Lock and Unlock Activity for commenting on your BuddyPress Site with BP Lock Unlock Activity Plugin

Do you want to give your users the control to close their activity for commenting. Do you want them to choose whether they want to see people commenting on their activity or not? If yes, Here is BP Lock Unlock Activity Plugin to allow you give your users the control to close/open or lock/unlock their activity for commenting.


  • Activity Can be locked( means No new comment will be allowed on that particular activity)
  • Activity Can be Unlocked( Whe a locked activity is unlocked, It allows users to comment on that again)
  • Site Admin Can Lock any activity He/She wants
  • A User Can Lock/Unlock their activity for commenting

That is simple. Here are a few screenshots.


On Locked Activity, comments are closed

Opening Locked Activity, Now can be commented

Closing Activity




  • Jeff Schodde for the Idea. Thank you Jeff
  • Our very own @anusharma for  most of the code. Thank you Anu. You are a great help 🙂

So, do you guys plan to use it? Is it helpful ? Let me know your views in the comment below .

7 Responses to Lock and Unlock Activity for commenting on your BuddyPress Site with BP Lock Unlock Activity Plugin

  • Oh wow! How cool is that!? I will try this right away! Thanks for making this happen 🙂

    • Hi Jeff Schodde,
      Thank you for appreciation.


  • There is a cosmetic bug in your initial release: if commenting for forum and blog posts is disabled in BP settings "close" should not show up for these activities …

  • jj #

    great job !
    but how translate it in french language ?
    Should I create a bp-lock-fr_FR.po file from the US template or is that a different filename?
    thx a lot

    • Hi JJ,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Please upgrade to 1.0.1(I have just updated).
      After that, please put the translation file as 'bp-lock-unlock-activity-fr_FR.mo' in the bp-lock-unlock-activity/languages directory or wp-content/languages/plugins directory.

      That will make it work.
      hope that helps

      • jj #

        I tested and everything is ok. However, the open and close buttons in the activity thread remain untranslated. ? an idea ?
        thx a lot

  • jj #

    WAOU thank you for this fastest support.