Introducing BuddyPress Member Type Generator

Are you looking to use BuddyPress Member Type?  Today, I am introducing the  BuddyPress Member Type Generator plugin that will make your job easy. It allows you( as a site administrator ) to create and manage BuddyPress member types from the admin dashboard . You can create as many member types as you want by using this plugin.


  • Add/Edit Member Types from Dashboard
  • Activate/deactivate a member type(Only active member types are available while using BuddyPress member type api functions)
  • Control everything( name, slug, labels, directory enable etc ) from the dashboard
  • Bulk assign member types to user


Add New/Edit Member Type:-

Edit Member Type screen


Listing All Created member Types:-


Bulk Assigning Member Types:-


Download & Installation:-



I hope that it helps you in creating/managing member types. Please do let me know your questions, suggestion or any feedback in the comments below.

PS: If you are a developer, and prefer to use code instead, you may want to have a look at our member type introduction tutorials.

Do you want more flexible and powerful member types manager plugin? Checkout BuddyPress Member Types Pro if you want to use member types with roles, memberships etc.

22 Responses to Introducing BuddyPress Member Type Generator

  • Thanks for the great information about Member Types and the new plugin. I would be awesome if you could provide a great solution too for using Member Types at registration, and this via XProfile fields, so that a user becomes a certain member type automatically at registration.

    • Hi Romanzy,
      Thank you for the comment and suggestion.
      I will be releasing a custom profile field plugin within next 4 days and that contains member type profile field. Please keep an eye on the updates for next week 🙂

      • I'm looking very much forward to it, Brajesh ! THANK YOU

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I came to see if you were ready with the Member Types at registration\ via XProfile fields. Any progress yet?

  • Hello guys, the plugin was suggested by the KLEO theme (supporting your plugin). The links to a member type works, but, the link that automatically appears in the members loop is not working, it just shows all the members.

    (what I mean is, if you go to https://www.thisisthegeneration.co.uk/members/type/staff/ in the browser, it correctly shows the members for that type, but, if you click 'Staff' in the members loop (/members/), it shows all the members without filtering the member type).

    The ajax in the page works OK as I have another tab using ajax.

    I'm not an expert, but it sounds like it's some ajax issue with the link in the members loop?


    • Hi Ramiro,
      Please contact your theme author. The ajax loop filtering is handled by them and not by BuddyPress/or this plugin.
      Sorry about the delayed reply though.

      • Thank you Brajesh, cheers,

        no worries I removed the feature from the members loop for now, I may take a look later some day.

        Thanks anyway

  • Hi, I've updated to the latest wordpress version 4.4.2 and now in user list I cannot assign a user with the member type.

    Please can you update your plugin, thank you.

    • Hi Micahek,
      Thank you for letting us know. Yes, currently bulk assignment is not working. You can still assign member types to individual users by Editing their profile in the admin.

      We will update the plugin next week to allow bulk assignment again.

      Thank you

  • Hi, BP Member Type Generator disappeared from my dashboard, but still works if I add "edit.php?post_type=bp-member-type" to the WP-Admin URL.

    Any idea why it became hidden in the dashboard? I have an install with all latest updates of WordPress and Buddypress, etc.

    • Thank you for reporting. We will be updating it this week. It is a menu position conflict in the admin.

  • Kim #

    It shows the number of members for a specific type, but it only shows 1 active member and their information, even though others are active members.

    • I think we resolved it on forums. The issue was related to the user not logging to the site.

  • HI, is it possible to assign multiple member types to a single user?

    • Hi Marc,
      If you are trying to do it using code, then Yes. bp_set_member_type allows appending the new member type instead of overwriting the old.

  • Hello, is it possible to search by member type with this plugin? For example, I have doctors and patients. If I search for "patients" I want all members with the patient type to display.

  • Hey, you're plugin is great!
    I'd like to tweak bp-functions.php to list all member type directory.

    Something like

    Problem is:

    is just wrong…
    Could you help me out? Thx!!!!

    • Hi,
      I have replied to your post on wporg forum. Here is the same

      You can use this to print the url

      bp_member_type_directory_permalink( $member_type );

      or this to get the url

      $url = bp_get_member_type_directory_permalink( $member_type );

      You will need to change the member type with the actual one.

      Hope that helps.

  • Dear Brajesh,

    Nice plugin and thank you!!! I saw in Release History that since Version: 1.0.5 "1. Make the member type post type to be editable by admin only". But how can I activate this mode? My members still can change them types.