This panel is only available if you have Sitewide Galleries component enabled in your General Settings panel of MediaPress.

This panel allows you to control various aspects of Sitewide Galleries.

Table of Contents:-

General settings:-


Enable Gallery Archive:- Do you want to have the gallery archive page enabled? Unless you are going to add a lot of galleries or have user submitted galleries, you may not need it.

Gallery Archive Slug:- Where the archive should be listed. the permalink of archive page is http://yoursite.com/your_selected_archive_slug/

Gallery permalink slug:- This decides what appears in the permalink of single gallery. It is like http://yoursite.com/single_permalink_slug/actual_single_gallery_slug/

If you make any change in this section, It is recommended to flush permalinks. That will make the rewrite rules work for MediaPress.


Media Type Settings:-



In this section, MediaPress will list all the enabled media types(That you have enabled in the General panel). You can make these media type available/unavailable by checking/unchecking them.

Default View Settings:-



This section will list the views available for each of the enabled media type. You can select the default view which suits your need.