Introducing WordPress User Login Notifier plugin

A few days ago, I needed a plugin to notify the site admins as well as the users of a WordPress site about the successful and failed login attempts. Though, there existed a few plugins like Login alert, but none of them was exact match for my requirement. I created this plugin, and finally sharing here and hoping that it may help you.

WordPress User Login notifier notifies users and admins of any login or failed login attempt on a WordPress site.


  • Notify User when someone logs in from their account
  • Notify site admin if a user logs into their site
  • Notify the user if a failed login attempt is done for his/her account
  • Notify the admin of a failed login attempt

You can turn off/on any of these four settings. By default all of these are turned on.

Another note, the default notification method is email but you can swap it by writing another notification provider.


Failed Login Admin Notification:-


Failed Login User notification:-


Successful login User notification:-

login-notification-adminSuccessful login User notification:-


Admin Settings Page options:-


Download & Installation:-


Hope that it helps you to keep a tab on your site activities.

6 Responses to Introducing WordPress User Login Notifier plugin

  • Maybe a nice addition would be a threshold like only notify if more than X failed logins because user tend to forget and try some 😉

    • Hi Rug,
      Thank you. That is a very good idea and I will certainly implement it in the update.

  • And successful logins maybe only for admins as it would otherwise a bot much I think 😉

    • Hi Rug,
      You can disable the successful login notification to the user from the settings page. I kept it to mimic the gmail like notification for login.

  • I've just downloaded and activated this plugin, but see no "Settings-> WP User Login Notifier”, just "Deactivate".

    What have I done or is the plugin a dud?

    • Hi David,
      This plugin is fully supported.
      Can you please enable WP_DEBUG and post me what you see there?

      Please post in our support forums here with the details.

      Thank you