If you have not yest Installed MediaPress, Please Install it first and then come back.

In this document, we will see various configuration options and how they change the behavior of MediaPress plugin. You can access the MediaPress settings page from Dashboard->MediaPress->Settings menu as shown below. This document is intended for site administrators as well as developers.

Table of Contents :-

Accessing MediaPress settings :-

To access MediaPress setting, Please visit your WordPress Dashboard. There you will see a top level menu named ‘MediaPress’. Under MediaPress main menu,you will see the settings menu as shown below. Click on that settings link to access the MediaPress settings page.

mpp-settings-menuOnce the settings page is loaded, you will see tabs like shown below:-


In MediaPress terminology, we call them panels. Each panel is composed of related sections. Various settings are organized under these sections. A MediaPress addon can add its own panel, section, or settings. In the following document we will see various core options.