Currently, the advance setting is divided into two sections.

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Asset Loading
  3. Custom Scripts & Styles


This section contains various miscellaneous settings.  The following options are here:-

Enable Shortcode in text Widget:- Do you want to enable/disable the use of shortcode in text widget? You can toggle the preference here.

Enable Editor style:- The theme includes a dynamic editor style. There may be times when you will like to disable editor style. You can do that by un checking this option.

Enable Text Box Authogrow:- By default, all text area in community builder will auto grow to accommodate the content. If you don’t want this behaviour, you can disable it here.

Enable selectbox styling:- We are using SumoSelect jQuery plugin to style the select dropdown box. If it is causing any issue, you may disable this option to fallback to use the default selectbox style.

Exclude selectbox Styling:- If you want to keep the select box styling but need to disable it on selected area of your site, this option allows that. A comma separated list of the css selectors can be put here. The elements identified by these selectors will be excluded from the custom styling.

Asset Loading:-


Here you can control:-

  • Whether to load font awesome or not? We strongly recommend keeping it enabled for a good experience.
  • Whether to load font awesome from your server or the bootstrap cdn. We suggest enabling CDN.
  • Whether to load Google Font or not? It’s your choice.

Custom Scripts & Styles:-


here you can add custom javascript or css. Please make sure to use the <script> tag and <style> tag while adding the javascript/css.