Member Type Pro not setting member types with Memberpress anymore after update

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    SeattleGuy on #26463

    @fslci Please disregard my last. I figured out the issue.

    Brajesh – I have implemented Phillip’s suggestion and it does work to the extent of auto assigning a Member Type when a user purchases a new Memberpress membership.

    In case other BuddyDev users are interested, here are the steps for the workaround:

    – Install and activate the Memberpress User Roles add on.
    – Create new WordPress user roles using a plugin like Capability Manager Enhanced or User Role Editor. Or just get into the code and add new roles there.
    – Go back to Memberpress > Memberships for the membership you would like to have a Member Type auto assigned for. Then click Advanced and click the box for User Roles for this Membership. Then select whatever user role you would like to assign to that membership.
    – Then go to Settings > Member Types and find the new user role you “connected” to the Memberpress membership above. Select what Member Type (assuming you have already set up your member types) and then “Save Changes” and you are all set.

    The workaround seems to work fine for auto assigning new users with a specific Memberpress membership type to a specific Member Type. Phillip is correct that this will not solve the cancellation of a Member Type upon cancellation/expiration of the Memberpress membership.

    Brajesh – I sincerely appreciate all of your help and support as we tested this integration of Member Type Generator with Memberpress. As I mentioned to you before, the integration seems to work fine for Memberpress memberships that are not recurring memberships and/or don’t have a trial period – only works for memberships that are one time only payments.

    All the best to both you and Phillip…

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    Brajesh Singh on #26477

    Thank you @SeattleGuy
    I am glad you have found a solution.


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