups to your preferred name(including tables) in php. You may use an IDE to do it easily. That way, you will get a new component, that works like group.

      • thank you so much for that solution but can you explain what do you mean by (including tables)? do you mean database tables?

  • Brajesh ,

    The plugin is a brilliant work and I like using it to make the Multisite installations into Multi Network.It is more advantageous and useful if we want our users to create a Network enabling them-selves to offer subsites.

    I think there it will be convenient if we also have a plugin which could create BuddyPress enabled subsite and on sub-network. For Example, Mike's plugin mentioned here let's us to install BuddyPress on a subsite without the need of WP-Network plugin. It means that we can make the make multiple buddyPress installations on a single Network.

    There is an another advantage using the BuddyPress-Multisite environment. If we have a Multisite M.com . We install Dean's network plugin or johnjamesjacoby's Network plugin. We create the networks X.My.com , Y.My.com , Z.My.com , U.My.com. We can turn Y.My.com , Z.My.com sub-networks into buddyPress-sub-networks using your plugin. Your great plugin enable us to create Social Network of Social Networks which we can make our WordPress site more advanced than Ning any other Hosted platform in the present market. Now there is some thing more we can achieve if you create a Multi-BP-Site plugin in addition to this Multi-BuddyPress-Network

    Now we install Mike’s plugin on Z.M.com which is already a BuddyPress-Sub-Network. So sub-sites can be created with in the sub-network with BuddyPress functionality on each site. For example Z.My.com is a Social Network itself and child-social networks can be created like 1.z.my.com,2.z.my.com and 3.z.my.com etc. So the owner of Sub-Network can authorise the users to create child-social-networks automatically and admin need not activate Buddypress-Network plugin manually on each sub-site.

    Also enabling several sub-networks instead of just sub-sites is not good and could cause server load. So instead of creating 10 child-networks with buddypress, we can create 10 child-sites with buddypress on one child network in addtion to normal Main buddypress

    Mike’s plugin is not supporting WP 3,3 and newer buddypress versions. Can you please develop such functionality which we could enable buddypress on sub-site itself than child network?

    Hope you understand my lengthy message

    Thank you !

    • Can you tell me if there are any updates about my request

      • HI Anil,
        thank you for the comments.
        I haven't looked into the Mike's plugin yet. I am not sure if this plugin will allow you to create sub networks on sub network but I will try this weekend and let you know my findings.


        • >I am not sure if this plugin will allow you to create sub networks on sub WP-networks

          I have tried already and it was successful. But as of now the plugin is not at all working with newer WP versions. It would be a great help if your plugin fulfills that

          Used in this format –
          Multisite Install –> Dean's Network plugin –> Your Multi-BP network plugin–> Mike's Multi site plugin.


        • How are you Brajesh? Just curious to know the status of update.

        • Thank you Anil.
          BP 1.6 beta 2 is out. I am planning to release an update when the RC comes(hopefully next week :))

        • Thank you Brajesh

        • Hello Brajesh !

          I am curious to know the status of feature request.

          Thanks !

      • H Anil,
        Thank you for asking. I will be putting an update early next week(Mon/tues day).

        • Oh ! Glad to know that Brajesh. Will wait for the update

        • Hey Brajesh Were you able to accomplish this?

      • Brajesh,

        Could you tell me if there is any update about Multisite. (Feature request: A functionality which could create BuddyPress enabled subsite and on sub-network.

        • Hi Anil,
          We are testing jjj's Wp Multi Network plugin today and will update you again after we complete the tests today 🙂

        • Thank you!

        • Hello Brajesh,

          I would like to know if it(Ability of Multiple networks on sub-sites within sub-networks) is implemented.


        • Hi!

          Can you tell me if the functionality is ready with the latest version?

      • Hello Brajesh

        It is David Dean who is behind the master Idea of Multi Network and he created the plugin Networks for WordPress much before JJJ's plugin. Dean's plugin is more better. Hence, I request you to consider that rather than jacob's plugin.


        • Thank you for the info Kumar. I am working on an update for BuddyPress 1.7 at the moment. hoping to have something for you sometime next week 🙂

  • Thank you for your hard work. Great plugin. Did exactly what I needed.

    I am trying to activate bbpress forums for all my sub-sites and I am having an issue. The problem is that I can't seem to install the "site-wide forums" for each site using the Buddypress config menu.

    I tried activating using the Buddypress menu on a sub-site and clicking "Install Site Wide Forums" but this brings up an overlay with the "install plugins" page inside. It shows the page from the entire network admin dashboard and not the sub-site dashboard. When I install and network activate, it takes me back to the main network admin plugins dashboard page i.e. not the dashboard I started installing from. When I return to the sub-site dashboard, I just see the buttons to install forums again.

    I tried manually installing and network activating bbpress (via ftp into /wp-content/plugins) and i can see the forum menus for each site and create a forum. However, when I try visiting the forums page I get redirected to the home page for the site/sub-site.

    I tried creating a forum for one of the sites but when I try viewing that forum I get an error message saying "The forums component has not been set up yet."

    Am I installing the forums wrong or is there a certain way of activating/configuring site-wide forums for each subsite without going through the buddypress menu. The forum menus are appearing on the dashboard of each subsite as expected i.e. i can create and edit forums but I just can't view them from the front end because "The forums component has not been set up yet.".

    Any advice that anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

    Again, sterling work pal. I've tried several solutions for integrating buddypress with multisite and this is clearly the best solution going.

    • Hi Codemagnet,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The problem seems to be arising from the way bb-press tables are created.

      Please open bb-config.php and change

      $bb_table_prefix = 'wp_bb_';
      global $bp;
      $bb_table_prefix = $bp->table_prefix.'bb_';

      that should hopefully work.

      • Hi Brajesh,

        I went through the set up last night. I am having a somewhat similar issue as Codemagnet. When I try to finalize my buddypress config on net 2 If I try to install Forums for Groups, I get the following error:

        url: /wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=bb-forums-setup&step=new where error is: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

        The only plugins I have network activated are buddypress and BP Mult-network.

