Welcome to the all new BuddyDev

It's my pleasure to introduce you to the all new BuddyDev. If you haven't noticed, we have streamlined most of the things on BuddyDev. We still need to work on a few things but it is a good start for us.

What is New?

  • We have a brand new site where content accessibility is the focus
  • You can buy Individual plugins, themes now
  • You can buy priority support for any of our free plugin/themes if you need urgent support. It starts from $3( and varies according to the plugin/theme)
  • We have a better support forum now
  • We have introduced private ticket support for priority support to BuddyDev pro Members as well as customers who buy individual theme/plugin
  • We have introduced the docs section(which will keep growing)
  • You can view all your purchase history/subscription/purchased plugins & themes from your profile.
  • One major change that I liked is, earlier we had no forum profile accessibility. Now, You can see your forum profile/topics created/replied/favorited(It was a major issue in past)

We have made a lot more changes. The search is much better now. Also, search results depend on the context of the page you are viewing.

Here are the things on my current priority list.

Our Priority :-

  • Replying to comments( we haven't done it properly in recent times and this is one of the focus for next 6 months)
  • Improving response time on our support forums ( We have already improved a lot but my goal is to reduce the response time to 30 mins in next 1-2 months)
  • Release next 15 plugins in 45 days. It is mostly lagging because I haven't been able to write introductory posts.
  • Release our 2 BuddyPress Themes and a few WordPress themes in next 30 days.
  • Introduce Idea board on BuddyDev where you will decide which plugins/themes we build( It will be  live in next 15-20 days )
  • Build BuddyDev dashboard plugin to allow you installing/upgrading our plugins easily( hoping to complete it in next 3-4 months)
  • Put most of our free plugins on WP.org
  • And last but not least, Writing a lot of tutorials, tips, tricks for WordPress & BuddyPress

I know It sounds too much but  Anu (@anusharma) will be helping  me and I am sure, we are going to do it this time.

We will have the Ideas section up in next 15 days, in the mean time, please do suggest your Ideas using the contact form.

And a last thing, I want to hear from you about things on BuddyDev that you want us to improve, add or change? Please let me know in comments.

PS: Please do report me any bug you find on the site, We are still in the update mode 🙂

2 Responses to Welcome to the all new BuddyDev

  • Best wishes Brajesh! Looking forward to more awesome plugins, themes and tutorials at BuddyDev and to your more active participation at BP Trac and Forums 😀

    • Thank you Mercime 🙂
      I am also looking forward to organize myself and get involved in the community/trac & forums again 🙂