There is a guideline to set up the User profile tabs Post Creations setting with BuddyBlog Pro. The Post Creation section allows the admin to control the frontend post creation form.

Here is a screenshot showing Post Creation panel options:-

User profile tabs Post Creations setting with BuddyBlog Pro

  1. Allow creating a post?:- This option allows users to create posts from user profiles.
  2. Tab Label:-  Allows admin to provide tab label.
  3. Tab Slug:- Allows admin to provide tab slug.
  4. Tab Order:- This option allows you to add tab order in profile please add only numbers.
  5. Enable tab for:  Tab will be available on the selected profile of these user’s roles.
  6. The tab is visible to: Allows admin to restrict tab visibility according to the user role.
  7. Post Form:- This option allows you to select a form that will be used for creating/editing content. If there are no forms, Please create a form from BuddyBlog->All Forms screen.

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