The general settings panel allows you to control the enabled reportable types as well as the appearance and behavior of the BuddyPress moderation form.

Here is a screenshot showing the general settings panel.

Reportable Types:-

It allows you to control which content types can be reported by the user. Currently supported reportable content types are:-

  • User
  • Posts(including any public custom post types)
  • BuddyPress Activity
  • BuddyPress Activity Comment
  • BuddyPress Groups
  • Support for comments is coming next.

Here is a screenshot showing this section.


By unchecking the options you can disable/enable what can be reported by a user. Once a content type is enabled, a relevant setting panel will be added to the current page.

Reporter Permission:-

This section allows you to control who can report contents on your BuddyPress site. The currently supported options are:-

  • Visitors & Site members:- Everyone can report.
  • Site members only:-  Only logged in BuddyPress users can report content.

Restrict reporting by roles? If you enable this option, it allows you to limit which users can report the content. Only users with selected roles can report.

Only these roles can report:- It is applicable when the reporting is restricted by role. You can select the roles. Users with atleast one of these roles can report.

Moderation Log:-

It helps you keep record of all the actions related to moderation. It acts as sort of the moderation history. If you keep it enabled, you can see the moderation history from the History menu for each of the item.

Reporting Form Customization:-

We have three options that allow you to modify the appearance and behaviour of the BuddyPress report abuse form.

Form Fields to Show:-

It allows you to select which fields will appear in the form. Please make sure to select the fields you want.

Required Fields:-

It allows you to mark one or more fields as required. Using this option, you can force users to fill certain fields if you like. If you do not mark any field as required, all the form fields will be optional.

Note:- If you mark category as required, be sure to create and keep some categories as active. If you don’t do that, user’s will get the message “category is required”.


It helps you to choose a report form style.

You can use it to show the BuddyPress Moderation form as a popover(default) or in the lightbox.


Demo for General Settings panel of BuddyPress Moderation Tools

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