The general settings section allows you to configure the most common and important(This is subjective as the things which seem important to us may not be the same for you) settings for your form.

Here is a screenshot showing BuddyBlog form settings options:-

Configuring BuddyBlog Pro User Posting Form

As you have already found, It contains following options.

Post Type:-

It is the most important setting. Every form must be associated with a post type.  Post type helps us to store the user posted content in posts table. Select the post type you want your users to post to. If you do not understand what the post type is, think of it as a way to differentiate between various contents(e.g blog post, reviews etc) which might help to organize your content logically. If you are interested in learning more, Please check this WordPress codex article on post type.

You can use a public or private post type with BuddyBlog Pro form(private post types are not visible in your site archive. Still confused? Please ask us in BuddyDev support forums). If you need help registering post type, we recommend Custom Post Type UI plugin.

Enable Post Visibility:-

 It allows you to enable or disable post visibility control for the users. Do you want your users to set the visibility of their posts? if yes, Please enable it. For most of the cases, you will set it to no.

Default Post Visibility:-

It lets you set default post visibility like Public, Private, and Password Protected Post. If you do not understand it, Please set it to “Public”.

Default Comment Status:-

This option allows you to set default comment status for the user generated posts like open(for comments) or closed(do not allow comments).

Allow post author to control comment status:-

It lets you control whether you want post authors to control comment status or enforce it. If you set it to no, You can enforce the commenting policy using the “Default Comment Status” option.

Frequently Asked Questions:-