WordPress S3 Slider Widget

WordPress S3 Slider Widget is a slideshow widget which allows you to showcase your posts in a nice looking slideshow. It uses the S3 slider jquery plugin with slight enhancement.

I am sure you all are familiar with most of the slideshow plugins and must be thinking why I am putting another one. Well, there are several reasons.

  • It's very lightweight slideshow around(13 kb unzipped including, php, javascript/css)
  • It has no nonsense code for heavy admin, you get simple but powerful option in the widget options itself
  • Lastly, I liked the s3 slider and checked for WordPress, but no plugin existed with slider which used post thumbnails. There is one which asks you to add the images separately and hs it's won management screen. Not appealing for me at least.

Ok, enough reason for me to get started, and not to forget I wanted to put something cool for our very own theme BP Mag. Still, this slideshow will work with any theme without any issue.


  • Uses Post Thumbnail
  • Allows you to control the height and width for each of the Widget Instance.
  • The Images of your specified size are generated from the post thumbnail for only one time and will not cause much load to your server
  • Allows you to control how many posts and which category should be included in the slider
  • Allows you to control the transition speed
  • Allows you to control the overlay position, you get 4 overlay positions.

Ok, I guess, It's time to explain it in more details. let us start with a few screenshot.

Here is screenshots of How it looks like:-

And If you are Using BP Mag theme, you can leave the title blank(if you don't like the title for slideshow) and It will look like this

And here is a screenshot with the TwentyTen theme

Now, Let us check the sideshow with different overlay positions:-

When  Overlay position is left:

When Overlay Position is right:-When Overlay Position Is top:-

And When Overlay Position is Bottom:-

Widget Options:-

As you can see  from the above widget-options screenshot, you can control the overlay positions, transition speed, image width & height , no. of posts to show in the slider and also from which categories they should be taken from.

Oh yes, and It's free. I earlier thought to make it bp mag specific but later generalized for any WordPress theme as a normal widget.  So, It will work with any of  the WordPress theme out there.

Download &Installation:

Please check this for the download and Installation Information.


1. Boban Karišik for the jquery S3 slider plugin

2. Shawn for Pointing me to this trac ticket

3.  Victor Teixeira for the code of dynamically resizing image from post thumbnail as in the above trac ticket.
4. Images used in the slideshow are from flickr photo streams of Paul Sapiano, Victoria and I don't remember whose cat that is. So, if you know, please do let me know, I will be happy to link(It was from flickr but I don't remember the owner's link  )

I hope a few of you will like this slideshow widget. Please do let me know in comments if you find any issue or have some suggestion for the enhancement. Looking forward to hear from you all.

5 Responses to WordPress S3 Slider Widget

  • Can you insert a slider with a shortcode?

    I've been fighting with my theme to add an area above the posts for a slider widget unsuccessfully. So I'm looking for a good slider plugin with a small memory footprint that I can add via short-code to a sticky post on top of my news feed.

  • Hi,

    how about a version for a page slider, with shortcode to pull it in.. and ability to set width and height, plus call in either featured post images or a gallery..?


  • Why is it that when I add another post for the slider , the old one will be lost or I mean only one post will be shown in the slider? Please help me . Thanks

    • Hi Wetz,
      @anusharma has just updated this slider and now It fetches the posts as expected. Can you please try version 1.0.2 and let us know if that works or not?


  • the link to "BP Mag on this page https://buddydev.com/plugins/wordpress-s3-slider-widget/ is broken and results in 404.

    thanks so much for all your awesome plugins.