        If I forgo Forums for Groups and instead try to install Site Wide Forums, Like Codemagnet I get an overlay with the “install plugins” page inside.

        I have attempted to use your code above but my bb-config.php file appears to have not been setup yet as it read:

        I have not configured buddypress on my main site yet, might that be the issue?

        I appreciate your time and am grateful for your work here.



        • oops the bb-config.php reads:

        • Once more 🙂 Sorry for the spam 🙁

          * *** IMPORTANT ****
          * This file will stop people from accessing your bbPress installation directly.
          * It is very important from a security standpoint that this file is not moved.
          * Your actual bb-config.php file will be installed in the root of your WordPress
          * installation once you have set up the forums component in BuddyPress.

        • Hi BJ,
          As of now Buddypress has few limitations!! Actually they could be called instead.. There is no proper way of BBPress integration into BP Core which they've promised to bring up with BP 1.6
          Installing Sitewide forums is a pain with BP although followed correctly can get us easy go!! About "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." error, could you give me finite details like how you've setup these installations???
          Like, if you installed these sitewide forums in the sub site first??? Where did you install your Sitewide forums first=in your parent site or Sub Site???

        • Hi Vinay (Sorry, there is no "Reply" link on your response in this thread)

          Here are the detail:

          1. Started with single wordpress site with about 10 pages of content (No forums)
          2. Disabled all plugins and Turned it into multi-site
          3. Installed buddypress
          4. define(‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’,true); then network activated buddypress
          5. Install and network activate BP Multi Network
          6. Did NOT configure buddypress on main site (01).
          7. Set up network (02).
          8. Started buddypress configure
          9. Attempted to install forums for groups and got "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."
          10. Attempted to install site wide forums and got an overlay with the “install plugins” page inside.

          Note: I am the id 1 user superadmin.

          Thoughts? 🙂 I'm hopeful. We all need hope.

          Warm regards and thank you Vinay


        • There it goes as i said what might've happened! So you installed BP on main site,in your case ID=1 and defined bpmulti blog true! Now you didnt configure it in the Site 1 where u actually installed BP but moved to site 2 to configure it!!!
          It is obvious the way i guessed it! It is an issue with Buddypress itself!!! Removing the plugin and reactivating should give you the same results!!! Only way followed till now is to do a fresh install of both WP and BP!!! Otherwise, use either of this hack and tell me anything does it!!!
          A)Add define( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 2 ); in in wp-config file where 2 is your blog ID
          B)Change flip your subsite to mainsite
          1) Delete bb_config file from root folder.
          2) Delete BP-ENABLE MULTIBLOG from wp-config.
          3) Reinstall Buddypress and then reenable BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG and configure buddypress forums component(Groups or Sitewide) in the primary site!
          Please inform if any of my hacks work!!!

    • Hey CodeMagnet!
      Just tell me this! Have you deleted group forums???

    • However i need to say sitewide forums arent installing as they should after installing this plugin!
      It does as you say open network wide install option through network setup! I believe its not just the problem of this plugin but the problem of BP itself as any plugin(here BBPress) needs to be network installed first in a multisite!! Have you tried without this plugin??? Tell me if you do have problems with buddypress component setup too after installing sitewide-forums! Firstly tell me if you have uninstalled groupwide forums(deleted bbconfig file)!

    • Hi Brajesh,

      It has been a long time. Hope you have some good news for me about the feature request.

  • tum #

    I try using buddypress multisite, after i install setup buddypress on sub-network, the buddypress menu is missing. I would like to asked that, it allow buddypress config only on first time configuration ?

    • Hi Tum,
      No, It will need you to configure BuddyPress on each of the network sites.

  • Hello Brajesh, I have found that once the multi-network is turned on, the blogs are more isolationist as far as updating the activity stream with blog posts across the network. The activity stream will only update with its own blog updates and not those of any other site when multi-network is turned on. I understand why these sub-sites are their own self-contained networks. However, it would be nice if the main site could still pull blog posts and comments from sub-sites into the activity stream. Is this something that would be easy to add? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Sarah!
      Firstly happy to hear that WPMUDEV comes up with Dashboard widget!!! 🙂
      Now coming to the issue mentioned here! Its all about creating tables in the db!! Buddypress by default pulls activity across the whole network or multi network!!! So even if you had multiple sites or networks you'd have the same Buddypress DB distributed across the entire setup!!! Like example= you'd have groups,forums,member and activity etc!!! Its really a pain when sites cant have privacy!!! So, with this plug-in it tries to create new db tables for every site or network!!! Each, site and network is treated like a separate site(the gimmick being separate db tables for each site and network)!!! So i dont know if this can pull content from separated buddypress sites' db tables. I'm not up for installing this plugin for a while and so please confirm me if Site Tracking Option is not helping it from Buddypress Component setup! My guess according to the above said thing is that it should pull activity across the entire network as you are complaining even after choosing Site Tracking Option! If so, the solution for this is to code this plugin to leave some db tables as globals esp activity as it is not necessary and is dealt with BP Multinetwork enable already!!! The good thing is that Brajesh has promised to come up with next version of this plugin which leaves few tables as globals. Hope he reads these and takes these suggestions to come up with cool version of BPMultinetwork Plugin!!! And i hope i made my reply understandable!
      Vinay Sagar.G

      • Hi Vinay,
        Appreciate your insight on it.
        Currently BuddyPress does not allow filtering on individual table names. I hope to put a patch and will request the core devs to include it in 1.6 release. That will open the door for a lot of creativity like the global profile or global activity but sub networks having different groups etc. Let us see what may come in future 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for the comment.

      Here are two small snippets which will propagate the comment post recording/comment recording to the main site. The post recording to main site activity is easier but the comment recording a modified version of what BuddyPress already has. Please put these snippets in the bp-custom.php and It will propage the post activity/comment activity to main site(It will still keep it in the sub network though).



      Hope that helps.

