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Multisite Global Terms

Multisite Global Terms
Multisite global terms plugin allows you to share your categories/tags or any other taxonomy terms…

BuddyPress Poke

BP Poke plugin allows your users to poke each others just like facebook. If you…

BuddyPress Signup Avatar

Resizing Avatar
BuddyPress Signup Avatar plugin allows users to upload profile pic/avatar after completing registration on BuddyPress…

Taxonomy Posts List

Taxonomy Posts List
Taxonomy posts list plugin allows you to list posts from a category, custom taxonomy or…

Blog Avatar

Blog Avatar Plugin allows site admins to upload avatars for their blog This plugin currently…

WordPress Widgets Shortcode

WordPress Widgets Shortcode
WordPress Widgets Shortcode enables you to embed any widget area(or dynamic sidebars) ┬áin your posts/pages…

BuddyPress Activity Shortcode

BuddyPress Activity Shortcode allows you to embed BuddyPress activities in posts/pages using shortcodes. Here is…

Disable Site Delete

Disable Site Delete
Disable Site plugin is a quick hack for WordPress Multisite Network. The goal of this…