Introducing the first Stable Version of Bp-Gallery for BuddyPress

Hi All,

I am very happy today to introduce the first stable version of Bp Gallery. It has taken around more than 8 months to come to stable. We had numerous alpha, beta and release candidates to test, test and test. So, It's very special for me to introduce gallery as stable today. I can't thank the community members enough for their test, advices and support for the improvement in the plugin.  Thank you all for helping me  making it stable.

What is BP Gallery:-

From the very beginning of it's development, we had a goal to create an ultimate media gallery for the BuddyPress based social network.  BP Gallery provides you that ultimate media gallery component. It enables you to control all the aspects of media. It can be used as photo gallery, It can be used as video gallery, It can be used as audio gallery and It can be extended for almost any type of media. Name me a type of gallery you want, and I will provide an addon for gallery to handle that. It is flexible, it is extendible and it is very much customizable to your very own liking. You can customize every aspect of gallery, including enabling disabling for components(like profile/group) etc. I guess,  the best way to know something is to test it. So, have a look at new demo http://plugins.bpdemos.com/bp-gallery and test it for yourself.

Current features:-

  • Unlimited profile Photo Gallery
  • Unlimited profile Video Gallery
  • Unlimited Profile Audio Gallery
  • Group Gallery support
  • Gallery can be enabled/disabled for a particular user/particular group
  • Gallery can be enabled disabled for User profile(You can disallow profile gallery and keep it as group only gallery)
  • Gallery can be disabled for groups completely and can be used as profile only gallery
  • Multilevel privacy for profile gallery(public, friends only, private)
  • Multilevel privacy for groups gallery(public, private)
  • Privacy is applicable to gallery as well as individual media level
  • You can enable disable allowed media type(keep it as photo only, audio only or video only gallery)
  • Integrated to activity for media commenting/publishing to activity
  • Publishing media to activity can be automated
  • Publishing media to activity can be set as Bulk Publishing(Multiple photos/media in one activity entry) or  just single media item per activity
  • Media can be uploaded from  computer or added from web
  • Uploader will work with Non flash based device(Not tested with mobile device though, I tested by disabling flash in browser)
  • You can add images from flickr/photobucket(and extend for any site which provides oembed support with a single filter and 2 line of code)
  • Videos can be added from youtube and Vimeo(Can be extended for any site which supports oembed with a filter and 2 lines of code)
  • Light box everywhere(You can have light box in activity for image view/on directory page/on gallery listing page or even on directory page(using Pretty Gallery plugin)
  • Group Galleries available from profile
  • Improved Gallery directory(lists my galleries/my group galleries)
  • Multiple templates(with flowplayer/mediaelement.js player, you will have  to download templates separately)
  • Delete Audio from Play List[in case of flowplayer template]
  • Delete Video from Playlist[In case of flowplayer template]
  • Comment on video playlist page[ with flowplayer template]
  • Comment on audio playlist page(When an audio is played, the comments are loaded for that video/audio and user can comment further)
  • Square Thumbnails support
  • Original Image can be preserved now
  • You can create any number of thumbnails(It is using media meta) and access it(will need you to register the sizes with key name)
  • Uploader fallback for html5/non flash based device
  • New filters for allowing size limitations based on roles/individual user
  • Gallery API to create new Media types easily with gallery(*say pdf documents and so on, It is not finished yet but can be done with current gallery, will have fully functional api in 1.1)
  • Gallery API to attach gallery to any other component
  • Group Admin Can enable/disable gallery tab
  • All the widgets are re-written for better compatibility and flexibility(see the screenshots below)
  • Improved shortcodes
  • Embedding of gallery media in other places possible.
  • Fixing css conflict with WordPress gallery
  • Improved privacy(fixing the bugs)
  • You can easily enable gallery to show external media only or uploaded media If you want
  • Complete code refraction and organization
  • Powerful template system, allows you to customize almost everything from gallery template/functions.php
  • Removed the notice plugin
  • The video/audio player is decoupled from plugin, so you can use any video player of your choice and change player if you want.
  • Uploader is decoupled from Gallery to allow you to switch to other uploader if you want
  • Disable/enable flash uploader from admin
  • A lot of documentation for gallery is coming to allow you do many more things

Upcoming features as Plugin:

  • Rating Plugin for media
  • Photo tagging plugin(almost complete, will be releasing in upcoming week)

Next version will support:-

  • RTSP Support
  • Sharing of media among the galleries(may be group and personal)
  • RSS feed for the media items
  • Remote Storage(using CDN)
  • Upload By email
  • Adding full fledged  API support for extending gallery further
  • Upload Anywhere
  • Improved admin panel for Gallery(currently it is just simple one)


Let me show some screenshots from the current change,. I have not changed the look and feel of the template but moved the css to gallery template to allow you change it easily if you want.

Profile Gallery Listing:-

You can use the top filter to list Photo gallery/ Audio gallery/Video gallery, otherwise all the types of gallery will be shown by default.

Photo Listing On Single Photo gallery:-

A Photo gallery can contain uploaded photos and/or photos from site supporting oembed as shown above. In the above gallery, there are 2 uploaded photos while rest of the photo are from flickr.