      • Ohk,
        I tested this again! This time funnily all the pages auto-deleted so i can create them again??? That's alright if i'm creating the site newly!!! But what happens to sites that all already running??? Activity stays put(your site activity stays in your site) but only from now(after installing this plugin) you'll have private activity. And no, the site tracking option doesnt call for networkwide activity, it only picks sites and a single latest post!!! Groups??? No matter in which site you've created your groups from after the partition of DB's all groups are pushed to parent site leaving subsites with nil groups! Possibility for redirecting groups properly? I'm not sure!! I wish BP stored meta data of groups from particular sites which inturn can be used in time of partitioning dbs like it does for activity and members. Forums follow groups(unless they are sitewide which wont have any effect)!!! Now members are split up on their respective sites that hold their db just like activity(here i believe they have shared db unless which primary reason for multisite fails)!
        Next question! What happens to data that has been stored using BP before this plugin?
        Depends based on the plugin writeup!!!
        Example: BP Scholarpress Courseware= Before this Plugin even when groups were shared Courseware tables were distributed among sites!!! Creating a lecture in one site wouldnt upload in other!! Wonder!!! It will remain the same on parent site even after this plugin as this pluin only moves Groups to parent site!!! I havent tested if these subsites lectures are moved too!! Hope it doesnt happen! Also i believe these subsite's lectures will never have a chance to load!!!
        Another example: Cubepoints BP Integration= CP has a separate unique(single) DB Table and no matter how many ways BP splits the same data is shared across!!! This means a person earning points in one site gets added in rest of the sites too. Infact its a global data!!! Hope this detailed report helps both users and developers!!!
        Vinay Sagar.G

        • Hi Vinay,
          have you read the installation documentation properly.
          For your convenience I am attaching the link

          Have a look at the section which explains how to use it on existing multisite and avoid deleting pages.

          Have you pondered about the limitations I have mentioned?
          Here is something to cheer you

          In BuddyPress 1.6+ you can have global activity but local groups etc.

          I hope that you will understand that following documentation before taking critical steps is necessary and more importantly, you should know what I have already mentioned before complaining.

        • Ohhh so sorry!It has been a while i tested this plugin and i did follow the steps then! This time i simply overlooked and forgot about the hiding pages trick! Sorry for that. However i'm so happy to hear about the BP's step for 1.6
          As i've been complaining about BP's limitations, i hope this fix will help you take BPMU to the next levels!! It will be like WP+WPMU and BP+BPMU(Ur plugin)!All the best on that! And i'd still prefer if i had options for switching over displaying global activity or split activity! If not it'd be better if that option is left as it is now for activity! Large sites really need privacy with activity and it is just like WPMU having diff posts that doesnt share across network! All it needs is change in the Profile data for global profiles!!!
          I will wait for the update then!! So, any expectations on when 1.6 might turn up and this plugin takes a turn??

        • @Vinay,
          Hi Vinay,
          no problem. I was just feeling a little bit off that day.

          I appreciate your feedback and when I will update it for 1.6, I am going to consider your points for sure(we have limitations in 1.5 at the moment).

          Thank you.

      • Brajesh, thanks so much for your timely comment and the code snippets. I have added them both to bp-custom.php and will let you know how it's working. Thank you!

      • Brajesh, thanks for the code for the bp-custom file. I added it and everything seemed okay but then there was a problem with blogs and I get this error:

        For example, if you goto Posts —> Add New you will see this error at the top of the screen
        Warning: Missing argument 2 for bpdev_record_post_on_main_site() in /home/sportsra/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php on line 6

        When you go to hit "Publish" it brings you to a white screen with the following error message:

        Warning: Missing argument 2 for bpdev_record_post_on_main_site() in /home/sportsra/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php on line 6

        Warning: Missing argument 2 for bpdev_record_post_on_main_site() in /home/sportsra/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php on line 6

        Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sportsra/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:6) in /home/sportsra/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866

        Any idea why this is? Thanks for your help!

        • Hi Sarah,
          My mistake, I forgot to tell add action that two arguments are expected.
          I have changed the first line here

          This will work(Just the first line is different).

          As of output started, please check if there are any spaces after the closing php tag(or may be it was caused because of the above generated error).

          Hope that helps.

  • Hi Brajesh

    I have BP on the root blog, and heaps of network blogs.

    I want to have specific blogs that I administer to have the ability to create forums and groups.

    The user profiles must be shared network wide.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Johnny,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Yes It is possible but you will need to modify the profile tables manually in bp 1.5.x.
      In case of BuddyPress 1.6, the plugin can handle this perfectly as the global tables are filterable in the bp 1.6 trunk.

  • I have this project to create a multi-site WordPress + Buddypress network.

    Users table should be shared and common to all sites in the network (same user profile for all sites in the network) but each site should have its own activity flow, groups and forums.

    I have tried your plugin and it really is awesome, but it does not work exactly as I need. Can I modify something to make it work the way I need? I just need to solve that common user profiles point and I think it would be perfect for my needs!

    Can you help me? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Juan,
      sorry I missed to reply you here and on the message.
      Are you using BP 1.6(trunk). If yes, then it is possible to do what you want. If you are using bp 1.5, It needs chaging a core file which I won't recommend.

      • I have tried but I can not find he way. Can you give me some directions? Any clue? Do I have to modify your plugin or is it a buddypress 1.6 native function? Is there any documentation about this subject I could study?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Fantastic plugin 🙂 I have run in to one major hicup that I have just narrowed down to this plugin on my site as far as I can tell. When this plugin is activated it will not allow any user to save their updated notification settings. I am at a loss as I am not fantastic when it comes to code.

