This panel is only available if you have BuddyPress enabled and you have  the  “Group Galleries” component enabled in your General Settings section of MediaPress.

This panel allows you to control various aspects of BuddyPress Group Galleries.

Table of Contents:-

Media Type Settings:-



In this section, MediaPress will list all the enabled media types(That you have enabled in the General panel). You can make these media type available/unavailable by checking/unchecking them.

Default View Settings:-



This section will list the views available for each of the enabled media type. You can select the default view which sits your need.

Group Settings:-


Enable Group galleries by default:- Do you want it to be enabled by default for all groups(existing/new) or do you want the group admins to manually enable it?

Contributors can edit their own media:- Can a group member edit his/her uploaded media in the group?

Contributors can delete their own media:- Can a group member who uploaded the media, delete the media too?


My gallery filter was added in 1.0.1. You can disable it from the Group settings screen from admin as shown below.