Limit the members per Group on Your BuddyPress based site using BuddyPress Limit Members Per Group Plugin

Do you want to limit the no. of users who can join a group on your BuddyPress based site? Well, now you can. The BuddyPress Limit Members Per Group plugin gives you the flexibility to set the limit for all groups on your Site or just for individual groups.

This plugin was a brainchild of our very own @mercime. So, if you are using this plugin, do not forget to say thanks to him.


  • Allows you to Limit the Membership globally(for all the groups)
  • Allows Site admins to give the group admins capability to override global settings ( If allowed in admin, it can be turned off for individual group)

What it does:-

  • Limit Group joining for public groups
  • Limit Request Invite/Joining for Private Groups
  • Limit the acceptance of group membership requests by member(if a group reaches its specified limits)


I will let the picture say the thousand words.

Admin Settings:-

Under BuddyPress->settings you will see the options like this

As you can see, you can set a global limit, the error message and also allow/deny group admins to override settings.

Group Settings:-

If the override is allowed, here is what a group admin will see:-

A group admin can set his/her own limits and also turn off the limit if they want.

Now, we will see some of the examples on how it works:-

Here is a screenshot from directory pages:-

That is the message shown to the user when they try to join a group which has reached its limit.

If the user tries to join from Single Group page, here is what they see:-

For private group request membership:-

And if the user got an invitation for a group but before he/she could join, if the group reaches the limit, here is what he/she will see.

As you can see, when I tested this plugin with Anu( @anusharma )'s account , It showed the message correctly(My account is superadmin, so it has no limitations).

Download & Installation:-


I hope that you all will like the plugin and if you use it, please do share about your experience and use case.

9 Responses to Limit the members per Group on Your BuddyPress based site using BuddyPress Limit Members Per Group Plugin

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  • Thank you @sbrajesh and @mercime! Very good idea for a plugin!

  • Thank you @sbrajesh! Checking it out now ;D

  • I'm getting a page not found when trying to join a private group from the group page. BP 1.9.2, WP 3.8.1

  • This is only working on some of my groups. The cap is set to 7 and none of my |accountability| groups have the cap disabled, but it's still allowing more than 7. Like this one:


    I tried to disable the cap and set it to 8, but it wouldn't let me enter a number.

    • HI Peter,
      Is it happening for all groups or specific type of groups( like private/hidden )?
      I had a look at the code and I was not sure how to reproduce it, can you please provide me some pointers on reproducing it. I will be happy to update it quickly.

      Thank you

  • i have try to put Restoration for admin any idea for that i have two different limitation admin can join 15 group or non admin can join 6 group is it possible