    Running WP 3.4.1, BuddyPress 1.6, BP Multi Network 1.0

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • I finally made up a solution adding some meta fields (blog_id, blog_path, blog_name) to groups on creation:

    function bp_group_meta_save ( $group_id ) {
    $blog = get_blog_details( get_current_blog_id(), true );

    $fields = array(
    'blog_id' => $blog->blog_id,
    'blog_path' => $blog->path,
    'blog_name' => $blog->blogname

    foreach ( $fields as $field => $value ) {
    groups_update_groupmeta( $group_id, $field, $value );
    add_action( 'groups_created_group', 'bp_group_meta_save' )

    When showing the list of groups for the current blog, I build a list with the groups with the blog_id value that matches the blog:

    function get_groups_by_meta ( $field, $meta_key, $meta_value ) {
    global $wpdb;

    if ( is_string( $meta_value) ) $meta_value = "'" . $meta_value . "'";

    $sql = $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT $field from {$wpdb->base_prefix}bp_groups_groupmeta WHERE meta_key='$meta_key' AND meta_value=$meta_value", OBJECT );
    $res = $wpdb->get_results( $sql );

    return $res;

    function get_groups_by_blogid ( $blog_id = 1 ) {
    $list = get_groups_by_meta( 'group_id', 'blog_id', $blog_id );

    if ( count( $list ) ) {
    $res = '';
    foreach ( $list as $item ) {
    $res .= $item->group_id . ',';
    return substr( $res, 0, -1);
    } else {
    return FALSE;

    And finally, in the groups-loop.php template:

    $current_blogid = get_current_blog_id();
    if ( $current_blogid > 1) {
    $groups_set = get_groups_by_blogid( $current_blogid );
    ( $groups_set !== FALSE ) ? $extra_args = '&include=' . $groups_set : $extra_args = '&include=-1';

    if ( bp_has_groups( bp_ajax_querystring( 'groups' ) . $extra_args ) ) : ?>

    I supose I will be able to do the same with the activity entries (and forums?).

    In my wp-config.php, I have defined BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG as true, and also a common place to upload user avatars:

    //Buddypress multi-sitio
    define( 'BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG', true );

    //Avatares de usuario comunes a toda la red multisitio
    define( 'BP_AVATAR_URL', "http://mainblog/wp-content/uploads" );
    define( 'BP_AVATAR_UPLOAD_PATH', 'F:/xampp/www/mainblog/wp-content/uploads' );

    I don't know if this is a overly complicated solution. From your comments, I understand that Buddypess 1.6 can deal with this situation (segregated groups, activity, forums but common user base) in a far more simple way, but I have no idea how.

    Any clues?

  • Hi Brajesh,
    Been a while since 1.6 is out. Was counting on you to come up with the new version. 🙂
    At the same time. I have a feature request for translation files. I wish i can have different translations for different blogs. I have changed buddypress labels and i wish they only be used for few blogs but not the main blog. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Brajesh,
      Nice touch on the website and the look of it. It feels great using the site now. And if you were to work on the Multinetwork Plugin again,i'd like to put some reminders that'll be most useful for the plugin to spread and be useful. Hope you'll consider that are worth considering.
      1. User database is filtered and that's great=main reason i love this plugin. But It'd be best if their profile data is shared across network. Like show only users registered in a subsite/subnetwork but If he/she has filled up some profile data in a site/subsite, he/she wishes they doesnt have to fill the data again in a new site again. That's one reason. Second reason is for plugin developers=like for example,i'd like to search users by filtering profile fields and if he doesn't have the common required profile field it'd be hard to filter him through search in a site. And if it's possible an option for the subsite whether to create filtered users with shared profile data(global profile data) or new profile fields would be great.
      2. Groups are good the way they are now.
      3. Activity is good the way it is now too.(Most subsites prefer privacy)

  • This sounds like what I have been looking for, but I'm a little unsure. I have a member site that I use s2Member to manage but I want to create a seperate site with buddypress integration as a private social network for my members only, and I would like for them to only need one login for both sites. Is this possible with your Buddypress multi network site? If not could you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!!!

  • I found after activating the plugin, I would get a 404 error when going to my member profile.

    I commented out the following line in the plugin:

    Which fixed the error, but the stream page was not the default, so I then added an extra Hook, based on this code snippet: http://codex.buddypress.org/developer-docs/functions/core/bp_core_new_nav_default/, with the correct hook Priority value.

    • Sorry, wrong topic! This is about the fb-like-user-activity-stream plugin

      • Hi Brave,
        No problem.
        and Thank you for mentioning the fix. I had used the same but with different functionalities. Going to test this with the nav setup action and see if it works.

        Btw, if you were on bp 1.6.1, that should not give you 404, but will certainly remove the personal tab.

  • Any updates to your fantastic plugin? Any changes?

  • Hey Brajesh,

    I am helping one local non-profit and they have multilingual requirement (English/Frech/Chinese (cn and tw) where each language will have its own site with their own buddypress community.
    Will this plugin work for this?

  • So just to clarify because the title of the plug-in is a little ambiguous, this plug in doesn't work with multiple WordPress networks, it works within a single network on multiple sub-sites, correct?

  • Does this plugin work with Multi-domains? So can have network1 on domain1.org, network2 on domain2.org and network3 on domain3.org

  • I have WP 3.4.2 with multi-site subfolders + BP 1.6.1.

    So as people are admitted to my network they will have accounts like
    domain1/members/user1, domain1/members/user2, etc.

    I would like to have multi-domains + multi-networks such that I can have
    domain2/members/user4, etc as well as
    domain3/members/user6, etc.

    in such a way that all the users can participate in groups and forum across the networks (each of which has its own domain) and can friend each other across networks (domains), all using the same WP+BP installation.

    That is I want to have a combination of multi-domain and BP multi-network capabilities while using multi-site subfolders. That is, for practical reasons I don't think I want user1.domain1, user2.domain1, user3.domain2, user4.domain2, user5.domain3, user6.domain3, etc.

    What combination of plugins and settings, or any code/database changes would you recommend to achieve this objective.

  • RK #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Great work!

    Is this plugin updated based on the comments above?


  • Q. Is it possible to create some Regular WP Multisite Networks as well as some BuddyPress Networks together on the same wp install?

    For example: Does the BP Multi Network Plugin have support for the NON-BuddyPress Network built-in?..

    Thank You and Best Regards,

    • Hi Michael,
      sorry I could not reply earlier.
      I hope you have already found the answer/solutions.

      For everyone else. No, It does not allow that at the moment.

  • RK #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Please advise if there is a new update coming soon?

    Thank you.

  • Hi All,

    I am really confused about the installation of the plugins.