Single Photo Page:-

A photo from flickr/photobucket/oembed supporting site will be also shown as  larger size just like other photos. So It gives the impression of photo being on your site/gallery while the actual photo is on remote site.

Users can comment on external media in same way as normal and tag it just like the uploaded image(with the help of upcoming tagging plugin)

Single Video gallery Page:-

A video gallery can contain the videos from youtube/vimeo/any other oembed supported site as well as the uploaded videos.

here is another screenshot with mediaelement player

Audio gallery Page with mediaelement player:-

Single Uploaded Video page:-

Single Page view for Youtube video

Vimeo Video Single Page:-

Activity Publishing:-

Multiphoto publishing to activity

Media can be published in group to activity as shown above or just published as individual media depending on your gallery settings.

Multiple Audio In activity:-

Profile Activity for gallery filtered under activity sub tab

A user can see the gallery activity under the "gallery" sub tab of his/her profile activity page.

Sitewide Activity Page:-

A logged in user will have access to his/her gallery activity under the sitewide activity page.

Upload from Activity:-

If you have enabled the upload from activity page, a video/audio/photo can be directly uploaded from activity stream page and shared.

Gallery Directory page

Gallery directory page lists all the public galleries. You can filter it by media type(photo/audio/video) and also perform search there. The directory page also lists the personal galleries for a logged in user as wel as the Group Galleries of the user.

Group Gallery:-

Group galleries work just as normal galleries. Administrator/moderator can create the gallery and all the members can upload to gallery. The visibility of gallery/media will depend on the group settings as wel as gallery and media privacy settings.

Managing Gallery:-

Editing media/gallery:-

If you are logged in and you are the admin of gallery, you will see the edit/delete/upload link on the gallery listing page. Also, an edit link and upload link is present inside individual gallery page as shown below.

Once you click the link, you will be taken to the appropriate manage/upload page as shown below.

Single Gallery Manage Page:-

Create Gallery:-

Bulk Medi Edit page:-

Clicking on the edit media tab in manage gallery page  will list all the media and show you the form to  edit title, description, privacy. You can also set one of the media as gallery cover if you are editing a photo gallery.

Single gallery Upload Initial Page:-

Clicking on the upload tab will show you a page like above. Site admin can change the upload button by replacing an image in the gallery template. It allows you to upload multiple file at once. To assist user, It also displays the allowed file type as wel as the maximum upload size allowed for individual files.

Upload In progress:-

Once the upload starts, the successfully uploaded media is shown in the rightbox site while uploader keeps uploading other media.

Add from Web(In example is flickr)

Click on add from web, will show an input box. Just copy and paste the url of an oembed supporting webpage and gallery will grab the image/video from that page. In the above example, I have added a flickr photo to gallery.

Drag and drop reorder media

Clicking on organize media tab will show you the list of media items in grid. They are draggable. Drag and drop them to reorder the media inside the gallery. Is not that easy ?

Edit gallery Info/privacy

You can change gallery description, title and privacy from the edit info tab as shown above.

Cover Upload for Gallery:-

In case of audio and Video gallery, I am sure you would want to upload a cover image. So the tab, cover upload gives you that functionality to change the cover image for the gallery.

Delete Gallery:-

A gallery can be deleted from the magae gallery page as well as from the gallery listing page. deleting a gallery will delete all the media inside the gallery and remove any activity items related to that gallery/media.

Publish Uploaded media Items to Activity:-

If the gallery settings is not set to auto publish the media items to activity, You can publish them from the gallery manage page as shown above. You can opt to either publish them or just hide the notice.

Inline editing medi from Single Gallery page:-

You saw above, we had a Bulk edit page for media but to make it easier, you can inline edit the media title,description and privacy from the media listing page of  individual page.


There are two widgets which comes with Bp Gallery, you can have any number of instance of them. I will show there features below.

Sitewide media Widgets:-

The sitewiode media widget allows you to do many things as shown below

  • List recently uploaded media(It will list a mix of audio/video/photo)
  • List media By Type(Only photos, only audios,only videos)
  • Order the media list by title, upload date, or randomly
  • You can choose to list ascending(In case of date, recently uploaded first, or least recent first), In case of title( alphabetically ordering or reverse alphabetically, I am not sure if that is the right word to use here), In case of random media, this has no effect.

So, you can combine all of the above to have upto 18 combinations.  It's all for you to play with.

Sitewide Gallery Widget

The sitewide gallery widget allows you to list recently updated galleries. You can filter gallery by type, sort them by update date or title or randomly and order by ascending/descending.

here is a screenshot for sitewide media with Random media and mixed content settinsg(all type of media is listed, including youtube, vimeo, video, photo, audio).

Lightbox everywhere :-

To have this, you will need Pretty Gallery plugin, available from our plugins section.

For Photos, you can enable lightbox from activity, directory, sitewide  gallery, profile gallery, group gallery and so on. here are a few examples:-

Lightbox in activity:-

Lightbox On single gallery page:-

Someone said, a picture says a thousand words, I am sure the above picture should have said a couple thousand words about gallery. Now, It's your turn to test it and let me know what you think. What Improvements and what more features?

If you want to extend gallery, please let me know the purpose and I will help and do not forget, On the gallery download page, you can check for other addons which support gallery.


