All the settings related to user reporting can be accessed from the User panel on the settings screen.

General settings:-

The general settings section control the user hiding preference and restrictions applied to the hidden account.

Hiding Preference:-

The above three options allows you to control user hiding preference, whether they should be hidden for reporter and should we have a threshold for auto hiding for everyone.

Hidden Account restrictions:-

Once the no. of times an account is reported crosses the threshold, the account is automatically marked as hidden for everyone.

A hidden account can be subjected to the following restrictions(Explained in 3 screenshots below):-

  • You can automatically log out the reported user from all devices.
  • You can optionally disable user login(block user login)
  • If you decide to block login, you can customize the message shown to the user.
  • You can disable private message(composing/sending) functionality for the hidden user
  • You can disable activity posting for the user
  • You can disable activity replying for the user


Notification settings:-

There are 5 type of notifications savailable. You can customize each of these.

  • Admin notification on New user being reported
  • Admin Notification on user reaching threshold and becoming hidde
  • User notification on profile getting hidde
  • User notification on profile restore
  • User notification on profile delete.

Each of the above notification can be enabled/disabled and you can customize the subject/message for each email notification. The emails can help you manage a proper workflow.


Here are the screenshots of notifications settings.

Demo for Users Moderation Settings panel for BuddyPress Moderation Tools

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