    The documentation says:–

    WordPress Multisite 3.3+(should work with 3.1+ but I haven’t tested with that)
    BuddyPress 1.5+
    BuddyPress Multiblog Enabled( BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG defined true)
    BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin Network activated.

    I am using
    wp multisite

  • Hi All,

    I am really confused about the installation of the plugins.

    The documentation says:–

    WordPress Multisite 3.3+(should work with 3.1+ but I haven’t tested with that)
    BuddyPress 1.5+
    BuddyPress Multiblog Enabled( BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG defined true)
    BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin Network activated.

    I am using
    wp multisite 3.4.2
    buddypress 1.6.1
    I have defined multiblog in the wp-config.php
    and by "BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin Network activated" I assume to activate the plugin by Brajesh (Is it right or I have to install another plugin before installing Brajesh's plugin. )

    I am considering the last one says to activate Brajesh's plugin network wide.
    I did it. and when I login and try post in the site activity I get the following error "There was a problem posting your update, please try again."

    Am i doing anything wrong? Please guide me guys …

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Maruti,
      sorry for replying after a month. Been to busy with a couple of things. I hope that you managed the setup.

      In case it helps, have you activated buddypress network wide. If yes, Please do veryvy using phpmyadmin that the bp tables are created for individual blogs.

  • RK #

    Does this plugin lets you have multiple networks with unique domain names?
    If yes, please explain a little bit how does it do it?

    I am trying to decide which plugin do we need: This one OR BP-multi-network/Networks+?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Rk,
      sorry for delayed reply.
      It does not anything about the separate domains. You can use it in conjunction with a domain mapping plugin and it will work fine.

      • Hey Brajesh!
        Been waiting for the update since long. Any cookie? 🙂

        • HiHi Vinay,
          sorry for keeping you waiting.
          I will have an update tomorrow evening(wednesday).

        • Thanks in Advance!
          Hope you are waiting for 1.7 which is totally worth it (Y)

  • Hello , this is just to thank you for all your amazing work. THANK YOU SO MUCH BRAJESH. I Success installed it on my website, have some little problem but in general all is perfect 🙂

    • Thank you Eric.
      I appreciate your comment 🙂
      Please do let me know if I can help in any way.

    • Thanks in Advance!
      Hope you are waiting for 1.7 which is totally worth it (Y)

  • I try to install it on WordPress 3.5 without success, can you confirm that it's no ready for WP3.5 ?

  • Hi Brajesh ,

    This is awe some plugin.working very nice and thanks for this plugin

    I have a couple of question

    1) I used coustom Themes . It have BP compatability with it self(IN side Theme settings) . its working nice for root domain,but for the subdomain it will not showing inside the theme settings.
    2) and i got one error msg on Activity stream(only for subdomains)
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/charitym/public_html/yourngo.org/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-multi-network/hooks.php on line 132 and defined in /home/charitym/public_html/yourngo.org/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990
    Could u help me

    • I have the same problem on the Activity stream:

      Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /usr/home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-multi-network/hooks.php on line 132 and defined in /usr/home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

      Does anyone have a solution for this?

      Other then that, all seems to work just fine. Thanks BuddyDev & Brajesh for a great site & plugins!

  • I am waitting for ur reply

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi and thanks for your great work. I read all the comments but still have a doubt. Installing this plugin on a single WordPress installation it makes posible than a user registered on a example.com could be at the same time member of network.example.com with same credentials (username reserved) but different activities, messages, etc?

  • I get this on and sites using the bb mulitnetwork on activity page I have wordpress 3.5

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/content/…….wp-content/plugins/buddypress-multi-network/hooks.php on line 132 and defined in /home/content/,,,,,,,,wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

  • Hi Brajesh

    My problem get resolved (That was in the theme problem )

    Thank u

  • I have 4 separate WP 3.5.1 and BP 1.6.4 installations. I have connected them via the CUSTOM_USER_TABLE CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE' lines in the wp-config.php file. I have also installed the WP Orphan plugin.

    When a person goes to one installation to register they will be given a user account and a blog site. When they go to one of the other installations they are there as a user but not having a site. In the admin listing of users, they are listed as a user in the '/' (or admin) site, presumably as Subscriber role.

    If I wanted the user to have sites the other installations as well being users what would I have to do then? Would I change the role to 'Editor' in the Orphan plugin, or is there another database that I would have to share?

  • when i try to update status on a new network that ive joined i get

    There was a problem posting your update, please try again.

  • nvm i think that was cuz i was using admin

    new problem however, if i try to add a friend from one network and then switch to another network they are no longer my friend until i switch back….. how to fix this so that friends and friend requests are sitewide??

    • Hi Ricky,
      This is the way this plugin is designed at the moment. One network is considered completely separate from others. So, a person who is your friend on one network, may not be your friend on another network.

      Since BuddyPress 1.7 beta has released and I am working on the feature requests for this plugin, It includes selectively allowing components which should be considered global and which should be considered per network(site) basis. I am hoping to put the update in a week.

  • and private messages! they only show up on the network they are sent.

    so you can have multiple seperate private message conversations between networks with the same friend! this is really bad!! how to fix this please??

  • hey how to make friends/friend requests/private chats visible on all networks?

    • Hi Ricky,
      Currently, I will say the same as in my previous reply to your comment. Please allow me a week to put an update for BuddyPress 1.7 and you can have these functionality.

      • I was looking to see if you were going to release an update for the new BuddyPress 1.7 beta release… Excellent plugin! I have been looking for something like this for awhile. Please keep up the great work and god bless 🙂

      • fim #

        That's exactly what I need as well, thank you so much! I appreciate such a great plugin being made available for *free*, too. You're one amazingly talented dude.

  • Hello,
    I am having a hard time installing your plugin. I followed the instructions but when I go to the subsite at this instruction
    "Now you can visit the dashboard of any of your sub network(blogs) and you will see the notice to Install/Configure BuddyPress."