Download Link:- https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-gallery/

Installation & Upgrade: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-gallery/installation/

Download Pretty Gallery:- https://buddydev.com/plugins/pretty-gallery/

Documentation: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-gallery/documentation [It is incomplete, will have full documentation by end of the first week of December]

Demo: http://plugins.bpdemos.com/bp-gallery

Got a bug, please report in https://buddydev.com/forums

PS:- The flowplayer template is coming today and so will be a template for suffusion theme, The gallery template for suffusion theme is available now on gallery download page.I will put template for Cosmic Buddy later today. I will be adding a couple more templates and then will work on rating/face tagging plugin. Please let me know in comments which of these two plugins you want first. The related Plugins for gallery are listed on the gallery download page. Please check that page for other addons like watermarking plugin etc.

Happy Social Networking.

178 Responses to Introducing the first Stable Version of Bp-Gallery for BuddyPress

  • Hello my friend, this is awesome, so much new features that were really needed, im about to test and let you know what issues i encounter.
    One feature would be cool to implement: What about compressing the images after upload? would that be possible. To make images lighter, just like facebook does! What do you think?

    • Could you reply to this message instead of the last one, I didnt tick the notify checkbox on the last one, thanks!

      • Hi Carlos,
        Thanks for the comment. Sure, I will keep it for next release. I missed to implement it(I remember you had asked about it on some other page, sorry for that). Will be working on it in next major release.

        Please do let me know the results of your testing 🙂


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  • Woo-hoo! Happy Thanksgiving Brajesh 🙂

    • Thank you Mercime:) and happy Thanksgiving day(a little bit late on my part) 🙂

  • Is bp-gallery-watermark supposed to work with this released version? If so, I get a white page when I activate the plugin. What might I have done wrong?

  • Nevermind . . . I did not read about the Reloaded requirement. . .Sorry to distract.

    • Hi Roy, No problem. I was just going to point about that 🙂 I am glad you got that 🙂

  • @Brajesh – I am still getting this js error:
    I am viewing a private gallery and I am not logged in. Getting this msg, but also privacy setting is preventing viewing of images (this is ok).

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; MS-RTC EA 2; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0C)
    Timestamp: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 14:11:06 UTC

    Message: Invalid argument.
    Line: 15
    Char: 2853
    Code: 0
    URI: http://the604adventure.org/wp-content/themes/buddybase/gallery/inc/mediaelement/mediaelement.min.js?ver=3.0.1

    Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
    Line: 139
    Char: 5
    Code: 0
    URI: http://the604adventure.org/groups/camporee/gallery/2010-camporee/dsc_9298

    • Hi Roy,
      Is that coming In IE 8? I am unable to see the issue in firefox and chrome and I have IE6 here, so just confirming before upgrading my browser for test.

  • Great job on the fixes and the plug-in in general .It Would be great to see the rating add-on . Btw is there anyway to change the thumbnail size of the media in the activity page .

    • Hi Jomas,
      Thanks for the comment.Currently image posted in activity is same as the thumb size. If you want another image size to be posted(say, not the thumb,mid, larger size, but a custom size for activity), It is possible by registering a custom thumbnail size and using a filter to get that posted in the activity.

      If you want that, please open a topic in forum, I will post the relevant code.


      • ahh and rating addon is coming next week. It is a little larger component than the tagging.So, tagging will come before that. Today, we will have an addon for associating gallery to EventPress.

  • on activity the music player doesnt display correctly, it just shows a black background with no button or anything, any fix for this?

    • Hi Jeremy,
      I did not test by publishing audio in activity stream. Had tested for video/photo in activity stream. let me check it in a minute. It is all residing in the template, will update the template if it is not working. You can download it separately and overwrite the template.


  • BRAJESH !!


    My User´s can not upload Pictures in their Gallery and Groups !!!!

    When i choose some pictures and click uplaod, the site change and go to white !!!!

    The Browser search this : http://fotoshooting4you.de/community/wp-load.php

    Booth – in the Usere Gallery AND in the Group-Gallery !!


    • You are using old template for gallery. Would you mind downloading the current version and overwriting the "gallery" directory in your current theme. Please make sure to follow Install instructions.

  • Sent you a email about the audio player not working, please send one back when you get a moment.

  • Excellent job, Brajesh! Congrats on the stable release. It's been a long journey that many have been watching with great interest 🙂

  • @Brajesh

    Goody, goody! I've been busy building a new theme framework but, as soon as I get that done, I'm going to have a lot of fun with gallery!

    BTW, shouldn't it be about time we all chip in and renew our BuddyDev memberships?

    • Hi Patrick,
      Welcome back. Gad to know you are building the framework, I am sure, I will be among the first testers 🙂
      For renewing membership, I guess, Who ever have paid for gallery, they should get it first. I am still not sure about asking for renew. Let us see, first let us get the gallery working for everyone 🙂


  • Hey Brajesh,

    Love the new plugin, and thanks for the detailed upgrade instructions. I'm using the bp columns theme and the left sidebar disappears when viewing images. I remember I had to add some code to the older version of bp-gallery to fix the issue, where and what code do I need to add to fix this problem again.

    Thanks again for the great plugin and I appreciate any help you may provide.

    • Hi Ray,
      Thanks for the comment. I am glad You are liked It.

