This panel is only available if you have at least one of the “User Galleries” or “Group Galleries” component enabled in your General Settings section of MediaPress.

Table of Contents:-

Directory Settings:-



Enable Gallery Directory:- Do you want to have the gallery directory page where all the public galleries are listed.

Enable Media Directory:- Currently not effective.


Activity Settings:-




Allow activity upload:- Set yes if you want to allow users to upload from activity.

Automatically publish to gallery:- Do you want to create an activity entry when a user upload/creates gallery. A user can always publish to activity from their gallery edit page irrespective of this.

Activity Media View Settings:-



This section will list the views available for each of the enabled media type. A Developer can register new views for activity. Select the view of your choice.

Miscellaneous Settings:-


An orphan media is a media that was uploaded from activity but the activity was not published. You can control the orphan media behavior here.