    I see the message at the top, but if i click it I am redirected back to the network admin site. If I follow the wizard and setup BudyPress then the top site has it but the subsites do not, checking phpmyadmin only one set of buddypress tables are created. do you know why this happens?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
    – Jon

  • hello,
    it wont let me reply to your comment so I am just posting a new one.
    thanks for the help, I did have that line in my wp-config.php the problem was that instead of:
    i had
    (notice the beginning and ending punctuation) one is a single quote the other is the key next to 1. I hate programming sometimes 🙁
    but it is working now 🙂
    thanks for your time,
    – Jon

    • Hi Jon,
      Thank you for the comment. We all do silly mistakes sometimes 🙂 glad it is fixed now.

      • SO glad you troubled to post this – I did exactly the same thing, I would never have spotted this had it not been for your post. Thank you.

  • hey brajesh

    when these updates come, you said there will be components to switch on and off…

    say if i turn on cross network friendships/msgs
    will the member list on each network still be seperate?

  • hey brajesh

    when these updates come, you said there will be components to switch on and off…

    say if i turn on cross network friendships/msgs
    will the member list on each network still be seperate?..

    • That's correct.
      You can keep friendship/messages on network level but have the separate members directory.

  • yo brajesh is this the best plugin to use as regions like.. newyork.example.com london.example.com, to separate content instead of using custom fields or groups? i think this plugin will help more with server load times (with more members) too am i right?

    what do u think is best?

  • Great plugin! I just have one question. Is there anyway that I can make it to where if a user updates their profile on one of my multisite subdomains it will update it for ALL? It seems that if a user updates their profile on site1.domain.com, it does not update it for site2.domain.com or domain.com.

    Meaning, everything will be separated like the plugin currently does but the user profiles will be "network" wide. I would simply like to have it where once a user registers, either on a subdomain or on my main site, their profile follows them around wherever they go on the MU install.

    Another example is if someone adds a user as a friend on site1.domain.com they will also be a friend if they are on domain.com or site2.domain.com.

    I hope this makes sense and look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kyle,
      Thank you for the comment.
      yes, that is possible.

      Can you please give this code a try and see if it makes the profile global or not.

      [sourcecode language="php"]

      function bp_custom_use_global_profile_tables($tables){
      global $wpdb,$bp;
      foreach($tables as $table_key=>$table_name){
      $new_tables[$table_key]= str_replace($bp->table_prefix, $wpdb->base_prefix, $table_name);


      return $new_tables;

      Please put it in your bp-custom.php.
      Do let me know if that makes the profile global or not.

      • @Brajesh

        Awesome! That seems to work except it doesnt look like the avatar is working globally.

        How do I get the main domain.com to show site wide statistics such as site activity, user activity, etc. ?

        Also, did you say that you will be releasing an update soon to work with BuddyPress 1.7? I also read that you will be allowing us to have Global Friends and Global Messaging? Is this true?

        Thank you again.. Great plugin, please keep up the great work!

  • Brajesh,
    I am excited to use your BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin! But, I have run into a problem…but I think I have resolved it and wanted to share / ask about my resolution.

    My installation is new and therefore WPMU and the plugins are all recent as of a couple of days ago. I am using WPMU, BuddyPress and BuddyPress Multi Network.

    My goal is to have a master site (WPMU) and underneath that will be separate sites representing companies. Each company will have their own "community" using BuddyPress with BuddyPress Multi Network.

    Everything worked up to the point that I tried to have a sub-site level (company) administrator ID create a group. When I go to the groups tab using the administrator ID, there is no "create group" button.

    After some research, I found a line to comment out in what is commented as a "temporary" function. It is _bp_enforce_bp_moderate_cap_for_admins. It is in bp-core/bp-core-caps.php

    The line I commented out is the "!is_multisite() &&"

    It says that this isn't necessary on a multi-site implementation. It seems like it is since without it the site level administrators can't get access to the "create group" button.

    Am I on the right track or am I just creating myself a larger mess? For what it is worth, I was able to create a group…I just don't know if I have caused other, yet-to-be-found issues.

    Thanks for your input!

    • Hi Steve,
      sorry for the delayed reply.
      That seems like a fine approach. It should be fixed with Bp 1.7.

  • Hi, I currently have a multisite setup with new blog template from WPMU (to create a template and duplicate that template every time a child site is created). After activating the plugin, I noticed that buddypress setting has been moved to individual child site.
    However, in the new child sites, I can't see the buddypress tables/settings, not sure why. I can forward you the plugin file in email. Can you help me take a look? Thanks.

    • Angela,
      I am using the same WPMU Blog Template plugin and had the same problem; Now it works like a charm!.

      What you need to do is select the "extra" tables that the plugin asks if you want to copy data over for. I didn't select them the first time based on how the question was worded.

      When they are not selected, you don't get the bp tables in the child site. When you do select them it all works great.

      Let me know if I need to add some additional description.

  • Hey when will this be updated to allow cross network members etc? you said 1 week…

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I kind of had the same problem as Kyle, which you addressed here (https://buddydev.com/buddypress/introducing-buddypress-multi-network-plugin-create-multiple-separate-social-networks-on-a-single-buddypress-install/#comment-221068).

    But how do I get the registration fields on my subsite (subsite.mysite.com/register) to be the same as the main sites (mysite.com/register)?


    • Hi Brajesh,

      it was my stupid error, figured it out now.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    How do we implement global settings with messages, friends, groups, forums?

    For example, if someone on subsite1 sends me a message, I see a notification at (subsite1.mysite.com). But once I go to (subsite2.mysite.com) the message notification disappears.

    The same can be said of things like Friends. I can go to my profile at (subsite1.mysite.com) and they'll be my friend there. But on (subsite2.mysite.com) they won't be.

    That can become a very tricky problem.

    Your comment here (https://buddydev.com/buddypress/introducing-buddypress-multi-network-plugin-create-multiple-separate-social-networks-on-a-single-buddypress-install/#comment-221068) helped make the profile global, but not the other things (messages, friends).

    So how do we implement global settings?

  • Hi Brajesh

    Thanks for this plugin, but still I have a doubt. When a user registers on any of bp subdomains or subdirectories its username and e-mail will be reserved for all the subdomains or subdirectories even if (s)he doesn't join any other?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi. This looks like exactly the plugin I need, but when I installed it (with BuddyPress 1.7), it didn't behave as expected. Is it just me (very likely:) or has the plugin been updated to work with 1.7? If not, do you have any idea on the timeframe?

