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    Rudolf Wagner on #18582

    It works so far but I still struggle to achieve what I originally wanted to achieve. I wanted to be in control how the members page looks like. I thought i will place some shortcodes there to show the members type that I want to show the way I want to show it. My theme (Kleo) would provide some clever shortcode to achieve that goal.

    My main problem however is that I have found no way to prevent Buddypress from showing ALL members on that page per default. Do you know how I could make that happen?

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    Rudolf Wagner on #18404

    Thanks for checking in. Glad that it works. Don’t know what I did that it didn’t work before.

    I know the procedure how to do it with CSS, it’s described in the theme documentation. I just thought the plugin could maybe provide an easier way to choose the icon. But I am also happy with CSSing. I let you know when I need help with that.

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    Rudolf Wagner on #18242
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    Rudolf Wagner on #18231

    > I am sorry, can you please tell me the issue? Is it that you are unable to associate group with member types? If that is the case, can you please type a few letters and see it is suggesting?

    When I set the cursor in the group name field and type a few letters I can see it spinning but no suggestions are coming up.

    > What happened? After refresh, did you see the member type column having the member type or not?

    I did not see the column because of a plugin (admin columns). Sorry, my fault. Now I see them and they show the correct member type. So that works.

    > Are you on multisite or normal WordPress?

    So it looks as if the only thing not working is selecting a group. I am not using any filter I am aware of. In fact I have a website with Bbpress and not yet implemented Buddypress. I am still testing it all on my staging site to find out if and how it all works together.

    Maybe I might not even need groups in Buddypress because that makes other things quite complicated like the connection to forums. All I want is showing members that subscribed to a Membership plan (with Woocommerce Memberships) all of the members. I think I can do that with Member-types better than with groups because I found out that even my theme has all kinds of short-codes for showing members of specific member-types on a page.

    I tried to find information about the use of Buddypress member-types versus groups but was not very successful.
    As you seem to be very familiar with Buddypress could you give me some short advice of when to use member-types and when to use groups?

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    Rudolf Wagner on #18204

    I wanted to test all the steps just to find out that the first step doesn’t work.
    I tried to assign users to a member type on the all users page.
    It looked as if it was working but did not.
    The shortcode of the member type shows no result.
    (by the way, is there any other way to list users that belong to a member type than a shortcode?)

    I tried the other option with creating a x-tra field for member type in the profile.
    I can choose the member type from the drop down menu and it remembers the setting after saving and refreshing the page but the shortcode still shows no result.

    And as I said before it also doesn’t find any BP Groups in the settings of the member type.

    Something very basic doesn’t work here I think.

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    Rudolf Wagner on #18203

    Hi Brajesh,

    Thanks for the fast answer.
    I was missing step Nr. 2 the option on the WooCommerce Membership Plan.
    Is it right that I have to change the member type of existing members manually and this would add them to the assigned group automatically?

    There’s only one step in this setup that I am not sure about.
    When I want to associate a Buddypress Group to a member type the field that I should insert the name of the group looks like it would search for existing names but nothing comes up. I am also unsure if I should put the name or the slug of that group in that field.

    My BP group name is:
    MLT Club Members

    and my slug is:

    I tried both but none of it shows up when I type the first letters in but it seems to be searching for existing names and doesn’t find any. What do I have to put into this field?