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    Mike Sealey on #23437

    Hi Brajesh,

    I’m migrating my website to WordPress-Buddypress-Multisite-Multiblog. This sort of setup matches my existing site which has multiple domains sharing a single database with ‘shared users’.

    On my existing site I have ‘User Badges’, which signify the type of member. Such as “VIP” (which is a paid level) or “Helpful” (if they have done something that helps another member) or KN7000 (if they own that model of keyboard).

    Here’s a link to my existing forum and if you hover over an avatar you’ll see the badges. The badges are also displayed on the member’s profile.


    Do you have anything similar? Where I can assign badges to member types? I’ve searched and found some similar messages in your support forums such as these below but I’m not sure if they are about very similar topics:




    Apologies if these are off-topic, I’m very new to WordPress and Buddypress.


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    Mike Sealey on #23438

    PS also on my existing system I can apply a member type for a limited time. For example, when a new member signs up they are assigned to “New Member” and they get a new member badge for two months, so that everyone knows they are new and might need help. I have over 10,000 members so features like that are important to our membership. By using member types with badges I’m able to illustrate many things about the member quickly such as their paid membership level or how long they have been a member (they get a new badge every year).

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    Brajesh Singh on #23443

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the question. We do have a badges plugin ready. We will be releasing it this week. It is not tested with mutisite/multiblog tough.

    I will post an update sometime this week.

    Thank you

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    Mike Sealey on #23459

    That sounds awesome!

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