How To Use BuddyPress Member Types Pro for Customizing Member Directory

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    Noah Schoenhienz on #25039


    I am having one other problem I am trying to resolve on this same site. If you test the site by logging in with your admin credentials or just registering a test user, you will see that the “my profile” tab, which is the buddypress user profile page shown here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfgjoshtxsax9mz/Screen%20Shot%202019-08-27%20at%207.24.08%20PM.png?dl=0
    is not displaying name (first and last) of the user account you log in under. those fields will be blank unless manually set (shown here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lbuvkv1vmkyjrlz/Screen%20Shot%202019-08-27%20at%207.25.19%20PM.png?dl=0)

    If you check this tab- the “account details” tab, which is the woocommerce account page, shown at this link, you will see the correct first and last name associated with the user account:

    What must accomplish is to get the buddypress profile page name feild to sync with the first name and last name fieilds from the woocommerece account, so that both the buddypress profile , used for the members directory and member type, shows the same data as the account details for the customer account.

    This way I do not confuse users with a blank name feild after they already input their name details when they registered. It this problem is also resulting in a blank name on the member directory page by default.

    Please assist with a solution to this. Thank you.

    Also, related to this:
    Can I change the wording of “Editing ‘Base’ Profile Group” under edit to something more understandable to a user like “Editing Profile” where it shows the name field, so that it makes more sense to users. Also this “name” field may need to be split into first and last to make the name fields sync properly, which is completely fine.

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    Noah Schoenhienz on #25048

    Please let me know if you have any questions on this issue. I hope I explained it where it is easily understandable.

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    Brajesh Singh on #25049

    Hi Noah,
    The issues related to member type has been resolved on your site.

    Your current issues are not related to us. We will assist you but it will have a bit low priority.
    Also, Please open a new topic in future to help us avoid repeating the same solution for others(if anyone has similar issue, they can use it).

    Now, coming to the topic.

    1. You will need to sync display name since you are not using BuddyPress registration. I don’t see a ready to use solution.

    There exists a plugin

    But it does the reverse.

    2. Changing “Base”. Yes, it is easy.
    Please see

    Hope that helps.


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    Noah Schoenhienz on #25050


    I see, in the future, I will make sure to open a new topic.

    To solve syncing the display name, do you have any other suggestions on how this could be implemented? As you mentioned, the plugin does the reverse.

    Also, would it perhaps make more sense to use BuddyPress registration instead? I think the woocommerce registration is set up by default by my theme because of order processing if the listing is paid, but if its possible to use BuddyPress alternatively and still keep the customer account portion working properly, I think its a possible workaround solution.

    I am trying to identify which of these options is easier to implement, and if the 2nd option, how I would go about setting that up.

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    Noah Schoenhienz on #25105

    How could I implement syncing the name field via custom code?

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