Buddypress Auto-Follow from other registeration page

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    evil lizard on #43628

    I appreciate all you do ..and this is why i say all the time..you a wonderful guy.

    Please assist me with a short-code for an auto-suggest field (a shortcode i can put on any page) .. where a user can just type in who he wants to follow. (1 person, And can’t change or follow any other person again) – i will be very grateful boss ..please im sorry for being a bother on this issue 🙏

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    Brajesh Singh on #43637

    Hi Iken,
    Thank you.

    How does this auto suggest follow works?

    is this how you expect it to be?

    1. There is an input box visible?
    2. User types and some suggestions appear
    3. On clicking/selecting any of the suggestion, the user automatically follows them?
    4. what happens next with the search box ?

    Can the user unfollow a previously followed user?


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