Introducing FusedPress: A WordPress & BuddyPress Theme shop with a difference

Meet FusedPress, the project that brings a ton of WordPress & BuddyPress Theme awesomeness for everyone.
FusedPress is our flagship project for catering themes for WordPress & BuddyPress. We have been working Day and night for the last 8 months to make it a reality. Thanks to the efforts of our Team, It is a proud moment for all of us to present you the FusedPress.

The goal of FusedPress is to:-

  • Make the Premium themes/Plugins accessible to everyone(and we mean it!)
  • Explore the limits of Theming with WordPress & BuddyPress
  • Provide Resources for Webmasters as well as developers to help them curate sites based on WordPress quickly

How Can we make the themes/plugins accessible to everyone?

That sounds like a lofty goal but you know that everything is possible if you have the determination to achieve it. At FusedPress, we are not going to charge any fixed cost for a theme for a certain period of time after release. You will have the freedom of choice to pay what ever you feel is right. If we can survive with that model, we will never be asking for any fixed price for a theme. Yes, you are the Boss. Take the control!

How will we compete in the almost saturated market?

  • We don't need to do that. Our goals are different. It is more about making things accessible to everyone than making money.We are passionate about what we do, and It gives us immense pleasure to see our work being used by everyone. If money does comes with the project, It will be very nice. We don't have any assumptions at the moment.

How do we survive then?

  • We are a small team(2 Designers & 2 Front End developers and 3 WordPress/BuddyPress developers at the moment). So, we don't need much to get our daily work going.
  • We have faith in your support. We are doing our best to serve the community and we are sure that the community will take care of us 🙂

Why are we doing this? We might have charged a fixed amount from begining.

because we believe in

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Accecibility

Honestly, we don't want to charge any fixed amount in future too.  But that will largely depend on the financial security we have.

Enough talk, whay not you go ahead  and explore the site yourself:)

Link: http://FusedPress.com

FusedPress is a Part of BuddyDev Network!

That's right. All the members of BuddyDev will get access to FusedPress with exact same membership option as here. It is a bonus for you all! You don't have to pay and you will be able to access the support forums/documents as normal.

Also, we have been going through some financial crisis lately, so could not concentrate more on BuddyDev. As we launch FusedPress, I am expecting to spend more time on BuddyDev again(My teammates will be looking after the FusedPress, I will be responsible for quality of the code and Forums there).

There is one more good news for BuddyDev, our very own, @anusharma (Anu) will be helping me and you all on BuddyDev from today onward. She has been working with me for last 1 year, and I personally consider her a worthy person to whom I can trust some of my responsibilities.

Let us hope for the best.

PS: Don't forget to check the theme we have released today. The BP Magic theme for BuddyPress is available now. If you are a BuddyDev member you can download it from here otherwise you can Buy it for any price from FusedPress.

2 Responses to Introducing FusedPress: A WordPress & BuddyPress Theme shop with a difference

  • Congratulations @sbrajesh and the rest of the buddydev team! This is awesome and is truly inspiring. Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you for the wishes. we really need them at the moment 🙂
      Looking forward to bring some more meaningful components soon in future 🙂