      Please let me put a template for bp columns in next couple of hour. That should fix your issue.


    • Hi Ray,
      here is the template for Bp-columns theme. Please Use it.


      • Hey Brajesh,

        Thank you for your fast response, but I'm not sure what I have to do with the template you provided. I replaced the gallery folder in my template with the files your provided but it didn't do anything. I'm sorry it's probably a non issue but I'm not sure what to do. Thanks again, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

        • Hi Ray,
          Please unzip the above download. It will be unzipped to "gallery" automatically. Move that to bp-columns theme by deleting the older gallery template from there.

          Then check your site. It should fix all the issues.

        • Great! Thanks a lot Brajesh!

  • Hi there.I am having a problem though. Please check this link.http://fashionsblogs.com/mformariza/gallery When you click on a gallery image to view the gallery, the pics dont show up, it only shows a link to the pic. Furthermore, the link that does show up, doesnt even link to the pic when clicked. Please help!!


  • I solved my problem. Sorry for hassle. Thanks again for the great plugin.

  • still looking for your email =)

    • Hi Jeremy,
      sorry, could not get back to you yesterday. yes, I see the issue on site. The player is replacing the audio tags but nothing else is happening there in the activity stream. Most probably something to do with your custom theme. But Let me check some more.I will get back in a couple of hours today.


  • thanks =)

  • Hi! Just installed the plugin. All links associated with the plugin, such as "create gallery" or "gallery (0)" or anything to do with the pluging on the live sute just redirects me to my website's main page (as opposed to the buddypress "community" section. Ideas? (Plugin disabled now as don't want people tinkering with it)

  • Strange. That got the original problem solved, but now when I upload, I get this: "You have not uploaded anything yet, Upload Now. Upload" – with nothing uploaded. Perhaps it's a permission issue. Where are pics uploaded to?

    • Please Logout and login again. Then try to upload. for the first time when you activate gallery, It need to log out and login again to allow it upload.

  • You know, I really should read your whole instruction set first. Let me logout and re-login… Sorry…

  • It works. So sorry for not reading everything first.

    I do have one question: what's the CSS for the width of the gallery nav bar thing – it seems to be wider than my site and it's sticking out on the side.

  • Actually, I mean "where's the css located". Need the width to be 590px.

    Love the plugin, by the way.

    • Hi Don,
      Thanks for the comment.
      The css is located in your-theme/gallery/inc/css/structure.css

      It is inside the gallery template you moved to your theme.

  • any update on why its not showing?

    • Hi Jermey,
      Please try to comment line 26 of your-theme/gallery/functions.php, does that solve the issue. I tried my best, but could not find a reason, so I am betting on double activation of player. Please comment this line as below
      [sourcode language="php"]


      and test,does that help. If not, can you please give me admin access for half an hour as I am unable to produce itlocally.

  • Question for you, Brajesh: Any plans for allowing users with Blogs via a multi-site install to easily incorporate images from their galleries in Buddypress to their blog posts?

    • Hi Greg,
      Yes, They can do it using shortcode. I will publish shortcode documentation today. There was Phillip's tiny mce plugin which does not seem to be working. I will be updating that in 1-2 days to allow doing it from editor without shortcodes too.

  • unfortunately it didnt work, if possible can I disable the post from going into the activity feed on the profile?

    • Well, I have a question for you first. Whenever I visit to your profile/test users profile on activity tab, I always see an audio player there. what is the code you are using for that. Can you please open a topic in the forum to make the things easier.

  • post made in the forums with more details, thanks

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Thank you so much for your quick responses to my and everyone's questions.

    The the "nav" bar for this (the one for "GALLERIES CREATE GALLERY PHOTO VIDEO AUDIO" etc.) appears to be borrowing the CSS for the secondary nav of the whole site. Given that the whole site is one width, and the content section is smaller, the gallery nav bar thing is too wide.

    Where is the code that assigns the CSS class and/or id to the gallery nav box, so I can give it a different class/id?

    example of issue "http://www.zombiezonenews.com/members/dmoyer/gallery/my-galleries/signs"


    • Hi Don,
      I am glad, I could help 🙂

      The line is everywhere, at least in 6 files. It is the id "#subnav" causing issue. here is an easy css fix
      [sourcecode language="css"]
      body.gallery #subnav {width:550px;}
      Please put that in your css file and It should fix.

  • Brajesh, Can you please look to http://www.teamajc.com

    I bought membership here for this plugin xD

    But, I cant take the pictures, galleries, or not even site.com/username/gallery and it redirects to home!

    Am really in need to get it solved 🙁

  • Does this plugin work ok with The Social Theme @



    • Hi Paul,
      This plugin is independent of any theme. It will work with any theme. I know a few members who have it working with social theme. btw, that needs a small change in one of the template file, just copying a block and pasting in gallery/members/index.php. The instruction is already in the forum. If you still find any issues, please do let me know, I will be glad to help.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    when will you publish the gallery documentation? Is there a way to create a page each for all photos, all video and all audio? I would like to add navigation to my site for each type of media.


    • Hi Thomas,
      The code to do that is already in forum with an example page template.Please open a topic and I will point to the example page.

      I am sorry, I was not able to put the documentation till now. There are some documentations available on loop etc and I am working on the draft. I hope to put it completely by 3rd week of this month.

