BuddyPress Auto Join Groups – Rules Not Working

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    Choyt on #31589

    Yes we are using BuddyBoss. Are there any other compatibility issues or challenges we can expect?

    What we’re working towards is some automation.
    1. user registers and if they have one of a specific email domains they are “PayingMember” if not they are “Free Site User”
    2. “PayingMember” can automatically join any set of pre-approved private groups
    3. “PayingMember” is automatically put in 3 identified groups
    4. “Free Site User” is automatically put in 2 identified groups
    5. “PayingMember” is automatically friended with all other “PayingMember” users

    We thought BuddyBoss and auto friend and auto group would be ideal for this.

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    Brajesh Singh on #31599

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you.

    These two plugins will work great with BuddyBoss.

    The only plugin that does not work properly is BuddyPress Member Types pro and I will suggest avoiding it for now.


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