More power to the BuddyPress Custom Profile Fields

BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types  got major update today. In the new release,  It includes 2 new field types as well as numerous feature enhancements to give you extra power with the BuddyPress user Profile field choices.

I will be covering the major updates here.

There are 2 new new field types available now.

  • oEmbed
  • Token


The oEmbed field type lets your users add any url that supports oEmbed to show embedded content on their profile.

It can be used to embed Youtube videos, vimeo videos, twitter status or facebook updates. Anything that supports oembed can be used.

Here are some screnshots showing it in action.

I hope that it helps you make your community even


Token a new type that allows you to set a list of tokens and field values will be only accept on of these tokens. It can be used in multiple ways.

Example:- In the most simplest form, you can create an invite only community with this field type. Create token field type in first profile field group. Mark it required. Add a set of tokens and share it with your intended audience. In this case, since the field is marked as required, only users with correct token can register.

Here are some enhancements to existing types:-

For birthdate field type, you can set the label for Age too.

Based on the context, correct label will be used.

The release also makes the content of the TOS field description more flexible. It will accept any tag allowed in post.


Link https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-xprofile-custom-field-types/

I hope this release helps you make your communities better.

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