  • Just installed this plugin. And what can I say, Brajesh, YOU ARE A GENIUS!

    Works perfect so far.. and Im loving it!

    • Thanks Raafat.
      I am glad it's working and you liked it 🙂

  • Hi Brajesh – Question on the gallery, again: Do you extract/save various meta-data (EXIF) from images? Specifically, I'm hoping you might save any related gps coordinates attached to images.


    • Hi Greg,
      thanks for the question. Though the data is extracted temporarily, I did not save it for later use. I am updating another mionor version of gallery to have this feature enabled. In 1-2 days, we will have another minor version which will allow to do this.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    BP-Gallery is great, thanks!
    I am running it on BP-Social-Theme by wpmudev.org. and it works quite fine, except the display of the "creat a gallery" menues. The buttons overlay each other.
    I made some screenshots, but don´t know how to add it here… 🙁

    What I have to do, to solve this?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      You will need top modify one file. Please open a topic and I will show the code to modify there in gallery/members/index.php.

      • I mean, please open a topic in the forum and there I will point to the code.

  • How is the rating plug-in coming along?

    • Hi Jomas,
      The rating plugin would not be possible before the end of this month. Was updating gallery to solve all the issues. Will have a separate post at the end of month when rating plugin is available. yes, media tagging will be coming any time soon.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    Did I read somewhere that you're about to release a small update to this? I'm just checking, because I'm about to do the update, but if you're going to do a release, then I'll wait for that before doing it. I'd rather only update it once.

  • Gallery is working fine except one thing: for audio-uploads, with or without pretty-gallery-plugin, if i click on an audio-album or on a single audio-file, it opens a lightbox-window, then switch back to normal view, while it starts to load the song. i have to click twice to start playing the song. can i deactivate pretty gallery just in case of audio files?


    WP-MS 3.0.3, Buddypress 1.2.6

    thanks, noizeburger

    • hi Noizeburger,
      Please upgrade to current version of pretty gallery. This is not an issue in current version of pretty gallery.

  • Hy Brajesh, i'm using the current version of pretty gallery (1.1.3). My problem seems to be a conflict with videoswiper-plugin. That's why everytime i try to click on a link (recognized, that the problem apears on several actions)a lightbox opens before anything happens…

  • Does this plugin require WPMU (or WP Networking)? (I'm hoping the answer is no!)

    • Yes, the answer is No.
      It works with WordPress 3.0 (single) as well as Multisite Version. The only requirement is you must have BuddyPress installed.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    I am very interesting in gallery and image feeds ( main, group, member , single-gallery … ).
    Did you plan the gallery feeds in further future? When?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Yes, The next major version will come in february and will have it.

  • Is there a way to change how the browse button looks in the flash loader? Thanks!

    • Hi Joshua,
      With bp-gallery1.0+ you can change it in your theme/gallery/inc/swfupload/upload_btn.png

      Hope that helps.

  • Dear Brajesh:

    I love your bp-gallery plugin and am very excited to use it with my suffusion theme. The gallery tab appears on profile menue, etc. But it throws the sidebar way off to the bottom of the page.

    can you please, please help?

    Thank you so very much;

  • Hi Brajesh:

    Still hoping to hear from you regarding the "BP-GALLERY" Template for Suffusion and BP login. I would be much grateful if I can receive these.

    Tomorrow is my birthday. I hope this will be one of the things I could appreciate a lot 🙂

    Thanks so much;

    • Hi Vida,
      Happy B'Day.

      Sure, you will have it today. I am looking at your comments and will update.

  • Hi Brajesh:

    Thank you soo much for your help. BP gallery now works perfectly with my Suffusion theme. I am also hoping to use your BP branded login with the same suffusion theme and am experiencing the same issue – moving sidebar 🙁

    Is there a way to have access to a magic formula that could make all your plugins compatible with Suffusion without having to bug you all the time?

    Thank you so much for letting me know.


  • i will buy the plugin right away if it supports bp social of buddydress!
    Brajesh please reply!

    • Hi,
      The plugin is independent of any theme, but to make it work with social theme, you will have to edit 2 template files. That should be a copy paste work.

      I hope that helps you in deciding.

  • Hi Brajesh:

    All the upgrades have come up at the same time!!! WP, Buddypress and Suffusion theme. I am using your BP gallery with Suffusion theme and buddypress and now after upgrading them all, when I click on "gallery" tab, it takes me to the front page, literally every time.

    I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks sooo much;


    • Hi Vida,
      since you had an upgrade of suffusion theme, the gallery template was lost.

      Please download the galley template for suffusion again and put it into your suffusion theme as you did earlier. That will solve the issue.

      Please do let me know if you find any problem.

  • Thank you so much Brajesh. Yes. It works perfectly now 🙂

    I thought there was a setting option for BP Gallery. I particularly remember to have seen it under Buddypress options. But I can't see it anywhere now!!

    I would appreciate you letting me know if BP Gallery setting option should appear at all on the dashboard or not.


  • "Gallery Settings". I found it!!

    I just had to delete the plugin and re-upload it a couple of times. Now it's all good 🙂

    Thanks so much for your patience.


