Introducing Disable Site Delete plugin for WordPress Multisite based Networks

I got some mail today and with that I got the idea to create a plugin for disabling blog deletion by the blog owners(admins) on a WordPress multisite network. It took me half and hour to write this plugin. So, Here I am putting on for your pleasure.

The goal of this plugin is:-

  • Allow only Network administrators to delete any site(blog) on a multisite network
  • Do not allow blog(site) admins(owners) to delete their blog/site

There does exist a plugin by Ryan Hellyer(http://wordpress.org/plugins/delete-delete-site) which removes the delete link from tools menu for non network admins. the problem is, that plugin does not remove the capability to delete the blog completely. Just hides the link.

The Disable site delete plugin removes the capability of any non network admin to delete a site. So, even if some code tries to delete blog programatically, they won't be able to delete(If they use standard multisite delete function wpmu_delete_blog).


Site Delete Menu:-

After Activating this plugin network wide, that menu will be gone like this

and incase a user manages to reach their(which they can by typing the url), he/she will see a message like this

This plugin does not prevent network admins from deleting any blog.

Download  & Installation:-


It is a free plugin. I hope that some of you will find it useful. Please do let me know in comments if it works for you or not.

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