BuddyPress User suspending module allows site admins to suspend user account on their sites. You can apply various restrictions on the suspended account and keep your community nice and clean.

  • Introduction
  • Enable BuddyPress user suspending
  • Applying restrictions on suspended user account
  • User suspending & restore(unsuspend) notifications
  • Suspending Users
  • Unsuspending users
  • Listing suspended users

Enabling BuddyPress User suspending module:-

In the Dashboard, Please visit BuddyPress Moderation Tools-> Settings and click on the “Suspend” tab. You will see the option to enable/disable the module there as shown below.

You can Select yes/no to enable or disable this module.

Applying restrictions on suspended user account

Currently, the plugin offers following restrictions. You can enable/disable themas you please

  • Block Login of suspended user:- if enabled, the user won’t be able to loign and will be shown the message specified by you
  • Logout users on suspending:- If enabled, when you suspend a user, they will be logged out from your site automatically.

User suspending & restore(unsuspend) notifications

The plugin offers you a way to notify users when their account is suspended or restored. You can enable/disable these notifications as you please.

Suspending & restoring users:-

If you are looking for how to suspend users on BuddyPress site, this plugin offers 4 ways to do it.

  • As a site admin, you can suspend users from the members directory
  • You can suspend user from their front end profile
  • You can suspend users from users list in dashboard
  • You can suspend users from their extended profile edit page in the dashboard.

Here are the screenshots showing various way to suspend users.

Listing Suspended users:-

You can view the list of suspended users from Dashboard->Users and then clicking on the “Suspended” link as shown below.

Demo forĀ  Suspending users account settings for BuddyPress Moderation Tools