  • Hi,

    I installed the plugin, although when I click on any gallery links im redirected to the front page. I logged out, and logged back in again and still the same thing. I also tried it with other users. Am I missing something here? Is there other files that I need to overwrite or something to activate the plugin?


    • Sorry for the delayed reply David. Hope you found the solution in the forum. If not, please move "gallery" directory to your theme and It will work.

  • Hi. I just joined and installed the Gallery plugin, but it does not look good with the bp-nicey theme. Viewing gallery options from a profile doesn't display properly, and I'd like to request that the theme be modified to work with Gallery. (Really, all your themes should be able to work with the Gallery plugin.)

    • sorry for the ignorance on our part. we did not check the gallery with Bp Nicey theme.
      You are right about compatibility, In future we will. For now, will check the gallery template for bp-nicey on weekend and update accordingly.

  • Hey brajesh, is there yet a solution for the following bug (at least i think it is one):

    You choose "Gallery" in the main navigation and then "My Galleries" or "My Group Galleries" in the sub navigation, then leave the Gallery (maybe moving to Groups or Members in the main navigation) and go back to "Gallery" the content area is still filled with the chosen items from "My Galleries" or "My Group Galleries" but in the Sub Navigation the "All Galleries"-Tab is highlighted again.

    A Solution would be awesome.

  • this is honestly one of the best plugins out there… and i've been talking about this to the entire buddypress community… but it really needs a couple of add-ons… rating, and flagging… please @brajesh, any idea when these out be out?

    • Hi Sid,
      Thanks for the comment. I will get all these addons out for Bp 1.3.

  • Hello! How i can to disable preserving original images?? Please, help

    • Please put this code in your functions.php or bp-custom.php
      [sourcecode language="php"]

      That will disable the saving of original image.
      Sorry for my delayed response.

  • Hello, when will the tagging plugin be released?

    • HI Benjamin
      I am sorry for not replying soon.
      I could not put tagging for bp 1.2 series. Now, It will be available for bp-gallery for bp 1.3.

  • The overview page for BP Gallery says:

    Multiple types of media Supported
    ◦Photo Gallery
    ◦Audio gallery
    ◦Video gallery
    ◦Can be extended with few code to support any time of media you want

    How exactly can I extend it to support a "Documents" type gallery where members can upload .PDF, .DOCX, .XLSX, or similar file types for others to download and/or view?

    • Hi Ken,
      There are two ways.
      1. You will have to look into the code(I don't think a very good idea as the plugin hooks are not documented well at the moment).
      2. If can wait till the weekend. I will be glad to put an example plugin(which will add documents type and allow uploading pdf/word or what ever file you would like). You can use that example to extend further.

    • Hi Ken,
      Just added a doc-gallery extension plugin for bp-gallery. Please check your forum post for download links and let me know your views there.


  • Would love to see a BuddyBoss theme template for BP-Gallery.

    Great plugin, thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Wendell,
      sorry I could not reply earlier.
      I hope you got it working for now. hopefully, will have some custom template for that with bp1.3 release.

  • Really struggling to get this to look, good. I'm using Woo Themes Canvas but it looks horrible even after hacking the code and trying to sort out the divs etc, any experience working with Canvas?

    • Hi Will,
      Can you please open a topic in the forum. I will link to the forum posts in which I had explained how to make it compatible with any theme.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Could you please look into the below thread and let me know how to fix this?


    P.S: Hope you know my website name which is meant for the orphan children!


  • Very good I'm using.
    I wonder how I can add a fourth gallery is called "files" or "documents" in order to upload different file types?

    • Hi Jorge,
      Please Use the doc extension plugin for bp-gallery.

  • I'm trying to troubleshoot why I can't get Ajax working in my theme and I'm looking at every JS being called. I'm noticing what appears to be 10 javscript files being loaded on every single page from this plugin.


    I've found that turning on broad tools what combine and minimize all JS on a site tend to break things. But I wondering if a few of these can be combined, or if they all need to load on every single page.

    • Hi Tj,
      you can combine these all except theme.js.

      I have not done because other plugin may enqueue swfobject.js,swfupload.js,jquery.sfupload.js,mediaelement.min.js,
      mediaelement-and-player.min.js and that will cause it to double load leading many javascript errors.

      Also, swfobject.js,swfupload.js,jquery.sfupload.js,flash-detect.js,jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js will only be loaded when a user is logged in, otherwise they won't be.

  • Hi Brajesh, I'm hopeful for your 1.5 BP gallery plugin. I don't suppose you have any updates or a sense of timing?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi John,
      I have posted a list of updates coming in the forum.
      The next version of gallery(1.1) with new features will be available around 20th-28th of this month.

  • Hello Brajesh,

    I'm really interested in this plugin, it is outstanding.

    One thing is very important for me – im building a gallery based dynamic website which allows new users after login to create their own albums.

    I didn't find (or missed) an option in your gallery that each user can create several albums in his own profile, is there such an option?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Alex,
      Thank you for the comment and your interest in the plugin.

      It does allow the users to create multiple galleries(albums) .


  • Hello Brajesh,

    Thank you, I found it easily on the demo, I will be buying your membership very soon.

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Whenever a photo is uploaded from the activity page and you click on that picture from the Activity Stream, it does nothing. The picture does not open in Pretty Gallery or open to another page.