  • When I activate this plugin, I cannot create groups on my sub-domains. I cannot post activity either. How do I fix this?

  • Read thru ALL of the comments and it looks like everyone's on the edge of their seats waiting on the update to work with BP v1.7.

    In the meantime does anyone know if this plugin will work with the following setup:
    WPMU MultiSite

    WPMU multisite has been enabled so I now have the ability to create multiple sites.
    Network+ has been configured so I now have the ability to create multiple networks.
    What I want now is the ability to create multiple installs of BuddyPress where the blogs, groups, and members are separate on each network. In this particular setup I DON'T want users to be able to communicate with users on other networks as there's no need. So

    http://mysite.com – BuddyPress is enabled, if necessary.
    http://networkA.mysite.com – BuddyPress is enabled and used as a separate community.
    http://networkA.mysite.com/blog1 – This network community provides blogs to its members.

    What steps would I have to take to get this plugin to work with this setup? Are there any known issues with this setup and your plugin? I'll assume that domain mapping and site replication will be confined to that network and that there are no global configurations to make. When users register will their accounts reside only on the network they register or will their accounts also reside in the main site? Again in this particular install all networks are separate.
    Any responses appreciated.

    • HI nusolutions,
      sorry for the delayed reply. I have committed some code on Github, Please download a copy from there. It works with BuddyPress 1.7

      I will be releasing the update in a week here with some more mods though.

      Do you want to hide the users completely from the sub sites? or want them to do join the sub networks if they want?

  • I like this idea, it would be great as we are developing mutl networks. I am consearned on behalf of end user, Is there a plugin that provides a nice dashboard for the members and various friends and activity streams fro various site?

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the comment.

      We did manage to make all the activity propagate to main site(using some custom code) from the sub sites but other than that, we could not manage the other things to consolidate as Network wide activity.

  • I am busy at this moment but I should say "thanks". you saved my time. 🙂
    I am using 1.8 beta and it seems to be working fine so far.

  • I have a small problem. I have buddypress on my 3rd blog and installed your plugin to have more.
    But all of activites, groups, forums have been disappeared, when I active.
    When deactived, it shows all.

    I believe they are on my main blog. cuz I used to setup
    /* buddypress sub blog */
    //define ( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', 3 );

    and removed it for using your plugin.

    do you know how I should fix?

    • Hi Pulla,
      My apologies for the delayed reply.

      1. When you activate it without deactivating BuddyPress, the pages gets deleted(BuddyPress has an issue related to that). Please create the pages, then go to BuddyPress settings and make sure you have all the components enabled in the settings. Then you can associate them back and will work.

  • Hello, this plugin is exactly what I'm looking for! I have a question; I want to create my own "Ning", so of course that would mean I would have to brand the dashboard. How do you do that? I also have another question; do I have to manually activate BuddyPress for each subsite? Thanks!

    • Hi Caleb,
      1. You can use any of the admin branding plugin available. There are many available. Just google it.
      2. No, just network activate it. It will get automatically activated on all sub sites. But people may need to configure it on their site.

    • Thanks for your reply.

      I have tried that. I think DB are all stored as default theme and I made 3rd blog as default buddypress.
      I followed this instruction (http://codex.buddypress.org/user/install-buddypress-on-a-secondary-blog/)

      Now I change multi-buddypress with your plugin. it goes back to default, 2nd, 3rd, …. etc..

      what do you think to fit these?

      Should I move all of database to 3rd buddypress tables? I don't think it would be ok. but I need 🙂

      Let me know if you have any idea.

  • Thanks for making this. It works like a charm tested with BuddyPress v1.7.2 and your version of Github. 😉

    Best regards,

    • Hi rain3r,
      Thank you for taking time to reply back. I am glad that the trunk version is working with Bp 1.7+

      Have some more mods left before publishing here though.

  • Waited more than an year for an update but no cookies yet! Any possibility of a release nearby?

  • Is this plugin compatible with BP 1.7+ ?

    • Please Use the plugin from github. Download the trunk version. That is compatibel with BuddyPress 1.7 and above.

  • Hie,
    BP1.8 is out. Any thoughts? How about the release of the next update? If i wanted to temporarily activate BP1.6 and later update to BP1.8 which version should i be installing?

  • I also tried downloading the latest version from GitHub and it too has the same issue.

    • Sorry about that. The github repo is updated now.


      I want to use/share the user Avatar yes, but NOT the group avatars as i want to share users across the networks but NOT groups

  • Hi All,
    I am sorry for the delayed replies.
    Can you please create issues here ion github so that I can quickly fix/update the plugin.


  • Does the plugin work for BuddyPress 1.8?

    • I have updated the github version 2 days ago. It does work with BuddyPress 1.8

  • Hy Brajesh,

    after testing all available solutions for buddypress with multisite/network I finally ended up using your bp-multinetwork-plugin. My network contains 3 subsites (fans, bands, magazine) – each with its own buddypress. Is there a way to show on which site/blog a user is registered/belongs to, for example: users register on my band-site, I want to show a label "band" on their profile (sitewide would be great)? Any help appreciated.
    Thank you for this nice plugin!

    • Hi Noizeburger,
      My apologies for the delayed reply.
      You can find the network of which a user is member by using the following code

      [sourcecode language="php"]

      $blogs = BPNetworkUsers::get_networks($user_id);//where user _id is the actual user id you will pass for the user

      //blogs is an array of blog id, you can use to to list the band/blog name

      hope it help. My apologies for the delayed reply.

      • Hi Brajesh,

        been a long time, since my last visit here – so, now there's an answer from you. As I'm not a php programmer – do I have to echo $blogs in the template I want it to show, or do I need more code?

  • Hi Braesh – might be a strange Q, not sure,

    – how does it handle plugins across sites, are they shares as well?

    – i tried all the other multi net plugins, but had issues with groups (e.g. a new group 6 on blog 2 on net 2, "uses" the avatar of group 6 on the main network – is this same with this plugin?

