BP Mag Reloaded : Here comes your awesome feature packed, truly responsive BuddyPress Theme framework

Today, we are releasing our very own awesome theme framework. Yes, you guessed it correctly. We are releasing BP Mag update for BuddyPress 1.7 and with truly responsive layout.

Meet the Theme:-

With BP Mag, you get following functionality out of box:-

    • Truly Responsive
    • Beautifully coded
    • Theme Options Panel
    • Two optional WordPress Custom Nav Menu
    • Global Unified Search integration
    • All of BuddyDev Plugins Supported out of the box
    • Major 3rd Party plugins supported(you can see the list below)
    • We are open to support more 🙂

Some screenshots

I took this screenshot via IPadpeek.

Here is how it looks on my galaxy s2

For more, please visit the demo here

Here I will list the feature which it already had in the initial version.


  • Unique widgetized sidebars for almost all component
  • Currently It has 18 widget areas, and at the time of release may have a few more
  • Inbuilt Global unified search for BuddyPress
  • Highly Customizable and Fully widgetized Home page
  • Spacious forum pages
  • Contains templates for Bp-Gallery, Branded login, Global forums and all of our components
  • Admin options to control the features
  • Around 5-10 supplementary widgets for many features
  • mag-blog child theme for seamless blog look and feel
  • Works with Standard WordPress Install when BuddyPress is disabled
  • You can extend it using filters, there are around 180-200 useful hooks which will assist to develop new child themes based on the bp-mag

Basic Advantages:-

  • Theme Framework: Low maintenance for your theme development.
  • Efficient hook/action System: allows developers to extend it in all the way they want.
  • Most of the nifty features you want are included by default in the theme
  • Cuts down your development time, as you can create unique child themes easily(It's not about just the color/background, you can manipulate the layout as you want).

Site/Blog features:-

  • Page Layout: 3 layout option for content orientation
    • 2 column layout(sidebar,Content)
    • Column layout(content,sidebar)
    • Single Column layout(no sidebar)
  • 2 options for fluid/fixed width
    • Fluid layout(auto adjust according to screen size)
    • Fixed layout(1024px)
  • Admin panel for easy customization
  • You get two top menus[optional], can disable/enable from backend
  • You get upto 13 unique widget enabled sidebars (you can enable/disable from back end)
  • Widgetized home page[please see here]
  • Localization supported[advance localization to allow reading the translation files from child themes too]
  • Supports WordPress 3.0 custom menu
  • You get 2 menus , you can enable/disable any of them
  • Multilevel drop down menu
  • Supports post thumbnail/Featured Image
  • Posts contents can be changed by calling simple functions
  • Templates for Custom Blog page
  • Template for Single Column Full Width Page
  • Themed template for Subscribe to Comments management page
  • Support for wp pagenavi/Breadcrumb NavXt

BuddyPress Specific:-

  • Global Unified search inbuilt
  • Unique Widget enabled sidebars for each of the component
  • Friends search On My friends Page
  • Groups search On My groups page
  • Enhanced Group Forum Page

BP Mag includes custom templates for Following Components

BP Mag contains some codes/hacks to support following components too:-

Other than the above, we have tested it with the following plugins:-

  • Oembed for BuddyPress
  • BuddyPress Verified
  • BuddyPress Member profile Stats
  • Bp TinyMCE
  • WP Super Captcha
  • Wp Recaptcha
  • Bp Moderation
  • BuddyPress Like
  • BP Group Hierarchy
  • BuddyBlog
  • we will be adding support for bbpress 2.3 soon

For Developers:-

  • BP Mag is a theme framework, so you have the option to create your own layout in minutes with minimal coding
  • More than 200 action/filter hooks to customize everything
  • Helpers for Custom post template support (you can define unique templates for say movies in "movies" directory of your child theme)
  • Hook based home page, so you can customize it
  • Hook based directory page[ you can change from the list item to whole loop with functions]
  • Hook based profile page, change the order of any element of profile page
  • Hook based group page, change the order as you want
  • and so on…the list is a little bit long to put here.

Demo:– http://bp.fusedpress.com/bp-mag/

Why don't you take a look at the demo first to see it live in action.




A big shout out to our very own rising superstar Anu(@anusharma) for all her work on the theme, documentation, testing and setting up demos. It wouldn't have been easy to put it without her help. Thank you Anu 🙂

Want more ?

We have got more for you. In case, you just want to buy this theme and not our membership, please give us 3-4 days, our theme club is almost raring to go live 🙂

The upcoming theme club will allow you to Buy our themes(and a lot of themes are coming) individually.

Let us know if you want some feature or find a bug, we are here to help 🙂

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