    If you look at the Activity Stream here: http://sharemickey.com/activity/ at "Joe uploaded a Photo to WDW 2010" and click on the photo, you will see that it does nothing. This happens to all the photos uploaded from the Activity Stream.

    Please help with this.


    • That is a limitation of the Pretty Gallery plugin. Please refrsh the page and you will be able to open photos in Pretty Photo.

  • Also, when you click on an image in the activity it take you to the first image of the gallery not the one that you clicked on. This only happens when using Pretty Gallery.

    – Rick

    • Hi Rick,
      That is incorrect behavior. When You click on an image in the activity It should always lead to single image page. Please post some details in the forum.
      Sorry for my delayed reply here.

  • How can i change max audio file per page?? i try to change in core but it only work for photo not for audio. Please reply this ASAP tq

  • The last version has still problem with private and hidden groups:
    1- The members cannot delete their own media from the gallery
    2- When someone adds a media to the gallery which is cerated by admin and set to public in a private or hidden group, the media does not show up in the activity stream of that group.

    I have already describe these issues in the forum but no answer so far.

    • HI,
      Thank you for mentioning It. I missed that in last release. I have included it in the current update and will be releasing it today. I haven't put the new update today as I am testing the post to activity in case the automatic publishing to activity is enabled. will have it by today evening.

  • Dear Brajesh:

    I purchased BP Gallery a while ago and really liked it. I am hoping to use it on my site and when I upload and activate the plugin it takes me to a blank screen. My theme (Salutation) is a great theme and buddypress ready. Can you please tell me how I can utilize this great plugin?

    Thank you so much;

    • Hi Vida,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The older version of gallery won't work with the Bp 1.5+/Wp 3.3
      I have upgraded your membership for a month and you can download the current version of gallery which is compatible with the current version of BP/WP.

      Hope that helps.

  • Thank you soo much Brajesh:

    I installed BP Gallery now. It still leads to a blank screen, even though it the Gallery tab shows up on the menu bar.

    After the install, a warning appeared, mentioning no associated page to Gallery. I created a Gallery page on Buddypress settings. Still no go 🙁

    Much sadness, as I truly love this plugin. Any help please?

    Thank you so much;

    • Hi Vida,
      sorry for delayed reply.
      Please post in the forum and I will get back to you quickly.
      You will need to move the "gallery" template to your active theme to make it work.

  • Hello, I would like to be a member to purchase this plugin but it's not clear to me if the ratin was integrated in the newer versions?



    • Hi Maria,
      Thank you for your interest.
      No, I haven't added the rating to this plugin yet.

  • I'm looking forward for the next version! I'm using WordPress 3.3.1 and BuddyPress 1.5.4. Thank you so much for your hard work! 🙂

  • Hello Brajesh,

    The version of jQuery that is being loaded by BP Gallery is having a conflict with the performance of another plugin. Is it not possible to use the default WordPress jquery version? The general advice that I've heard many times is that plugin developers should never be loading their own version of jquery but they should use the one that comes with WordPress because of the conflicts that are caused by a loading a whole bunch of different versions. Can you resolve? Thanks!

    • Hi Quint,
      Bp Gallery loads the jquery from WordPress(and the most current version of jquery). So, I hope you will need to check with the other plugin.
      Just to note, Bp Gallery used to include custom Jquery UI script till version, after that, even the Jquery UI is loaded from WordPress.

  • Just as you are doing, the other developer (who is awesome both in product and customer service, by the way) is leveraging the WordPress guidelines.

    I have loaded. Is this the problem? That ui script is exactly what the other developer pointed to (I tried to paste it in my earlier comment using the code tags but it disappeared).

    I understand that you are upgrading BP Gallery soon. Should I wait for that release?

    • Hi Quint,
      Please upgrade to

      The other version I have been working is developed using BuddyPress 1.6 and It will take some time before we port it for BuddyPress 1.5

      • Hello Brajesh,

        I upgraded to and that fixed the jquery conflict issue. It was the ui script as you had mentioned before. Thanks!

  • I am very interested in this wonderful plug in – would it work for my wordpress site or do I need BuddyPress?

    • Hi Lacey,
      Thank you for the comment.

      This plugin requires BuddyPress. It will not work with WordPress alone.

  • It is important to note that you might need a template specifically designed for your theme in order for gallery plugin to work right. Originally I thought the problem was the custom-community theme I use on my site, but now I have discovered (too late-since my membership has expired) that I need to ask for help in customizing a template for my theme specific site…I hadn't seen that earlier in the downloads 🙁

    • Hi Sinama,
      Thank you for the comment.
      In fact, I have mentioned that on installation page that you will need to move the "gallery" folder to current active theme.

      You are right about customization. You will need to adapt the layout to your theme as I have supplied the template files for bp-default and a couple more themes ony.

      I have updated your membership and extended it for a month. Hope that you can use the forum and we will be able to help you customize it for your theme.

      Hope that helps.


  • Wow! That was a huge help. A very big thanks. You will see me on the forums soon.