    – i would like to separate users in BP directories YES, BUT i would like a user registered on ANY blog in ANY of the networks to be able to use his login credentials to login on another network – i.e. if a user registers on Network B, he also becomes a member of Network A, his friends list etc are all common across the networks, but the BP member directories are limited to that particular network

    • Greg,

      I am pretty sure this is what you are looking for. I had Brajesh actually code this "activity experiment" as an addition to the origina BP Multi Network to allow for seperate Members and Activity on a per site basis but make Profiles, Friends, avatars, etc.. network wide.


      • Thanks fro your reply, I had this question too, so which should be the steps to install it?, I mean i.e.:

        1. Intall wp mu
        2. Activate bp mu
        3. Intall this plugin

        Thanks for your reply!

  • I installed Multi DB plugin (by WPMU Dev) and since then all my activity, groups, forums, etc. are gone. It might be the way the plugin is retrieving tables, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jason,
      I am sorry but I am not familiar with their plugin, so I am not of much help here.

  • Install works well…. I have one issue…. I have fixed issue with user avatars across multi BP sites and multisite/networks…. BUT when i create a new group in BP on Network 2, and say that group id = 23, it uses the same group avatar of group 23 in Network A…. If i upload new avatar it changes avatar for group 23 on Network A & B….

  • Ia m trying to achieve this – and will be happy to pay for assistance, as currently, all mu groups and users seem shared across all the networks

  • nope i cannot get this working…. i have network A, B and C all seem to share the same users and groups

  • Resolved:
    To fix this issue, I went into the buddypress settings on each blog, disabled xfields and groups, saved the settings, enabled them again, and saved again.

    All working now, Woohoo! 😀

  • Hopefully this is an easy question. Here's what I want to achieve – I think this is exactly what your plug-in does, but if you could confirm (or deny) that would be perfect.

    I want to create a lot of sites that are basically identical in function, but not content. They should offer the same functionality (same set of plug-ins) and be based upon the same theme, and I want to use BuddyPress on every site. Members X-profile fields will be different. All content will be different. So WP multisite with BuddyPress and your plug-in sounds good – I think.

    BUT I don't want my members to be members of every site automatically, they should have to register each time. I don't want groups to be shared, nor activity streams nor any information sharing in fact. Ideally you could register with the same email address on every site and set up a different profile.

    To summarise, separate BuddyPress sites, but for ease of setting up and managing, they use one instance of WordPress. Separate memberships, separate blog posts, activity streams and so on.

    The individual sites could be subdomains of one domain e.g. x.example.com and y.example.com.

    example.com/x and example.com/y would also be ok. The sharing of the TLD is not a problem.

    Am I in the right place?

  • Is there any timeline on when this plugin is updated to the latest version of WP and BP?

  • Hi,

    I tried this Plugin with the latest version of Buddypress and WordPress Multisite Install.

    But it is Removing all the feeds from all the Sites and Not allowing to Post in activity in any subsite .

    There was a problem posting your update. Please try again.

    message is displaying.

    Any idea where it is going wrong as I have Used the Latest version of this Plugin.

    • Hi Rana,
      I am sorry about the issue. It seems the tables are not being created for sub sites, can you please look into the phpmyadmin and check if the tables for BuddyPress components are created for sub site?

  • Hey Brajesh,
    I was with you when this plugin took it's life. I've waited years for buddypress community to do something about it but none has taken a step.
    No my thoughts go asking as to why we need segregation in the first place? Why can't they make it behave like WordPress Multisite where they don't need to use segregated userbase.
    I've just made this thread in buddypress community. Please tell me if this makes sense to you too.

    Thank You.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I wrote my first comment 4 weeks before:

    Your approach with the plugin "Buddypress Multi Network" is very interesting, because it's not necessary to split wordpress-mu in many wordpress-mu networks, to keep the possibility to filter users upon need. I red a lot on this site, but something it's a little bit confusing for me.

    You wrote this additionally article at 17. January 2017 and you link to the download-page where the user will informed that the plugin was updated last in 2014. Does this make sence when the plugin is not ready for wordpress 4.7+ and Buddypress 2.8+ ? How is it going?

    You wrote the main-site can filter new users if a couple of additionally lines are included. Which couple of lines in which file make that happen, or is this information secret for members?

    Your answer would be very helpful to decide if a membership can be interesting for me. Thanks a lot in advance,


    • Hi Sparen,
      I missed your earlier comment. Apologies about that. The plugin is working great with current version of WordPress(4.8) and BuddyPress 2.8.2.

      Since it dd not break, we haven't updated it. You may see on our forum that one of our members used it just 2 weeks ago successfully.

      If you encounter any issue, please post on our forums and we will be around to assist.

      Thank you

      • Hi Brajesh,
        thanks for your last reply and I can confirm, that the plugin is still working with WP 4.8 an BP 2.8 and I found no issue up to now.

        But I have a question again. How can I publish microblog posts from some groups in buddypress (id9) only as posts in the main site of blog id9 in a multisite-network?


        • Hi Brajesh,
          I wrote "How can I publish microblog posts from some groups in buddypress (id9) only as posts in the main site of blog id9 in a multisite-network?", but I ment not "only", much more I ment "additionally"! I saw your plugin "buddyblog", but in my view it is a blog-solution for profils and not for groups. Is there any way to change the profil to groupblog specification? Or any other way maybe by shortcode?

          Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Brajesh!
    Thanks for your efforts with this plugin! I'm having a trouble with the profile fields that remain separate for each of my subsites. I've tried to make them global with the code provided in another reply above:


    function bp_custom_use_global_profile_tables($tables){
    global $wpdb,$bp;
    foreach($tables as $table_key=>$table_name){
    $new_tables[$table_key]= str_replace($bp->table_prefix, $wpdb->base_prefix, $table_name)
    return $new_tables;

    Unfortunately this doesn't work. It just inputs the whole piece of code in the top of the header on all sites…

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,
    Johan, Sweden

    • Sorry! Fixed the issue myself. A silly copy/paste-issue… Thanks anyway!