This document is aimed at developers. If you are not a developer, you can skip it safely

BuddyPress Moderation tools is a modular plugin. At the core of the plugin is the concept of reportable types. A content which can be reported belongs to a reportable type.

A developer can register new reportable types(dev docs coming in future) easily.

At the moment, the plugin comes with following reportable types

  • User:- BuddyPress User can be reported for abuse and moderated.
  • BuddyPress Activity:- BuddyPress Activities can be reported for abuse and moderated.
  • BuddyPress Activity Reply:- BuddyPress Activity Replies can be reported for abuse and moderated by the admin.
  • BuddyPress Groups:- A BuddPress group can be reported for abuse and can be moderated for the

Upcoming Types:-

  • WordPress Post:- Allow posts by BuddyPress Community to be repored for abuse and moderated.
  • WordPress Comments:- Allow comments on WordPress posts to be reported for abuse.

See notes if you are looking for a solution for MediaPress or User avatar moderation.

When a reportable type is registered, admins can select to keep them active of deactivate them. These registered types are listed .

The process of registering a new type involves

  • Extending PressThemes\ModerationTools\Reportable_Type class and specifying a type/label in that class.
  • If you need to provide admin settings, you can specify using our Settings API
  • Provide Action handler for sending emails on various report actions if needed
  • Provide a UI Helper to help put the button somewhere.
  • Also, we have organized these into a well structured patter and you can check it in the reportable-types directory on how we have implemented the core types.