  • Curious if you will be making any upgrade for Buddypress 1.6

    • Hi Tober,
      Thank you.
      All of our plugins are getting some new updates for BuddyPress 1.6.
      BP Gallery will have a better and faster version for bp 1.6 🙂

      • When will the updated plugins come out for Buddpyress 1.6? Is it possible to do a blog post that addresses this issue so that we are all better informed of when we might be able to upgrade to Buddypress 1.6 and what plugins we might need to download again/purchase again? Will 1.6 break most of BuddyDev's plugins? Thanks

  • Does this have compatibility with WP3.4.1 and BP1.5.7 ?

  • Where do I put this code, you have it in the documentation (which is still yet to be filled)
    and yet it doesn't say which FILE we should put this snippet to limit the number of galleries a user can create:

    function limit_gallery_count_for_user($can_create,$owner_type,$owner_id){
    global $bp;

    return $can_create;//do not handle for other components
    return $can_create;//do not handle if this is not the gallery create action
    //if we are here, we are going to create a gallery for user
    //check if gallery allowed or not

    if(gallery_count_available_for_user( $owner_id,null))//replace null with $_POST["gallery_type"] if you want to restrict 1 gallery for each gallery type for user
    return $can_create; //if user has permission, do not change it
    return false; //deny the permission if the count exceeded

    function gallery_count_available_for_user($user_id,$type){
    $gallery_count=BP_Gallery_Gallery::get_gallery_count_by_type($type, "user", $user_id, null);
    //how many to allow
    $allowed_count=5;//only 5 galleries in total change it with your number
    return true;//if there does not exist a gallery of this type allow to create

    return false;

    Please, where do we put the snippets from the documentation so they can work? Thanks.

    • Hi Christina,
      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      As per the forum post, you can put these into bp-custom.php inside plugins directory.

      • I've opened a request in the forums for help with an audio player display issue. If you have time can you take a look and help me out? I think Brajesh is quite busy, right now. I'd really appreciate your help.

        The forum topic is : Audio Player display issue

        • Hi Phillip,
          We are looking at it. Will get back to you later today with the solution on that post.

  • What ever happened the BP Gallery template for Cosmic Buddy (or Cosmic Buddy Pro)?

  • now can we tag images ? thanks nice plugin

    • Hi Pravesh,
      The development of this plugin was halted and only maintenance release was coming till now, so could not put much.

      As my efforts to concentrate on BuddyDev again, I have restarted the developments. I will be announcing some pleasant surprises soon. I am unable to divulge anything yet though 🙂

  • ok sir ..@brajesh singh i have few advice … please see ur inbox for that

  • photo tagging done ?

    • Not yet. It will be part of the new version.

      • sir please introduce it..Its on demand 🙂 but nice plugin sir
        sir please help me for another things please

  • Hi,

    After updating to the latest version 1.3.3, when you upload a file, you immediately get the following error

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /home/chefsabo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/core/gallery/meta-functions.php on line 122

    The file is however uploaded.
    Can you please fix this at your earliest convenience?


    • Thank you Amir.
      Sorry I had caused that error in 1.3.3 Fixed and updated in 1.4.4.


  • Hi, I want to try it before buy, but the demo is down.

    Is possible to try it?

    • Hi Xavier,
      Thank you. I see that the demo is down. Seems like one of my team mates has deleted it on demo server. We will get a new demo setup by Monday and let you know.

      Thank you

  • Hello!
    I finally found a plugin buddypress that satisfies users. By cons I would like to know where to store media? In wp-content/uploads? Is it compatible with all themes? And about updates after purchase?
    thank you

    • Hi Brice,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The media is stored on your server in wp-content/uploads/gallery directory. Yes, the plugin includes theme compat and should be compatible with all the themes.
      You will receive all the updates this plugin receives during your membership.
      Hope that clarifies.

      Thank you

  • hi brajesh please can i have a demo of bp gallery before i buy

  • 1 where can I find a demo of this plugin for WP 3.9 and BP 2/BP2.1?
    2 Can users mark/tag directly on photos?
    3 Does it support logical commenting : if one photo in stream comment goes to photo itself, if there are multiple photos in one entry in the stream comment made in the stream goes to that album?
    4 When multiple photos in one entry can it be shown in asynchronous grid ?
    5 Any free version with stripped down features (like rt media or modernloopers buddypics) that can be downloaded for testing?

    • Hi Crayon
      Thank you for the comment.
      1. The old demo is not functional at the moment. We are hoping to setup another one in 2 weeks on a separate server.
      2. No, Tagging is not supported
      3. First part is supported but when someone comments on the group of photos, currently it does not go to the album. It seems a very good idea to implement though.
      4. I am sorry, I don't understand that.
      5. Please drop a mail and we will send a copy.

  • HI

    I very hope their will be a update very soon or something… I havering this bug here :o/


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I mentioned this a while ago but just getting around to posting.

    I found a bug when uploading pictures to BP Gallery via iPhone. If I remember correctly, it happened with both "Take Photo or Video" and "Choose Existing" upload options at separate times.

    After I "Upload & Save" the image file, all the pictures in the album change to that new image (so there are several copies of the same image and no other). It replaces all the previously uploaded images in both the album and on the activity stream. I then went into the …wp-content/uploads/gallery/user… files to see what happened to the images, and all the correct images were still there, which leads me to believe it's an issue with the plugin incorrectly writing to the database.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help resolve the issue.

    Thanks for everything!